About Us

Quality Labs in Northern California

Marble Mountain Kennels is a family-owned and operated kennel that produces many outstanding litters a year. When you come to us for a puppy, there is a high potential of our finding a litter that will your wishlist in a timely manner. We aim to listen to your needs and focus you on pups that are likely to be a great fit for your family. We produce Labrador Retrievers with well-balanced and highly personable dispositions that make terrific companions and house dogs. At the same time, many of our dogs offer a pedigrees boasting of natural hunting instincts that allow them to excel in the pheasant field and duck blind, as well. We are located in the northern extreme of California, just south of the Oregon border, in the heart of the Pacific flyway, where quail, pheasant and ducks can still be found in their natural setting with a breathtaking backdrop of Mount Shasta on one side and the Marble Mountains on the other.

What sets us apart from other breeders?

We strive to produce dogs with the following six traits: 1) superior intelligence, 2) terrific personalities, 3) outstanding hunting desire, 4) natural pointing instinct, 5) superb looks, and 6) proven pedigrees. We would like these dogs to be equally welcome in your home as companions, in your duck blind as a retrieving machine, in the grain field as a pheasant pointing and retrieving partner, or at the hunt test or field trial as a competitor. We are also making an effort, with most breedings, to produce natural-born pointing retrievers.

We hunt over our dogs, and choose to use our Labs in both upland and waterfowling situations. We are looking for true versatility in the best gun dog breed developed--the pointing Labrador Retriever.

We also believe that you hunt with a dog 30-40 days a year (if you are really lucky), but you live with him 365 days a year. So a gentle disposition and good socialization are extremely important to our breeding program.

Our dogs are certainly beautiful, but we are not show dog breeders, so looks are not our primary concern. Other hunting dog breeders choose breeding lines without much regard for temperament. Although our dogs possess strong champion hunting pedigrees, we also pride ourselves on breeding for companionship in addition to the hunt drive, point, and intelligence. We prefer dogs that aren't bouncing off the walls and we know you do too. We find that, because our dogs are both even-tempered and intelligent, they are easier to train and enjoyable as pets. Pete calls this high power vs. low key dichotomy an "on-off" switch. We hope you'll come to the same conclusion when you look over our dogs' pedigrees and personality descriptions and make your decision regarding adopting a dog or puppy from us.

About Pointing Labs

Pointing Labs are a relatively new wrinkle in the hunting dog world, and for some the idea of a Lab as a pointer is just too extreme. But, for a hunter like me who wants to hunt it all, and loves the temperament of a Labrador, a pointing Lab is hard to beat. We are aware that dogs bred with superior intelligence, good looks, and a calm disposition will be valuable in many other areas as well. We currently have dogs working as search and rescue team members, military and security bomb and drug detection agents, advertising models, elder comfort dogs, obedience and agility players, members of student projects, and hunt test and field trial competitors.

Pointing Labs have been bred in kennels in the United States for the last 80 years, but have become popular in the last 20 or so. They are, to those who hunt with them, the best of both worlds. They are patient in the blind, love water, and handle cold temperatures well. At the same time they quarter, search out and point sitting birds, but can also flush running birds. They are absolutely deadly on pheasants, quail and all kinds of waterfowl. But please note that NOT ALL PUPPIES POSSESS THE NATURAL POINTING TRAIT. This is due to the fact that we have chosen to emphasize superior hunting ability, intelligence, and disposition above the pointing trait. However, the more generations of pointing in the background, the stronger are your possibilities of getting a dog that points. Many of our litters have 3-8 generations of known pointing Labs.

Puppy Raising Process

Marble Mountain Kennels is not a large kennel and we are proud of the care that each of our females and their litters are given. Our unique approach in breeding is to place many breeding females in homes where they will be loved, trained and hunted. This process allows them to develop fully as dogs, live a satisfying life. It also gives us a chance to evaluate them in the type of setting in which we intend their offspring to thrive.

Our studs are treated well at our kennel too. They get to run several miles a day, hunt during hunting season, and hang out with their buddies in a nice outdoor area with plenty of shelter from the elements. They each take their turn being "free" around our house, as well, so they can protect our summer garden from deer and ground squirrels or just be loved on by our family.

Marble Mountain Kennels has a state of the art whelping kennel facility to care for our litters. The kennel was designed to allow us to house our new litters in a safe, clean, and stimulating environment.

Finally, we believe that the socialization process is crucial to a healthy puppy and his/her future family. Fortunately, we have neighbors, friends and next-door Kidder Creek Camp staff (where Pete was the director for 20 years) love puppies and play with them daily. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

If you are looking for a quality Lab, or know someone who is, call and make your reservations soon. Our litters generally go quickly. Females usually go the quickest. Often more than half the litter is spoken for before they are born.

At five weeks old we mark puppies with colored collars and start to make observations about their behavior. As the puppies approach adoption age we put the pups through puppy profile tests. This allows us to have some clue as to where the individual pups rank with their littermates in a variety of different traits. It also gives us an idea of which puppy will be best suited to which family, since some puppies might be better placed in a hunting family, whereas other puppies might fit better in a non-hunting family. Puppies are ideally adopted out between seven and nine weeks of age.

Loss of a Canine Companion

We understand that about 70 percent of you contact us because you have lost a long-time, faithful friend and member of your family. We know that you're still grieving and that it has taken courage to begin a search for a new puppy. I like what Cesar Milan says about coping with a dog's death and the importance of taking time to mourn and build up your emotional stamina to the point that you can become the pack leader--the boss--for your new dog. The good news is that you are familiar with the time, patience and commitment necessary for owning a dog. You've been there, you've counted the cost, and you're ready to take that next step. Many people call us to share stories of their lost canine companions. Many people get choked up. We want you to know that you're in the majority and you should not be embarrassed. We understand the tears.

Dogs are amazingly personable creatures. They sense your emotions. They're full of such life and each one is unique in temperament. And, of course, they love their humans unconditionally. They need us and we're not ashamed to admit that we need them too. A new puppy will not help you to forget your loss, but he or she will enhance the happy memories you already have and add many new and special ones to enrich your life even more.

Thank you!

People often comment on how attractive our web presence is, but we hope that it is not just a great home page that they appreciate. We work hard to give you the information that will be most valuable in helping you choose your next canine companion. As we continue to develop our website, all of the primary dogs mentioned will have multiple photographs, a pedigree, and a helpful description. When you click on "upcoming litters" you will learn valuable information on the parents, see the puppies’ pedigree, view pictures as the puppies mature, and have a link to our live puppycam to watch these pups eat, sleep and play. (And, by the way, we welcome any emails pointing out potential errors in our website. We want to get them corrected right away. Thanks!)

Internet assistance is great, but we also know that for many a big decision like a new dog will often lead to more specific questions and we would love to talk to you about any questions you might have.

We enjoy helping you, our customers. Thanks to our God and your business, we are also able to assist others via financial contributions to the following non-profit organizations:

Marble Mountain Kennels is a family-owned business...

Our entire Morrill Family from left to right: Cale, Cami, Pete, James, Julie, Lexi and Rienne

MMK Staff:

Marble Mountain Kennels currently employs 4 staff, in addition to owner Pete and his wife Julie (and their kids and all of our part-time neighbor kids): Head Kennel Manager and Head Canine Trainer Brittany, Kennel Assistant and Canine Trainer Desiree, & Kennel Assistant and Canine Trainer Lexi Morrill.