How Dog Owners can Easily Move to a New House

March 01, 2018

By Guest Blogger, Cindy Aldridge

Moving can be both stressful and exciting. Leaving the old house can be difficult, especially if you’ve lived there for a long time. However, you know the move will be worth the hassle and changes.

But your dog cannot know that. All he will experience is confusion and concern as his home is suddenly gone and he has to live somewhere very different. To help make sure your move is as easy as possible, you have to work a little bit to help your dog. This starts with finding the right home for both of you.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Home

When looking for a new place to live, you’ll want to balance lots of factors like commute time, nearby stores, and so on. But since your dog is moving there too, you also want to make sure things are good for your furry friend.

Speak to realtors or landlords about any pet restrictions. Many rental properties want dog insurance or even ban dogs altogether. Even if you buy a new house, be wary of homeowner association bylaws or community restrictions. Some won’t accept certain breeds like pit bulls, while others ban dogs over a certain weight.

Once you have determined your dog will be welcome, Coldwell Banker recommends that you look at the neighborhood to see if it is dog-friendly. Are there parks or nature preserves nearby? Do other families in the area have dogs as well? If your dog barks at other dogs, moving into an area rich with pets might be a problem.

Getting Your Dog Ready For The Big Move

Once you’ve found the perfect place, you will have to start decluttering and packing. This is a stressful time for you, and you know how dogs pick up on that. As much as you can, try to stay relaxed and focused on the benefits this move will bring. says you also need to plan your move. How will you get your dog to your new place? Do you have a crate to use? Many dogs love car rides, but this might be a long trip.

As you pack up everything, be sure to do these in small batches. Dogs get anxious when things start disappearing, so packing slowly over time will help them adjust better.

But as explains, you're probably better off with using a doggy daycare or even boarding at a kennel on moving day. Can you imagine trying to carry a heavy box out the front door with your pet running around underneath you? Besides, bringing your dog to daycare like this helps in other ways:

  • Movers won’t complain about a nosey or even aggressive dog.
  • You’ll be able to finish everything faster.
  • You won’t have to worry about your dog escaping because someone left the door open.

Helping Your Pet Acclimate

Once you’re all moved in, it’s time to introduce your dog to the new place. Most dogs will be excited about exploring the home, but dogs also need routine and security. Both are disrupted by the move, which is why you need to help your dog acclimate.

The Bark recommends sticking to old routines as much as possible. This gives some familiarity and predictability when your dog really needs both. Other tips include:

  • Spend extra time with your dog to help them feel safe and loved.
  • Avoid buying new items. Stick with the old ones so your dog experiences less change.
  • Take your dog on a walk around the neighborhood to help it learn the new area.

Make Your Home Work For You Both

You have a good reason for needing to move, but remember that your pet dog won’t understand it. That’s why you need to help out a bit. Find a home and community that welcomes your dog, and use a doggy daycare for moving day. Once you’ve helped your pet acclimate to the new house, you both can finally relax in your wonderful new home.

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