Marble Mountain Mamas 2

February 01, 2018

By Sawyer Tarkington & Julie Morrill

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Vail – Sawyer thinks Vail is one of our best-looking dogs with her blocky head and brawny, muscular conformation. She also has one of the softest coats and loves to be pet. Her coat is sort of miraculous in that she can be filthy and covered with mud one minute and the next minute she’s instantly and inexplicably clean and looking beautiful. Temperament-wise, Vail is high energy and can be feisty with other dogs if they ever bug her. She won’t take their crap and knows how to stand up for herself. Vail is super smart. Her brain is always working fast and you can tell she’s intelligent just by the look in her eyes. On hikes and hunts, she stays just far enough ahead to scope out the territory, but consistently looks back at Sawyer and his wife to make sure they’re within view and still following. Sawyer says he and Vail can read each other. Sawyer can look into Vail’s eyes and know what she needs and wants and vice versa. Often Sawyer will just look at Vail and, without being told, she’ll go and do exactly what he wants. Amazing dog.

Yale – Yale is Sawyer’s dog, so there’s going to be more written about her than any dog. He says he doesn’t want to brag, but she’s the greatest dog ever! Yale is very quiet and very driven. She only barks when she needs to go outside or when she’s protecting her puppies. She looks Sawyer in the eye and they communicate telepathically with each other. She’s very ball driven. He loves hunting with her. She’s introverted and will watch other dogs, but keep her distance if their activity becomes too much for her. She’s very laid back, except when she wants to play. She’s not hyper at all, but she loves her ball. She can entertain herself with a ball for hours and doesn’t need to have the ball thrown for her. She has mad ball skills. She’s very independent. She is a one-person dog and is working on becoming more affectionate with Morgan, Sawyer’s wife. He can leave Yale alone in the yard all day and know she’s not going to leave or get into any mischief. She’s always on the same page with Sawyer and looks in his eyes to see what he wants and then just knows. She’s the perfect dog. Mellow, listens, never barks (a big plus), and always comes when called.

Rio – Rio is independent, intelligent, even cunning and sly dog. She enjoys her own company. If she could talk, her motto would probably be “Live and let live.” The only way she’ll come is if you have food in your hand. She’s very quiet, calm, and never barks. She’s an excellent mom and is very protective of her pups. Rio has a more blocky head and build, and every litter Rio has ever had has been absolutely gorgeous. One interesting thing about her is that she never eats hooked up to a chain like all the other dogs. She learned right away that if she waits patiently while all other dogs get hooked up for their morning breakfast, she will have her own space to eat in peace and freedom. If any other dog was unhooked while eating, they would push their way into other dogs’ food dishes and steal a bit or two wherever possible, but not Rio. She’s very gentle and respectful and would never even attempt to eat out of another dog’s food bowl. Although she’s no relation to our stud dog, Joey, they both have very similar temperaments. Neither would ever harm or think of even pestering another dog or human.

Shasta – Shasta is quirky and spunky. She’s very affectionate “wiggle butt.” When she wags her tail, her entire hind end wiggles. She’s sweet and is a great mom, but can be extremely protective of her pups to the point of growling and baring her teeth to ward off any potential enemies.

Delta – Delta’s cool. She’s super smart, very affectionate and very athletic. She’s so small, she’s like an older puppy. Pete calls her a “miniature Lab.” She’s a licker, though, so when you get down at eye level with her, get ready for a thorough face cleaning from this one. She’s also a good mom too and really loves her babies.

Sherry – Sherry loves people. She’d rather be with people than other dogs. She wants to be where the action is and that’s usually where her humans are. She’s very active and can run all day with boundless energy. She’s really intelligent and is one of the most impressive dogs athletically with her running and jumping. She’s one of our most intelligent dogs and needs to channel that intelligence into training.

Brooks – Brooks is an absolute sweetheart. She’s gentle and affectionate and will melt into you when you pet her and, if you’re sitting down, she thinks she’s a lap dog. She’s independent and very content to be alone. She doesn’t need to be entertained by other dogs. She doesn’t mind other dogs and gets along well with them, but she prefers human interaction to her canine family.

Denali – Denali never stops moving. She’s spunky, highly intelligent, very active, and may have ADHD. She moves so much, the other dogs don’t know what to do with her, because they’re not as active as she is. It’s a strange thing to ever see Denali lying down…ever. She’s also very people-oriented. She wants to be with people, hang out with them, walk with them, run with them, hunt with them, etc. She doesn’t want to miss out on any action. She’s always the first one to greet Sawyer in the morning, because she has cleverly figured out how to jump out of her run to be right there with him. But, interestingly, she’s obedient and doesn’t cause trouble by trying to escape at any other time.

River – River is the best therapy dog here, according to Sawyer. She’s gentle to a fault and will melt all over you the second you touch her. She wants to follow you around to be pet and loved. She is highly affectionate and always waves “hi” with her paw to greet Sawyer each morning…and then he shakes her “hand.” Such a cutie!

Delta - Delta loves people. When she has the chance to choose between other canine companions of people, she chooses human companionship every time…but she’ll cover you with big, sloppy kisses given every opportunity. She’s intelligent, tractable, and loves to retrieve. She is what Pete calls a “miniature” Lab, weighing in at only 45 pounds. She’s the perfect combination of excellent hunting partner and friend.

Kiana or “Kia” – Kia is a younger version of Delta in every way…not surprising, since they are twin sisters. They are the same size, have the same level of intelligence, sport the same beautiful chocolate coat, have the same hunt drive, and will both kiss you to death if you let them. Kia prefers people to dogs and walks closely by our side on all outings.

Riley – According to Sawyer, Riley is one of our best-looking dogs. She has a blocky, square head more typical of a male Lab, a strong, well-built, muscular body, and a gorgeous, dark chocolate coat. She’s intelligent and easy to train. She loves to retrieve, enjoys training, and all work is fun for her. She’s an all-around great dog in that she gets along well with other dogs and enjoys people too.

Osprey – Osprey is very petite and good-looking with a beautiful, shiny coat. According to Sawyer, Osprey is our kennel’s smartest black dog. She’s extremely athletic and agile and has an insatiable eagerness to please her master. She wants to be near people, but is never needy for affection. She enjoys her independence and Sawyer says her interactions with other dogs is very perceptive and interesting. She often stands back and watches them, observing, but not always participating in their fun and games. She possesses a great balance of calm and energy with terrific stamina, but no hyperactivity whatsoever. In fact, she’s a lot like Yale in her personality.

Trinity – Sawyer says Trinity is too smart for her own good. She always looks you in the eye like she’s trying to read your thoughts and she prefers human companionship to other dogs. She tends to wander and has a reputation as a chicken chaser, so Sawyer has to keep a close eye on her on morning runs to make sure she doesn’t wander off by herself and get into mischief. Trinity has a long memory and holds a grudge against any dog that has ever picked on her. If certain dogs come near her, she reminds them with a quick, sharp bark that says, “Hey, you picked on me once a long time ago and I have not forgiven you. Don’t even think about trying to be my friend.” (Ironically, considering her Biblical name, this little girl might need some lessons in forgiveness.) Trinity is sweet and gentle, yet bold and fearless. According to Sawyer, if she were turned loose into the wild, she’d quickly become a wolf and fend for herself.

Eagle 2 – Of all our dogs here at Marble Mountain Kennels, Eagle 2 is one we think might be truly telepathic…maybe even more so than Sawyer’s Vail. Her countenance is very expressive and she will look you deeply in the eyes and read your thoughts, making you really think about what you are thinking about. Like her mother (who has sadly passed away), Eagle has a very pleasant personality, a trainable attitude, and keen intelligence. She has intense hunting instincts, a brisk hunting style, and a staunch point, not to mention her beauty, which is exhibited in her dark chocolate coat and sleek, athletic, muscular build.

Talketna – She is a cunning, athletic escape artist who can jump and get out of everything, ignoring all electric fencing. She’s much like Yukon in this way. She will figure out how to get out of or into anything. She’s like Denali in that she wants to be near you all the time, but also has more energy and perhaps some ADHD than most and likes to stay moving at all times. The nice thing is that, when she does escape, she is not a wanderer. She stays around the house and sticks close to the kennel managers and trainers.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading about our Marble Mountain mamas!

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