Rosemary Extract & Seizures in Dogs

November 01, 2017

--Introduction by Julie Morrill

It came to our attention a few years back that a friend's two dogs were having seizures. She called us to see if we might know the cause. I began researching this malady and discovered that rosemary extract, a preservative added to many pet foods, is allegedly a neurotoxin that can cause seizures, neurological problems, and anemia in pets. There is no scientific research or definitive evidence linking rosemary extract to seizures and other health problems, but we shared that a client's 2 dogs were having seizures and when she stopped feeding them food with rosemary extract their seizures stopped (and that was 3 years ago as of the time of this writing). Ironically, this extract is commonly used in pet foods labeled "all natural." Since we posted a notice on our website in early 2016, we have received at least a dozen reports from both clients and non-clients regarding their pets' recovery from seizures after removing rosemary extract from their diets!

Because of copyright restrictions, I am unable to reprint the entire article here, but you can read her article titled "Rosemary is a Neurotoxin" here, at ""

I wrote to Nel Liquorman and she kindly sent me two more links to articles on harmful ingredients in pet foods:
BERSERK BEHAVIOR (as attributed to ingredients in pet food)
The first searchable pet foods information on inappropriate herbs, neurotoxins and addictive pet food ingredients that cause behavioral or health problems.

Nel also has an ebook titled, The Harming: A Tell-All Story, Two Decades of Toxic Food, available at

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