What do we do all day?

April 09, 2014

Ever wonder what a day in the life of Marble Mountain Kennels looks like? It varies from day to day. Never a dull, boring moment around here. Feeding, exercising, and training dogs is an everyday occurrence, of course. Beyond that, we could be breeding dogs (which often means via artificial insemination), taking dogs to the local veterinarian for check-ups, immunizing dogs, removing dewclaws from puppies, playing with puppies, hunting with our dogs (in season), cleaning up after puppies, picking up a dog at the airport, dropping off puppies at the airport, cleaning dog runs and kennels, putting puppies through profile tests for buyers, housebreaking puppies for clients, endlessly laundering puppy and dog blankets, giving dogs a bath (in warmer weather), doctoring superficial wounds that dogs sometimes get from doing something silly, teaching dog owners how to handle their dogs, showing off our dogs in obedience and scent detection demonstrations, running a dog through hunt tests for titles, filming and taking photos of dogs and puppies, buying loads of dog food and stacking it assembly line-style in the kennel, overseeing the births of puppies....

Puppy births are usually very easy, but we have to stay close by to rescue the occasional pup that isn't yet breathing or nursing properly on his own. Sometimes this is a quick fix; other times it involves IVs, CPR, and other rescue measures. Oh, and all these activities do not include all the website updating, phone calls and emails we make on a daily basis, as well. (I knew it seemed like we were busy, but didn't realize all we do until I wrote it down!)

People are so curious about our dog-centered lifestyle (which is a lot like working on a farm), that we have a short video on YouTube of a day in our lives here at MMK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz-Vyib5Qco

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