Breeding Dog: “Brooks” of Marble Mountain

  • Call Name: Brooks
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Sex: Female
  • Birth Date: November 30, 2014
  • AKC #: SR85705506
  • Pointer: Yes

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Health Certifications

  • Hips OFA: LR-226107G27F
  • Elbows OFA: LR-EL7742F27
  • Eyes CERF: LR-EYE6769/4F
  • CNM: DDC – Clear DNA#:125150
  • EIC: DDC – Clear DNA#:125150
  • PRA: DDC – Clear DNA#:125150
  • HNPK: DDC – Clear DNA#:125150


Brooks was born November 30th 2014 at Red Label Kennels in South Dakota as a result of a great breeding between 1.5xGMPR RLK’s Eye of the Tiger “Rock” and CPR RLK’s Rouxbea.

Brooks is a dark chocolate 55-pound female who loves life and relishes the hunt. Enthusiastic, friendly, and a real love. Brooks is a gentle and trainable dog who aims to please.

Rocky, her father is an energetic chocolate pointing lab with an infectious personality. He has a "Rock" solid point and great retrieving desire. We are very pleased with his ability in the field. He marks very well, has great memory and hunts extremely hard. Rock is a top tear upland dog. This guy has guts, he absolutely NEVER quits. He simply loves to work, digging out birds in the cattails or laid over cane in late season. Rock is going be where the toughest cover is working his tail off. Rock is a real team player in the field.
Rocky loves the water to say the least.

Rouxbea, her mother is a very obedient and attentive young chocolate female and is the definition of a family hunting companion. She has a nice muscular build, just over 60 pounds. Born in the winter of 2012 she entered her second hunting season last fall. She marks fantastically and her retrieving desire is unquenchable. She will not take a bird out while on point. Hunt tests are great but it also takes natural talent to be a good guide dog, and Rouxbea has plenty of natural talent.

She has a great pedigree marked with both pointing Lab and hunting champions that include 1.5xGMPR RLK’s Eye of the Tiger “Rock”, GMPR HRCH Tiger of Cattail Corkey, GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky, and 3xGRHRCH Dakotas Cajun Roux.



  • Description: Easy-going, personable, alert, tough & busy
  • Potential to Throw Great House-dogs: 8 (on scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best)


  • Weight: 55 pound
  • Body Type: Slim & muscular
  • Head Shape: Medium
  • Color shade: Dark Chocolate


  • Potential to throw strong waterfowl pups: 8 (on scale from 1-10

with 10 being the best)

  • Description of waterfowl traits: Good marker, good blind manners
  • Potential to throw strong upland pups: 9 (on scale from 1-10

with 10 being the best) Description of waterfowl traits

Description of upland traits: great quartering, strong bird drive

Brooks's Pedigree

“Brooks” of Marble Mountain

1.5xGMPR RLK’s Eye of the Tiger “Rock” (c) * GMPR, HRCH Tiger of Cattail Corkey (b) * GMPR Cashzinger's Cattail Corky (c) *
CPR HPK’s Against the Wind (y) *
CPR HRK’s Rip Roarin Ripsy of SCK (y) * MPR APR CPR Devin's Yellowjacket JH (y) *
Heartbreakin Mattie Madison (y)
CPR Red Labels Rouxbea* (y) * HRCH Roux’s Northern Plains Express (y) 3xGRHRCH Dakotas Cajun Roux MH (c)
HRCH Tigers Tearin Em Up MH (y)
Brett’s Run Maggie Run (y) Cocoa Time (c)
Lady Jojo (y)

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.