Breeding Males - Black

[Black Breeding Males]
  • Northstar’s “Bridger” of Marble Mountain

    Northstar’s “Bridger” of Marble Mountain

    Bridger is a 65-pound black male with a very strong natural point, great pedigree, an even temperament, and a strong hunting drive.

  • CPR Sam's Creek Giant of the Philistines “Goliath”

    CPR Sam's Creek Giant of the Philistines “Goliath”

    Goliath has it all: 1) Superb looks, 2) Terrific hunting drive, 3) Even temperament, 4) Trainable nature, 5) Strong pedigree, and 6) Staunch natural point. This dog has been a dream to train. He also is the true definition of a "NATURAL POINTER". We purchased Goliath from Sam's Creek Kennels in the fall of 2013. Natural Hunting Ability: CPR #1361