Current & Upcoming Litters

Our Adoption Process

  1. Whether you are merely making an inquiry or actually reserving a puppy in an upcoming litter, fill out our questionnaire, which we call a Puppy Preference Form as a Word document (which we prefer) or the same Puppy Preference Form as a PDF document, if your are unable to use the Word format.
  2. Scan or take a photo of your completed Puppy Preference Form and a photo of your deposit check for $300 and send these to our email at
  3. Your emailed deposit check holds your puppy for you for up to 10 days. To finalize a sale, please send the hard copies of your check and/or puppy preference form to us at Marble Mountain Kennels, P.O. Box 159, Greenview CA 96037. If we do not receive a hard copy of your check and reservation within 10 days of receiving your emailed photo version, we will remove your name from the litter or litters you selected.
  4. NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future litter if desired. (Deposits can be refunded, however, if the puppy you reserved in litter after litter does not materialize.)

  • Coho × Brooks

    TGK’s “Coho” of Marble Mountain “Brooks” of Marble Mountain

    Lab Pups Available: 3 chocolate females / Birthdate: 7-8-17 / Adoption Date: 9-9-17

  • Fisher × Whitney

    Fisher of Marble Mountain Northstar’s “Whitney” of Marble

    Lab Puppies Available: 1 chocolate male / Birthdate: 7-17-17 / Adoption Date: 9-9-17

  • Coho × Delta

    TGK’s “Coho” of Marble Mountain Delta of Marble Mountain

    Chocolate Lab Pups Available: 2-4 Females; 1 Male / Birthdate: 8-9-17 / Projected Adoption Date: 9-30-17

  • Fisher × Osprey

    Fisher of Marble Mountain TGK's “Osprey” of Marble Mountain

    Lab Puppies Available: 1 yellow male, 1 ch male, 1 ch female / Birthdate: 8-30-17 / Adoption Date: 10-21-17

  • Joey × Missy

    CPR Sam's Creek Boy King Josiah Miss Mississippi of Marble Mountain

    Lab Pups Available: 1 black male, 2 yellow females / Birthdate: 9-9-17 / Adoption Date: 11-4-17

  • Joey × Sherry

    CPR Sam's Creek Boy King Josiah Sheridan’s Sherry of Marble Mountain

    Lab Pup Available: 1 white-yellow male / Birthdate: 9-18-17 / Estimated Adoption Date: 11-4-17

  • Yukon × Eagle 2

    Yukon of Marble Mountain Eagle II of Marble Mountain

    Lab Pups Available: 4 choc. females; 3 choc. males / Birthdate: 9-14-17 / Adoption Date: 11-4-17

  • Fisher × Alyeska

    Fisher of Marble Mountain Alyeska of Marble Mountain Kennels

    Lab Pups Available: 1-2 choc. males; 1-2 choc. females; 1-2 yellow males / 9-14-17 / 11-4-17