Current & Upcoming Litters

OUR RESERVATION PROCESS: If you want to reserve a puppy, click on this link: Reserve your puppy today, print out the form, fill it out with detailed information, take a photo of it or scan it, email it to us, along with a photo of your deposit check for $250; then send the reservation and check to us via snail mail. If you're at all unsure about what you're looking for in a dog, please fill out our "Puppy Preference" form and send that to us so we can call you back and talk with you. Thanks again!

*NOTE: Sometimes you will find that reservations are high in our litters. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) Pete always reserves the first and second male and female of each color puppy in each litter. He does this so that, if we ever have too many puppies and can't sell them all, he is "stuck" with only his top picks. When all pups in a litter are sold, Pete's picks of the litter usually become available to our buyers. 2) Sometimes several clients have reservations on 2-3 litters at a time. Once litters start to be born, clients drop out of their 2nd and 3rd backup litters, opening up reservation slots for more customers. This means that reserations on our litters are not always as full as they appear. I hope this makes sense. If not, please feel free to give us a call.