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Litter ready for adoption – 3/9/2019

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Status Updated: 2/15/19

  • READY TO ADOPT: March 9, 2019
  • BIRTHDATE: January 12, 2019
  • READY TO ADOPT: March 9, 2019
  • TEMPERAMENT: Mother = Medium Energy / Father = Medium to High Energy
  • SIZE: 50-65 pounds
  • PURPOSE: Family Dog = 8; Upland Hunting = 8; Waterfowl Hunting = 7; Therapy Dog = 7
  • COMMENTS: Nice litter for people looking for pups that are great companion dogs with good-looking, athletic bodies and with strong hunting desire. Pups will likely weight 50-65 pounds and have slender bodies. Bridger has a strong natural point and an intense hunting drive. Tanana is a sweet and gentle dog with a high desire to please.
  • FATHER: Bridger is a 60-pound black (chocolate factored) male with a very strong natural point, an even temperament, and strong hunting drive. He presently in training and we have high hope for him as he will start competing in both the AKC and APLA hunt tests. We also like him because he has all of what we are looking for in a MMK lab which includes: 1) good looks, 2) likeable personality, 3) strong natural point, 4) intense hunting desire, 5) superior intelligence and a proven pedigree.
  • MOTHER: Molly is a 50-pound dark chocolate Labrador Retriever who is a very happy and personable companion. She is sweet & loving house dog who enjoys walks and playing with other dogs. She also is smart as a whip and has proven to be very trainable. She is a gorgeous female turning head with her dark chocolate fur on a smaller body. Her hunting shows off her curious, independent, and naturally intense hunting style. She not only has a great natural quartering ability, but also loves to retrieve. Her strongest traits are her good looks, her pleasant personality and her intense hunting prowess. Molly has thrown puppies that are great house dogs and terrific hunters.
  • ADOPTION LOCATION: Marble Mountain Kennels, or if we have enough clients interested, we may be willing to transport pups to Davis, CA (near Sacramento) for an additional $150 transport fee. This is a very likely option on this litter.

Chocolate Males

  • 1st Pick Chocolate Male -$1800 now $1400 - Reserved for MMK, but may become available
  • 2nd Pick Chocolate Male -$1700 now $1300 - Available

Chocolate Female

  • Only Chocolate Female -$2000 now $1600 - Available

Black Males

  • 1st Pick Black Male -$1700 now $1300 - Reserved for MMK, but may become available
  • 2nd Pick Black Male -$1600 now $1200 - Available
  • 2nd Pick Black Male -$1500 now $1100 - Available

Black Female

  • Only Black Female - $1800 now $1400 - Lynn Rollin



  • Family Dog = 8
  • Upland Hunting = 8
  • Waterfowl Hunting = 7
  • Therapy Dog = 7

Litter Pedigrees

Northstar’s “Bridger” of Marble Mountain

GMPR SHR Cashman’s PDQ of Orion MH (b) FC Candlewood’s Meet Joe Black (b) 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac (b)
FC AFC Candlewood’s Gotta Be Good (c)
HR Orion’s Quattro CGC (c) FTCh Westlands Charle of Wicklwood (c)
HR Orion’s Blazin’ Star (c)
GMPR Northstar’s Kay (c) 4xGMPR HRCH Cams Prince Charming Duke (c) * 1.5xGMPR HRCH Tiger of Cattail Corky* (c)
CPR HRK’s Kaden’s Cynderella Story (c)
APR Northstar Feelin Tipsy Sway (c) 4x GMPR HRCH Fraquellis Sauble River Gater (c)
CPR Liberty and Justice for all of Black Forest (c)

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.

Good Golly Miss “Molly” of Marble Mountain

Yukon of Marble Mountain (c) * 4XGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzly SH (c) * Rattlin Ridge's Bronco Bill MH (c)
GMPR Sugar Bear of Started Pointing Labs JH (c) *
2.5XGMPR Lockdown Labs Pipin Hot Arrowpoint (b) * 4xGMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tub SH (b) *
2.5xGMPR HRCH Lily Belle of Bearpoint JH (y) *
Eagle II of Marble Mountain (c) * Fairbanks of Marble Mountain SH (c) * 3xGRHRCH Dakotas Cajun Roux MH (c)
Blue River's Magic Maggie (b) *
McKinley of Marble Mountain (c) * MPR RattlinRidges Bronco Bill (c) *
Krazy Kenai of Marble Mountain (c) *

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.

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