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Updated: 4/27/18


One Chocolate Male Available:

  • We have one chocolate male puppy available for $1650 + California sales tax. He is wearing a green collar in all the videos below. He is also currently enrolled in our Super Citizen training program at no extra charge!


  • Video 24:Molly's green-collared boy 4/21/18
  • Video 23: Molly's green-collared male 4/20/18
  • Video 22: Molly's green-collared male 4/20/18
  • Video 21: Molly's green-collared male in training with John Durney 4/16/18
  • Video 20: Molly's green-collared chocolate male 3/20/18
  • Video 19: Molly's green-collared chocolate male 3/16/18
  • Video 18: Molly's green-collared chocolate male with Denali's black female 3/16/18
  • Video 17: Purple-collared female 2/21/18
  • Video 16: Green-collared male 2/16/18
  • Video 15: Purple-collared female 2/16/18
  • Video 14: The chocolate female (purple collar) 1/26/18
  • Video 13: The chocolate male (green collar)  1/26/18
  • Videos 5-12 on our YouTube channel 1/30/18
  • Video 4 - Molly's females 1/26/18
  • Video 3 - Molly's males 1/26/18
  • Video 2 - Molly's females 1/10/18
  • Video 1 - Molly's males 1/10/18

Sire: Diesel as born in Northern California on February 24, 2008 as a result of a breeding between Bodie and Miss. Diesel is an 82-pound Fox-Red Labrador Retriever who has a wonderful temperament. He is not only friendly, but has been very calm since he was a pup.  Diesel loves to work, train and retrieve almost as much as he loves going on a ride in the country in dad’s pick-up. Diesel has a classic lab appearance with a thick body type, blocky head and an otter tail. In the duck-blind Diesel has great blind manners, loves the water, and searches hard for those downed bird. In the pheasant field, Diesel hunts hard for about 3 hours, and because of his body type, needs a rest before he is ready to go again. Diesel’s three strongest traits are his even & calm temperament, his classic good looks and his strong retrieving drive.  

Dam: Molly was born at Marble Mountain Kennels in Northern California on May 16, 2015 as a result of a breeding between Yukon and Eagle. (see “Breeding Dogs”)

Molly is a 50-pound dark chocolate Labrador Retriever who is a very happy and personable companion.  She is sweet & loving house dog who enjoys walks and playing with other dogs. She also is smart as a whip, and has proven to be very trainable. She is a gorgeous female turning head with her dark chocolate fur on a smaller body. Her hunting shows off her curious, independent, and naturally intense hunting style. She not only has a great natural quartering ability, but also loves to retrieve. Her strongest traits are her good looks, her pleasant personality and her intense hunting prowess. 

Litter Description: This litter is likely to produce pups that are dark chocolate and weigh in at maturity from 55-75 pounds. They will be very nice house dogs with even temperaments and very friendly demeanors. These pups are great waterfowl prospects, but if their bodies are thick like their dad they might slow down in the upland field after a few hours.

Litter Traits:

Ranking as great potential (scale of 1-10, with 10 being highest)

  1. Family dog = 10
  2. Upland dog = 7
  3. Waterfowl dog = 9
  4. Therapy dog = 9

Litter Pedigrees

Major Diesel B. Hoochin

Bodie Stanley Major (c) Stanley Major Goldfinger (c) Justice for Major (c)
Diamond P Chiquita Café (c)
Viola Ruby Golden Eagle (c) Brandon’s Hershey (c)
Diamond P May’s Ruby Redstone (c)
Little Miss B Hoochin (y) Cuervo Son of Hooch (c) Quartz Valley Hoochman (c)
Molly Queen of Quartz (b)
Klamath Marsh Mist (y) Dude Buck-A-Boo of Sandstone (y)
“Cama” Flage Oo of Merganser (b)

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.

Good Golly Miss “Molly” of Marble Mountain

Yukon of Marble Mountain (c) * 4XGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzly SH (c) * Rattlin Ridge's Bronco Bill MH (c)
GMPR Sugar Bear of Started Pointing Labs JH (c) *
2.5XGMPR Lockdown Labs Pipin Hot Arrowpoint (b) * 4xGMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tub SH (b) *
2.5xGMPR HRCH Lily Belle of Bearpoint JH (y) *
Eagle II of Marble Mountain (c) * Fairbanks of Marble Mountain SH (c) * 3xGRHRCH Dakotas Cajun Roux MH (c)
Blue River's Magic Maggie (b) *
McKinley of Marble Mountain (c) * MPR RattlinRidges Bronco Bill (c) *
Krazy Kenai of Marble Mountain (c) *

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.

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