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Updated: 9/6/17


  • Birthdate: June 9
  • 8 yellow puppies were born: 3 females and 5 males.
  • Adoption date(s): August 5  (projected)
  • Cost: Yellow males = $1400 & Yellow females = $1600
  • 1st and 2nd pick may be available for $200 or $100 more, respectively.
  • Adoption Location: Since we have enough clients interested, we will be transporting puppies to Woodland, CA for a $140 transport fee or Marble Mountain Kennels by appointment.

Yellow Males

  • 1st pick male – $1600 – William H (Woodland pick out + S.C. Training)
  • 2nd pick male - $1500 – Rick & Martha S.
  • 3rd pick male - $1400 – Ted K (Woodland pick-up?)
  • 4th pick male - $1400 - Devon & Kyle (MMK pick-up 8/30/17)
  • 5th pick male - $1400 - Sold

Yellow Females

  • 1st pick female  – $ 1800 – Ron T. (Woodland pick out + S.C. Training?)
  • 2nd pick female - $1700 - Kristen B. (Woodland pick-up + S.C. Training)
  • 3rd Pick female - $1600 - Juli F. (MMK pick-up 8/4/17)



Josiah is a 70-pound yellow Lab with a lean, muscular body and a very calm personality. He also is known to throw gorgeous pups with his gentle demeanor. He loves to hunt and has a casual, but effective hunting style. He works the field with little effort and no wasted motion, then when he hits scent, he zeroes in on the bird, and starts to slow down stalking in a cat-like fashion, until he locks up on point. He also has one of the most intense staunch point that we have seen. He passed the APLA CPR test without having to be WHOA trained.

As a young dog he was hunted on South Dakota birds, "WOW" was that an experience behind such a top quality pointing Lab like Josiah.  He is a great mixture of both pointing Lab and field trial pedigrees. Read more about Joey on his profile page. 


Yale is a sweet, gentle, small-framed, athletic yellow Lab with lots of spunk.  She loves people and is a great upland dog with a nice natural point. Yale weighs in at 50 pounds and has a medium yellow coat.  Her most notable hunting characteristic is her quick, fun hunting style and her strong natural point.

Yale’s parents are two of MMK’s favorite dogs. Banks, her father is the most popular stud we have, because of his good looks, his natural point, and hard work ethic. Aspen is a very athletic dog with a sweet nature and a great hunting style. Yale seems like a true blending of the best of these two fine dogs. Read more about Yale on her profile page.

Litter Description:

This litter is likely to produce small to medium size yellow Labs with gentle and loving personalities who would be both great house dogs and outstanding upland hunters.  Joey and Yale are two of our most easy-going dogs in our kennel, that love people and are fine with just chilling, but when its time for action they are ready to go.  We think their pups will exhibit this easy-going nature with an intense love for hunting and the outdoors. 

Litter Pedigrees

CPR Sam's Creek Boy King Josiah

CPR Greiner's Speed Ratchet (y) FC AFC Hilltop Hayseed (y) * FC AFC Black Gold Kate's Rascal (y)
Candlewood’s Divine M's M (b)
Dayziered Rider Kennedy JH (y) * GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH (y)
BFK Sally of Solid Point (b) *
3xGMPR Eli's Blackjack Tori SH (y) * GMPR Sir's Mighty Eli SH (b) * FC AFC Jazztime (b) *
Sir's Choice Gumbo MH (b) *
GMPR Blackwater Lexus (y) * FC AFC Blackwater Bart (b)
FC Red Oak Casey (y)

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.

Yale of Marble Mountain

Fairbanks of Marble Mountain SH (c) * 3xGRHRCH Dakotas Cajun Roux MH (c) Missy's Cajun Dakota MH (b)
Gabby's Star of Bessie (b)
Blue River's Magic Maggie (b) * 4xGMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tub SH (b) *
Swetnam Farm's Shady (b)
Autumn Aspen of Marble Mountain (y) * Int CH Merganser's Live Strong SH WC (y) Merganser's Hacker MH, WC, CGC (y) *
Warden Abbigail (y)
Cascade of Marble Mountain (y) * FC AFC Yellowstone's TNT Explosion (y) *
Bristol Beauty of Marble Mountain Kennels (y) *

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.

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