Stud Dogs

We are currently offering stud services for the male dogs listed below. Please call Pete at 530-598-1527 to discuss stud fees, canine dispositions, etc. Stud fees are $1,000.

  • Morgan’s Point Doctor Drake

    Morgan’s Point Doctor Drake

    Tall, muscular, athletic, 75-pound fox red Lab, friendly, people-loving, outgoing, gentle

  • SC’s “Trojan” of Marble Mountain

    SC’s “Trojan” of Marble Mountain

    Gorgeous good looks, deep fox red coat, friendly personality, easy-going nature, loving, friendly, gentle, happy, 60 pounds

  • TGK’s “Coho” of Marble Mountain

    TGK’s “Coho” of Marble Mountain

    65 pounds, calm and lovable in the house, focused hunting energy outdoors, plus 9 strong pointing Labs in his pedigree, including GMPRs and FTs

  • Yukon of Marble Mountain

    Yukon of Marble Mountain

    65 pounds, gentle temperament, strong natural pointing instinct, attractive dark chocolate coat, athletic body, incredibly strong pointing Lab pedigree.

  • Fisher of Marble Mountain

    Fisher of Marble Mountain

    Good-looking, 65-pound pointing stud, dark chocolate coat, solid health clearances, sweet, gentle personality

  • Fairbanks of Marble Mountain SH

    Fairbanks of Marble Mountain SH

    RETIRED - Banks was whelped on December 27, 2006 and comes out of Blue River Kennels, known for quality Labs. He is a very good looking, hard-hunting dog with a calm personality and an intense point.

  • CPR Sam's Creek Giant of the Philistines “Goliath”

    CPR Sam's Creek Giant of the Philistines “Goliath”

    superb looks, terrific hunting drive, even temperament, trainable nature, strong pedigree, staunch natural point, easy to train, 75 pounds

  • CPR Sam's Creek Boy King Josiah

    CPR Sam's Creek Boy King Josiah

    Joey is a 70-pound stellar stud dog with a staunch point. We purchased Joey from Sam's Creek Kennels in the fall of 2013. Natural Hunting Ability: Certified Pointing Retriever #1359 APLA

  • Northstar’s “Bridger” of Marble Mountain

    Northstar’s “Bridger” of Marble Mountain

    Bridger is a 65-pound black male with a very strong natural point, great pedigree, an even temperament, and a strong hunting drive.

  • “Tonka” Marble Mountain

    “Tonka” Marble Mountain

    intelligent, good-looking fox red, quiet, gentle personality, strong hunt drive, 65 pounds