Trained & Other Adult Dogs for Sale

  • "Miles Casale" of Marble Mountain

    Miles is a mild mannered, happy dog who has a strong desire to please. He has a strong work drive and a very athletic body. He weighs 75lbs with a tall, muscular, and slender body type with a Hershey chocolate color.

  • Spinosa's

    Spinosa's "CJ" of Marble Mountain

    CJ is a lover dog who can be cautious but happy. He has basic training and can be trained with consistency and a firm hand. He is a 50lbs, medium sized Hershey chocolate Lab.

  • Southwind's

    Southwind's "Bruin" of Marble Mountain

    Personable, loving, friendly, adaptable, cautious around other dogs, good hunter and house dog

  • Boulder of Marble Mountain

    Boulder of Marble Mountain

    SOLD - $1500 - Partial Obedience-Trained Yellow Male

  • Cooper of Marble Mountain

    Cooper of Marble Mountain

    SOLD - Started Yellow Male

  • Kodiac of Marble Mountain

    Kodiac of Marble Mountain

    SOLD - $2,000-$3,000 depending on training at time of sale

  • "Rainy" of Marble Mountain

    SOLD - Rainy has a sweet temperament, strong natural pointing instinct, attractive small, athletic body and incredibly strong pointing lab pedigree. She is a medium 55lbs lab who has a classic body type and a black color.