Trained Dog: "Rainy" of Marble Mountain

  • Call Name: Rainy
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Birth Date: June 12, 2013
  • AKC #: SR78550004
  • Pointer: Yes

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Health Certifications

  • Hips OFA: Good LR-217417G28F-PI
  • Elbows OFA: Normal LR-EL70104F28-PI
  • Eyes CERF: Normal LR-EYE4028/12F (14)
  • EIC: Cleared by parentage


Rainy was born at Lockdown Labs in Wilmot, South Dakota on June 12, 2013, from two outstanding parents -- 4xGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzley SH X 3 GMPR Lockdown Pipin Hot Arrowpoint.

She has become everything we had hoped.

She is a very sweet natured female, with an intense hunting desire, strong natural pointing, and great love for retrieving.

Her pedigree has a more than eight Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, and 75% of the dogs in three generations are natural pointers. She has a small compact, athletic body and weighs in at 55 pounds.

Rainy has the following traits:

  • Sweet temperament
  • Strong natural pointing instinct
  • Attractive, small, athletic body
  • Incredibly strong pointing lab pedigree
  • Solid hunting drive

Rainy has a sweet temperament, strong natural pointing instinct, attractive small, athletic body and incredibly strong pointing lab pedigree.

Rainy's Pedigree

"Rainy" of Marble Mountain

4XGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzly SH (c) * Rattlin Ridge's Bronco Bill MH (c) FC HRCH Watermark’s Texas Welcome MH (b)
CP Kingland’s Have no Mercy MH (b) *
GMPR Sugar Bear of Started Pointing Labs JH (c) * GMPR BJ of Black Forrest MH (c) *
Black Forrest’s Abby (c)
2.5XGMPR Lockdown Labs Pipin Hot Arrowpoint (b) * 4xGMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tub SH (b) * Don’t Eat the Snow (c)
Wannamaker’s Ebony Jade (b) *
2.5xGMPR HRCH Lily Belle of Bearpoint JH (y) * 4xGMPR HR Bearpoint's Roll'n High Reno SH (y) *
4xGMPR SHR Elcanan's Roxy of Bearpoint JH (y) *

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.