Trained Dog: Rocky

  • Call Name: Rocky
  • Color: Yellow
  • Sex: Male
  • Pointer: Yes

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Rocky is a yellow Lab that will probably weigh between 75-85 pounds at maturity. He has a very attractive, tall, lean body without an ounce of fat on him. He is a very strong and intense retriever who loves to work and hunt, but he is also a gentleman and a lover of people.

His training has included beginning and intermediate waterfowl training with basic upland skills as well. He is a very strong retriever with solid marking skills and good blind manners. He works well out of a dog blind for waterfowl and in the upland field is steady to wing and shot. He does simple doubles and works marks to 50-80 yards. He has a nice delivery with birds and a careful mouth.

With 7+ months of training his obedience includes the following commands: Here, heel, sit, down, kennel, sit/stay, fetch, give, and OK (release). He loves to work for his master and will make a great dog for someone who wants a nice housedog, waterfowl partner and upland worker. His pedigree and training have prepared him as a natural pointing Lab, but currently this part of his training portfolio is not solid. As a flushing Lab, he will do great in the upland field and could potentially develop into a solid pointing Lab.

Price = $4,500. Shipping is available to anywhere in the United States for an estimated $450-600 for the flight.