Trained Dog: "Shasta" of Marble Mountains

  • Call Name: Shasta
  • Color: Yellow
  • Sex: Female
  • Birth Date: August 10, 2012
  • AKC #: SR74555901
  • Pointer: Yes

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Health Certifications

  • Hips OFA: Good LR-211443G26F
  • Elbows OFA: Borderline elbows
  • Eyes CERF: Normal 6-15-14
  • CNM: Clear DDC DNA #127337
  • EIC: Clear DDC DNA #127337
  • PRA: Clear DDC DNA #127337
  • HNPK: Clear DDC DNA #127337


Shasta was born at Marble Mountain Kennels on August 10, 2016 as a result of a breeding between 4xGMPR Jackson’s Smooth Stout Points MH x “Rio” Grande of Marble Mountain.

Shasta is a 60 pound yellow Labrador Retriever who is always looking for a good time. She is friendly, alert and very responsive dog who is a total extrovert. When she decides to focus, she is very trainable and loves to work. She also has a nice cream colored, thick coat. Her hunting style fits her personality, as she has a high desire to work, a nice natural quartering style and a strong desire to retrieve. Shasta is likely to throw pups that truly enjoy the hunt and love life. Shasta loves people and approaches life with real enthusiasm.

Shasta was the result of one of MMK’s premier breedings between 4xGMPR Jackson’s Smooth Stout Points MH x “Rio” Grande of Marble Mountain. Her pedigree also includes such great dogs as: 4xGMPR Black Forest Bear Grits, 1.5xGMPR Schwar Points South Turnin Trix JH, CPR Sams Creek Boy King “Josiah”, GMPR Grits of Black Forest, FC Top Gun Maverick of Apache, 3xGMPR Eli’s Blackjack Tori SH & 4xGMPR Far Shake Quake and Quiver MH.

Shasta's Pedigree

"Shasta" of Marble Mountains

4XGMPR Jackson’s Smooth Stout Points South “Porter” MH (y) * 4xGMPR Black Forest's Bear Grits MH (y) * GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH (y)
CP File of Black Forest (y) *
1.5 GMPR Schwar Points South Turnin Trix JXM (y) * FC Top Gun Maverick of Apache (b)
MPR Schwar Point Persistance (y) *
Rio Grande of Marble Mountain (y) * CPR Sam's Creek Boy King Josiah (y) * CPR Greiner's Speed Ratchet (y)
3xGMPR Eli's Blackjack Tori SH (y) *
Bristol Beauty of Marble Mountain Kennels (y) * GMPR FAR's Shake Quake and Quiver MH (y) *
Bailey of Marble Mountain I (y) *

Red print signifies dog that has been recognized with an AKC, APLA, NAHRA, UKC or other title.
* Dog is either a natural pointer, or is known to pass on the pointing gene.