Puppy/Dog Owner Comments & Photos

Here is where we give you full bragging rights to share about your dog! We enjoy hearing how s/he is growing up and how and what s/he is doing over the years. Send us your letters, notes, emails and photos and we'll do our best to get them up on this page in a timely manner. (Sometimes it can take us a few months if we're back-logged, so if we miss someone, please try sending them again.) Thanks so much!

Ken's "Xochi"

Just a note to tell you that Xochi is doing well. It's early days but she seems to be a quick learner as she has more or less already mastered "sit" and how to wait for an OK command before going for her food or taking a biscuit. This is really tough for her because this puppy really likes to eat. ...
I include a recent photo of Xochi taking a break and snuggling up with her favorite playmate, my sister's 4 year old golden. They play together every day.

Ken Janson

Andrew and Holly's "Drake" from Yukon x River

He's awesome!


Eric and Clara E's Trojan x Fiji Fox Red Female "Rosie"

Hi Pete and Julie,

Just wanted to give you an update on Rosie, who was 3rd pick of the females from the Trojan and Fiji liter.

She is everything we had hoped for and more. She has the sweetest personality and is an absolute joy to be around. We could not be happier with our choice. She is such a good puppy and so beautiful to look at that I am constantly asked where we got her from. I am more than happy to tell them!

I will include a picture of her with our two daughters. They don’t like going anywhere without her.

Thank you again,

Eric and Clara Ellis

Kathy's "Beau"

Merry Christmas to all of you!
Beau has been a great companion and friend this past year! He grew into a miniature horse and has so much fun energy
He is well behaved and beginning to become a watch dog , notifying me of arrivals and lots of other noises he discovers.
I had a mishap in the Klamath River and my phone is now at the bottom, so I no longer have John's (trainer) contact info'.
Tell him thank you for an awesome pup!

Kathryn's "Sage" from Trojan x Maui

Pix of purple collar female(Maui/Trojan), now named “sage”

Kelsey Y's "Mode" from Banks x Chinook

Good morning,
I would like to send an updated picture of one of the puppies I got from you guys, a litter from Chinook and Banks 2011 I believe. Cody will be 8 on January 15th. He has not slowed down one bit full of energy healthy as a horse! I just can’t tell you how much I love this dog enough! Attached are some pictures I took of him out in our pasture this summer. Thank you for breeding quality labradors!

Banks and Chinook 2011 Mode. Love my lab and will get all my labs from Marble Mountain Kennels ??


Erica's Eagle x Yukon "Merle"

Hi Julie,

I cannot believe we picked up Merle almost one year ago today! He is everything we dreamed and more: a loving, gentle family dog, and a great hunter - he even points! We adore him and thought we would share a photograph from this past weekend.

Happy holidays to you and your family!


Heather & Austin's Joey x Lena Black Male Lab, "Tuco"

Hi Pete,

Today is Tuco is 6 mo old and we are happier than ever! He loves to swim, play fetch (sticks and tennis balls) and go to the beach. We have had him for about a month now and he is doing very well with commands and training. Just wanted to share the update and of course a few photos with you of how this handsome boy looks!

Thanks again for a great experience, Austin and I are beyond happy with our decision to get Tuco from Marble Mountain Kennels!

Heather & Austin


John McNamara's Goliath x Chetco Black Female (his second dog from us)

Can't tell you how pleased I am. You and Pete put out the most confident breeding dogs I've ever seen. This pup was second pick? Nothing she has been through either last night or outside today with me has slowed her down a bit. Not afraid of the horses or anything. Slept in a kennel inside as I got home after dark. Played non stop until bedtime and was very quiet all night. She has not put her tail down once to show concern,totally enjoying life. very attentive to bounding with me always finding me where ever I am while out working about and then off to explore. I thought Cooper was exceptional in this regard, it appears it may be your breeding. I choke up a little at pricing but in years past the time and heart break at raising dogs of less than great quality that you love and don't have what you want in the field makes Marble Mountain a must for an older man who dosen't have the time to wait. Feel free to share my comments at 72 she will be Cooper of Marble Mountain Kennels main back up.Keep up what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rojas' Trojan x Shasta Red Male Lab "Maverick"

December 4, 2018
Hello Pete & Julie;
Sorry it’s taken so long, I just wanted to send a picture of our puppy you’ve blessed us with.
We’ve named him Maverick, he’s been a good puppy. He’s obviously grown so much, he weighs ~40 lbs.

Theresa's Kelly x Coho "Lady Tess" chocolate female

Lady Tess of Marble Mountain (aka Teddie) at 12 weeks. She was born 9/8 to Kelly and Coho. She is inquisitive, loving, playful, attentive and, loves to retrieve.
Photo: Lady Tess of Marble Mountain at 12 weeks quail watching ??
Theresa Shunk

Cody's "Cassius" Runt of Yukon x Valdez Litter


I adopted Cassius from you guys in July. He's been nothing but absolutely wonderful. I get compliments on him all the time. Ill be coming back to you when my girlfriend moves to the states and she gets her Lab.

Cassius spends most of his days playing with dogs in my daycare and on weekends we go out and explore the Sierras. So glad I found you!



Richard Gomes' "Rocky" from Goliath x Chetco

Dear Pete and Julie,
Young chocolate (Rocky), born July 9th, 2018, from Goliath and Chetco litter.
Hunting with 8 year old seasoned veteran (Ace) enjoying their hard earned pheasants in the Sacramento valley.
Rocky is outgoing, very high stamina, listens well, nose to ground searching but at the same time keeping check with me and or hunting with me in heavy cover always willing to work the heavy cover. At home he is eager to go into his kennel when asked to do so.
He is coming along fine.

Thank you for keeping good hunting and intelligent lines going.

Richard Gomes

Kelly R's "Chance" our of Goliath x Deschutes

We love our Deschutes ‘18 boy!!! Named him Chance. We’re already thinking of getting him a brother from you guys during Summer ‘19. Thanks for everything!


Diana and Craig McR's Lulu from Trinity x Goliath

October 23, 2018
This is Lulu, one year old today. She is is a pup from Trinity & Goliath, she is 61 lbs., very active & talkative. She is a good retriever, not always great at dropping, but very basic birdie.
She is a great dog, we love her very much!
Thank you, Diane & Craig McRae

Deirdre's Chocolate Lab

November 5, 2018
Hi there!
We’ve had this guy for almost 1 year and he’s so great! So many compliments and I always refer folks to you.
Thanks for the work you do and for sharing great dogs with us! He also comes to my physical therapy office every day and my patients LOVE him! Eventually I will do some official therapy dog training with him as well!
Deirdre McLoughlin


Briana Neet's "Gemma"

Hello Pete and Julie,
A quick note to say I couldn’t be more pleased with my little girl. She is so incredibly smart and reactive to commands. Learning usually first time through. She is also perfectly people focused. What a great combo! I’m naming her Gemstone of Marble Mountain (Gemma). It was so lovely meeting both of you and will stay in touch.

Sid's Goliath x Trinity Black Male Puppy

October 14, 2018
We are very satisfied with our puppy.
You your wife down to your children have been very professional and made us super happy we chose Marble Mountain Kennels
I will be in touch about waterfowl training.
Sid Nielsen

Susie W's GrayCee

Hi Julie,
Wanted to send a couple pictures of GrayCee for you. She is an amazing pup, well one year old now.
She actually catches goslings from the lake and brings them on command to us unharmed and alive. She will be hunting Dove this week on the ranch with Bob, who she is always with weather its in the Wolverine hunting or just playing in the lake. She an amazing bird dog. We're crazy about her. We've never had a Labrador that swims as fast and good as GrayCee . She's very strong. She always wants to cuddle with me and do family things which we enjoy, and she keeps us on our toes 24/7. Thank you again for bringing her into our life's.
Hope all is well at Marble Mountain , and will keep you updated on her endeavors....

GrayCee Calee after rounding up the geese on the lake... OMG Julie, she's such an awesome pup. Eight months old on Sunday.

Someone loves the snow. Love her red eyelashes. Ill update more pictures in a month or so. Just wanted to share like I said I would. Hope all is well at Marble Mountain Kennels.

GrayCee Calee 6 months old. In training for search and rescue. Such a great pup!

GrayCee at Bodega Bay


Reed A's "Chief" from Joey x Hope

September 10, 2018
Hey Pete this is Reed Alexander. We adopted a dog out of the Hope and Joey litter. I named him Chief. I wanted to let you know that he is an amazing dog. He listens very well. He does a great job pointing and retrieving. I took him dove hunting a few times and he has retrieved over 50 birds. He retrieved every bird I shot and helped us find a lot in the brush that we couldn’t find. Thank you!
Sent from my iPhone
See Video Clip on YouTube: https://youtu.be/v_NXscURD0Q

"June" from Bailey x Bridger 2018

August 2, 2018

Hi Pete and Julie!

We wanted to give you guys an update on our puppy. She's a couple days shy of 3 months old and continues to amaze us every day. She is incredibly smart and picking up on basic obedience so fast. In addition to the basics, she shakes on command and rings a bell to alert us that she needs to go outside.

One thing we are so unbelievably impressed with, is her pointing. We have never seen a lab point this well and so young!! She is definitely a gifted girl! I've attached a picture of her pointing from just this morning.

We are going to enroll her in puppy obedience class now that her vaccinations are complete. And we are very excited to start her gun dog training. Thank you so much for taking such care in breeding her parents, Bailey and Bridger. And thank you for bringing so much joy to our family!

P.S. We named her June :)

Take care,

Jennifer and Matt W.


Jim F's "Bella" out of a Missy Litter

Hello MM crew
Thought I would give an update on Princess ( Bella ) of MM.
Missy litter of 2015
Bella will be 3 in November. She has developed into one of the best all around dogs I have ever seen.
So easily trained with hand , whistle, or voice commands. And I do not claim to be a trainer. She is just so eager to please.
In the field she is all business. Although she never developed into a pointer , she is the best flusher and retriever I have ever seen.
Nothing slows her down in the field. My hunting partners lovingly call her tank. She is equally at home on land or in the water, yet at the house she is truly the best well behaved house dog you could ever ask for. A loved member of the family for sure.
Thank you so much marble mountain for such a wonderful friend and hunting partner.
Jim F.

Hi Pete.
Just thought I would send an update on Bella.
Today she and I went and helped out on a youth Phesant hunt. Bella was awesome. Bella is 10 months now. She did as well as any other dogs out there and was one of the youngest.
Did not get to see her point today but she did flush up 5 birds.
We could not be any happier with Bella as a hunting partner, or as a family member.
Thank you so much for such an awesome dog.
Best regards
Jim ( and Princess " Bella " of Marble Mountain)

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 6:13 AM
Morning Pete
Bella went on her first pheasant hunt yesterday. ( Missy 2015 litter )
She did extremely well. Was suprised to see her hold point on a bird at 4 months old.
She also did very well on her retrieve. Had a little bit of a Ruff time because the birds were bigger than her.
All in all she did great. My friends that also had dogs there could not believe her natural instincts at her age.
Could not be happier !
I will keep in touch
Best regards
Jim ( and Princess " Bella" of Marble mountain )


Ron and Tanya F's "Ginger" and "Hailee"

July 28, 2018

Here are pictures of Hailee and Ginger at 14 weeks.
Ron and Tanya F.


Rochelle's Goliath x Rio Black Female Puppy "Kelly"

August 10, 2018

Dear Pete and Julie,

Kelly is now living with her new puppy parents. She is a high school girl, Sophia and will have Kelly for eighteen months before Kelly is returned to us. Sophia told us Kelly is AMAZING and has fallen in love with her! Kelly will go everywhere with Sophia; school, church, stores, restaurants, movies, etc.

We LOVE Kelly so much! Thank you for such an awesome dog!

Rochelle Heskett
Executive Director
Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs

July 10, 2018

Dear Pete and Julie,

We are in love! I just wanted to let you know we are so in love with Kelly! She is amazing! So sweet and loving and smart. We will eventually train her to open refrigerator doors, retrieve a bottle of water and take it to her person, she will learn how to turn on/off lights, pick up dropped items and so much more. I will send you videos if you'd like. She already picks up her leash. We took her to a restaurant today and she was a natural - laid under the table and never moved! That's what we want - for people to tell us, "I didn't know you had a dog with you!"

I've attached a video of one of our dogs opening a refrigerator door. This is what Kelly will learn!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog! If you have trouble selling any of Kelly's sisters please let us know!

Rochelle Heskett
Executive Director
Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs

Laura M's Yellow Lab Pup

Hello Pete/Julie!

Hope you are both doing well up at MMK! I've been singing your praises ever since we picked up our little guy Bullet Pile last September (2nd pick, yellow male, Joey/Vail born 7/17/17). Bullet's growing into a well-mannered, stunning, athletic, 65# lap-dog/snuggle pup and we couldn't be happier! (pics attached)


Megan P's "Buddy" from Fisher x Taku

Hi Pete and Julie,

We wanted to share a photo of Buddy! We even bought him a new red collar. It was destiny as our previous Labrador had a red collar too when we got him.

Buddy is thriving and is very happy with us. He loves the kids and never leaves my side. Everyone has complimented him on his light color and beautiful eyes. He is still clumsy, but has great retrieving skills and points when he hears ducks fly overhead. He is very calm and even tempered and not scared of anything (except jumping off of the couch, where he shouldn't be). He is a very special puppy and is a whole lot of fun.

Thank you so much! We couldn't be happier.

Megan and Kevin

Shannon S's Yellow Lab Puppy out of Yukon x Taku

When you've had your bath, but your still cold....you snuggle in your pink butterfly blanket in front of the fireplace.

Shannon S.

Chelsey D's "Nora"

June 2018

Steph J's "Bailey," out of River x Tonka

June 9, 2018

Bailey, River X Yukon ‘17, has brought so much joy to my life. Thank you so much for my sweet girl.

Laura M's "Bullet" from Joey x Vail litter

Hope you are both doing well up at MMK! I've been singing your praises ever since we picked up our little guy Bullet Pile last September (2nd pick, yellow male, Joey/Vail born 7/17/17). Bullet's growing into a well-mannered, stunning, athletic, 65# lap-dog/snuggle pup and we couldn't be happier! (pics attached)

Traci F's "Remi" from Trojan x Capri

Hi Julie! Remi is 10 months old now and she is doing fantastic! She has captured everyone’s heart. She is truly amazing. Thank you for your wonderful breeding program to produce such fine dogs!

Remi being spoiled while in Mammoth...playing card with my son Jake. It’s a dogs life! Ha!

Remi and Amber


Kelsey Brown's Banks x Chinook "Cody"

December 2015
Big brown bear! - with Marble Mountain Kennels on Instagram and Facebook
(See photo.)

September 13th and 15th, 2015 (on Instagram and Facebook)
My BFF!! — with Marble Mountain Kennels.
A lab and his shed..

January 23, 2015
Awww Cody..first of all he's priceless! He's a very fast learner, smart, the best best friend a human can have. Great energy, awesome swimmer and retriever! MMK provides high quality intelligent great looking dogs! Worth every penny and then some!

October 25, 2014
Professional photo of Cody taken "Before the Rain"

June 2014
Kelsey has been posting more photos on Facebook for us to share with you. Would you believe Kelsey is already 3 years old? Wow! Time flies! Thanks for the cute photos, Kelsey!

Past Note from Kelsey:
I wanted to take a few moments to share about my heart my Lab, Cody. I purchased Cody in February of 2011 at the Sportsman show up in Central Point,Oregon from the litter of Banks and Chinook. When I first saw the litter it about brought tears to my eyes as I have wanted a Lab for so long although timing in life was never ideal as I was in a rental that didn’t allow dogs. For some reason this time I decided I would get one and deal with everything as it came even if it meant moving. I picked out a big boy and named him “Cody”. It was a long time dream come true. To make a long story shorter I never got caught having a dog there and was able to move into a place he was welcome and currently bought a house last February with 5 1/2 acres for him to run free! I don’t have any children yet but I love him so much I could cry I honestly didn't know I could love something so much. He makes me so happy everyday and although he has his “bad dog” moments, he is priceless!!! He is a very quick learner and is very smart. He is obsessed with water and fetching. It does not matter how cold the water may be he’s off and swimming! He is 90lbs and will be 2 this January. And yes he sleeps in my bed every night! My intention was to use him as a bird dog and start bird hunting myself. I haven't yet but I've worked with him on training for that. He has a soft mouth and is a very determined young man. I know that any further Labradors I get in the future will be from your facility. Thank you for my handsome "Cody"!


Jim C's "Sarge" out of Banks x Connie

Hi Pete and Julie,

Time for my annual update on Sarge. This was our third season hunting together and while it was our club's poorest duck season in the last 7 years, Sarge continued his progress as a hunting machine, ending the season with 136 retrieves.. What we missed on the waterfowl side of the equation we made up for on the upland side. I became a member of a central valley hunting preserve and we hunted pheasant most of Jan, Feb and March. Sarge proved to be just as good an upland hunter as he is a waterfowl dog. His nose is unbelievable, he retrieves pheasants just like ducks and he points every bird that will sit still for him. His hunting desire is amazing, from the time we hit the field until we finish the hunt he goes non stop. He is truly the energizer bunny of Labs.

Sarge had a few firsts this year. We had a Canada goose property and Sarge made his first retrieves on Honkers. I was curious to see how he would react to a bird almost as big as he is. He reacted as I knew he would, he was fearless and never hesitated for a second. He also did a quintuple retrieve on a group of ducks my partner and I managed to drop on a foggy morning at our club. His most memorable retrieve I didn't even see. We had sailed a goose from our dry fields out into our rice checks. A couple of our group hopped into a quad to go find the bird and I asked them to take Sarge. They were able to locate the crippled bird and Sarge made the retrieve. Rather than bring the bird back to the hunters, Sarge did what he always does, finds his master. He carried the wounded goose back to our clubhouse, a half mile away and returned it to another club member who was first to see him when he came back with the bird. It didn't surprise me one bit as he truly is a wonderful retriever.

His split personality continues to amaze me. As fearless and tireless as his hunting manners are, his family personality is mild mannered, loving and obedient. He continues to be the perfect pet in the off season. I have attached a few photos of Sarge from season 3. Thanks again for raising such incredible dogs. Tell John Sarge remembered most of his lessons and benefited greatly from the time spent with John.

The best,

PETE'S NOTE: Sarge is a Bank’s son and a pure brother to Ambler. He is a 1/2 brother to Fisher, Taku, Tanana, Eagle, Mackenzie, Chetco, Bailey & Aspen. He's also an uncle to Molly and Grace. Banks continues to bless us with his strong genes.

Hi Pete and Julie,

I wanted to send along an update on my dog Sarge from the Banks and Connie litter of Feb 2015. He just turned 2 a few weeks ago and my second year with him was as enjoyable as my first. We had a poor duck and goose season this year, the amount of rain and wind we had this season spread the birds all over the central valley. In spite of the tough conditions Sarge continued his progress as a retrieving machine. This season he has retrieved 121 birds. If he sees a bird go down he retrieves it, period, whether it be 10 yards or 300 yards, his desire is amazing. Every one in our duck club wants to hunt wth me because they know they will never have to leave the blind to chase a crippled bird.

His pointing skills continue to improve, he is now pointing almost every upland bird we hunt. I wouldn't be happier with his progress if he were a German short hair pointer.

His hunting and retrieving prowess are only surpassed by his friendly personality and household manners. He is the perfect pet, (well if you could keep him from sheding :-) He loves all people and dogs, they are all his friends. I must complement you and your trainers for the obedience foundation you built into Sarge. It always amazes me how he is able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, what is his property and what is mine. Some may find this hard to believe but in his first two years he has never chewed up a single thing that belongs to me. He is not perfect, as we are going through the teenage years and working through who the boss is. I am confident that he will figure it out and continue to progress as the great dog that he is.

It was great seeing you and Julie at the Sacramento Sportsmans Expo. I hope all is well. Attached are a couple of photos of Sarge's second year. Thanks again for an incredible friend.


February 20, 2016

Dear Pete & Julie,

I just wanted to send you an update on my dog Sargent Rock of Marble Mountain or as I call him, Sarge.

Sarge is from the Banks and Connie litter of February 2015, so he just had his first birthday and finished his first duck hunting season. I cannot tell you how happy I am with him. He is an incredible companion and house pet while being a tireless, enthusiastic hunter in the field. His playful personality is such that he is loved by everyone he meets and he gets along great with other dogs. While home, he is a calm, mild mannered, well behaved pet but once we hit the duck blind he becomes a focused, tightly sprung retrieving machine.

In his first waterfowl season he retrieved 180 ducks and geese and made some retrieves that I couldn't believe. He is like a rocket taking off after a downed bird, he loves to hunt, I don't know what I am going to do to keep him from being bored until next season. I can only imagine how much better he will be with another year or two under his belt. Here is a picture of him on his second most favorite thing, an ATV. He loves riding on the back of my quad as we go to and from our blinds. Thank you both for helping me pick out a puppy that has exceeded my most optimistic expectations.


Jocelyn C's "Avery Grace" out of Deschutes x Goliath

Avery Grace of Marble Mountain
Daughter of Deschutes and Goliath
Date of Birth 9/18/2017
Our beautiful girl is VERY bold and fearless. She has high energy, and loves to learn. Exceptionally intelligent. Easily trainable and responds well to cues. Happy and bouncy. Prefers the cold weather to the warmer weather. Active, playful and loves fetch. Very curious personality. Sweet, cuddly and talkative. She is a fast runner, and does not tire easily. Extremely scent motivated and has a natural point. Large in size, weighing in at 61 pounds at just 7 months old. She has a very soft, shiny black coat with curly waves from the back of her neck all the way down to her tail.


Just wanted to send a few pictures of our big 6 month old! She weighs a healthy 60 pounds. She was the biggest of the litter and it shows! She loves the outdoors, and is an extremely beautiful and intelligent dog. Thanks for everything you do! We love her!!!

Jocelyn C.

Thanks for bringing this beauty into our lives! We adore her! And she is so unbelievably smart. Looking forward to watching her grow. Hope you all take care!
-Jocelyn C.


Colleen's "Major" out of Nena x Gator



Good Morning,

My name is Colleen R. Chad P. is the son of our wonderful neighbors at Lake Oconee in Georgia. “Major” is an amazingly intelligent, sweet, loving black lab who came from your kennel as a puppy, ordered by Chad, 7 or 8 years ago.

Two years ago, Chad wished to retire “Major” as a bird dog, and “Major” adopted us. I believe that he is the most perfect animal ever created, and, I want to thank you. We love the whole Payne family and are enormously blessed to now have “Major” in our family. He still gets to see and play with all of the P's, while we are here at the lake.

My reason for writing is to verify what year “Major” was born. I believe I was told April of 2011, but was hoping that you could verify. I’ve asked Chad but he’s so busy with work and the children’s activities, I thought it might be more expedient to follow up with you. I want to be able to celebrate his exact birthdate, and I need your help, please.

“Major” adores my husband and although I feed, water, brush, take him to the vet, walk him, play with him, hug and kiss him constantly, I’m only, maybe, second fiddle. I don’t mind because he is the most incredibly special dog I’ve ever known. Again, thank you. He’s made an enormous difference in our lives.

I just wanted you to see what a handsome boy we have, thanks to you and Chad.

The photo where he is in the back of our Expedition between boxes was before we agreed to take him. We were packing our car to drive back to our home in FL, and when I turned around, he had stowed away in the car between the cooler and boxes we were packing. We couldn't take him then, but we returned at the end of the week to bring him back to Florida.

The photo on the boat was here at the lake in Georgia. Other photos, my husband built a dog house for him at our FL home, and one for our vacation home. He doesn't leave my husband's side.

Thanks for letting me show you how handsome this wonderful and sweet dog is.

You’ve just added more joy to our lives, and I’m so grateful. I hope you like Major’s photos. He should be in commercials, he’s so gorgeous and sweet. He could be the pin-up for his species.


S. Colleen R.


Lauren J's Hank out of Trojan x Cherry


Hey Pete and Julie-

Just wanted to send over some pics of Hank from the recent Trojan and Cherry little. He is such a sweet and smart boy who loves to play! And snuggle. He hates the vacuum though- but that’s ok so do I! Lol.


Stephe S's "Thor"


Hello mmk,

Here’s Thor he’s doing great. Almost 15 weeks and 28lbs. We are very happy with him. Growing like a weed...Lots of fun and very smart. I taught him to sit on the first day. He sits, stays, lays down and fetches. He’s very coordinated and athletic. He has a great personality and has fun with our two cats. We love our boy!

I’ll send more pics in the future.


Mike H's "Cricket" sired by Coho

Here’s just a couple pics. From head to tail, I think she’s a looker ! Very nice wavy coat & heavy tail ! The mom is where the pointing comes from , I’ll dig in boxes for her pedigree this weekend . I’ve owned a lot of labs and she’s a hot rod ! “The Best” yet in my life ! The pic w/ Maggie , first time I realized she points ! Wow ! So cool ... rooster !


Doreen L's Chocolate Female Puppy

January 7, 2018
My husband bought a puppy from you at Christmas time. She's adorable and doing really great.


Adrienne G's "Bettina"

May 4, 2018

Bettina - 6 months old.
Shasta and Joey ‘17
She is 28 pounds, 20” tall at the withers, and 42” long fully stretched out, nose to back toe tip.

Thank you for teaching her so well (and for the teaching videos on your website). She always comes when called and always at a full run. Since she is mostly off-leash, this is a relief. Also good at sit, stay, down, kennel. Easily house-broken. Never underfoot. A lovely companion.
Adrienne G.
Sent from my iPhone

January 2018
Bettina watches TV and Bettina responds also to the sound of Julie’s voice on a January puppy walk video.


Vivian E's "Boomer" born 9/23/17

Hi Pete and Julie,
Just wanted to say hello and thank you for Boomer. This little runt has turned into a very smart, handsome and loving addition to our family. Again, thank you!

Karen's "Muddy" born Summer of 2017

March 19, 2017
Hi, Julie! Muddy looks just like her momma and papa! She's awesome. Getting ready to start search and rescue next month.

Mike & Luann Shults' Yukon x Kate "Gator"

Hello Pete & Julie,

Hope all is well with you.

We bought a black male puppy from you...born 9-1-15 out of Yukon and Kate.

We absolutely love our Gator, he is one of the family while at home, and an intense and excellent hunting companion. While not in the field hunting, he goes to work with me daily.

Good morning Pete and Julie,

Just wanted to send you a note...Gator is fitting in just fine. He is really doing well with obedience, and socializing with our dogs and family. Really looking forward to getting Gator started in gun dog training.
Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!
Mike and Luann Shults


Jeff Newman's Chocolate MMK Lab Dock Dog "Wrecker"

Hi Pete,
It's been a while since I have updated you on my wonderful Chocolate Lab Wrecker from Connie and Banks litter 4/17/13. He such a wonderful dog. I can't tell you how much everyone loves him. He has qualified for national championships in NADAC agility for this September. My wife and I will be competing with our dogs. We are currently trying to qualify for Cynosports world championships of agility in November. These past 2 years of competing in agility and dock diving have been phenomenal. There have been too many blue ribbons to share them all. We have completed agility championships called NATCH and V-NATCH which stands for Nadac Agility Trial Champion and Versatility Nadac Agility Trial Champion. We have also completed several Iron-Dog titles in Dock dogs and qualified for Worlds last year. We are well on our way to completing our AKC MACH in agility. He has also completed his CGC which is the canine good citizen title. I have attached a couple of photos if you would like to share.
Thanks again for producing the finest Labs in the country.
He is so smart and knows what to do with it.
Jeff Newman

December 2015
Wow! Great picture of Wrecker (See photo of Wrecker in competition--one of many great photos!)

March 4, 2015
The link above is to the akc website. In the pictures it shows Wrecker and I with his blue ribbons. Thought you might like it.

January 23, 2015
Wrecker is one of the smartest dogs I've ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. Not only is he driven but he is smart enough to know how to use it. He loves doing anything I want to do! His stable temperament allows me to attend any event I want with a certain confidence he will great with any dog or person. Keep doing what you are doing!

September 2, 2014
Wrecker has earned his first official AKC title in dock diving. DS is now added to the end of his name! It stands for Dock Diving Senior!

August 11, 2014
I hope this makes you smile a bit! (See photo of ribbons for Wrecker's agility tests.)

He is so much fun. He just gets it. He is so smart. He has wonderful drive to please and the intelligence to know what to do with it. I just love the connection he and I have.

On June 8, 2014 Wrecker competed in the DockDogs' National Big Air Title and received a Senior title award! (See attached photos.)

April 27, 2014
What an amazing weekend with Wrecker at the Dock Dogs event! Several First place jumps in the waves and a third place in Speed Retrieve. We made the finals for the first time and had a great time! Loved spending the weekend playing with my awesome chocolate lab!


Jeff & Chris' Yukon x Taku Yellow Male Lab, "Boomer"

Hello Pete and Julie -
Happy new year!
We just wanted to drop a note of update on our beloved MMK Solo Sonic Boom... Boomer to his friends.
From Taku x Yukon litter of 2 July 2017.
Attached please find a recent pic. Boomer is a handsome, loving, brilliant 7 month old. He's retrieving, responding to verbal commands, learning hand signals, and beginning to search. Boom is brave and learns quickly, and "smiles" with pride when he learns a new command. He just took his first swim last week, with our recent warm spurt. We could not be more pleased with such a fabulous dog.
Many thanks -
chris c & jeff p
Napa CA


Hello Pete -
We just wanted to drop you a note about our sweet MMK pup - the yellow sole survivor from the Taku x Yukon litter born 2 July 2017.
We've registered him as MMK Solo Sonic Boom... Boomer to his friends. He started out as a 7 pound wonder on the day we brought him home, and today Boomer is pushing a healthy 40 pounds. Boomer has a sweet disposition, and is fun loving and super smart. He learns quickly, and is wowing the neighborhood on his frequent walks, in perfect position on a flat collar (still with a few distractions here and there, but not too bad!) A trainer we used with our previous lab is working with Boomer (and us!) several times per week. She has asked if she can take him to do demos to prospective clients - he is that quick in his learning. Boomer loves his crate, is a great car rider, and is a brilliant retriever of all things big and small.
We really are thrilled with Boom, and wanted you to know.
many thanks -
jeff p. & chris c. & boomer


Rachel J's "Tucker," Yukon's Puppy

February 2, 2018

Just wanted to include some pics of Tucker by himself ?? getting to be a big boy!!

January 29, 2018

Thank you again for our sweet boy!! Tucker is doing great and is 4.5 months now and 33 lbs. He looks just like his dad Yukon! He is the sweetest boy we could’ve asked for and he’s catching on to hunting so well ?? thank you again!!

We absolutely love him and are so happy with the customer service you all gave us and the gorgeous pups you provided!

Rachel J.


Larry Headings' "Copper" from Trojan x Katie

January 26, 2018

11 weeks. Thank you Pete for the opportunity to breed Trojan to my female Black Labrador Katie. Their pups were all Beautiful. I kept this Red female. Super smart, very birdie, retrieves, very athletic and wants to please. I am very happy with the experience. Thank you


Larry H's "Rocky" from Trojan x Katie

January 26, 2018

11 weeks. Male. Another pup. My son bought. He will be all over youtube b4 long. My son is 34. He is a Veteran. Helicopter pilot crop dusting. He loves Rocky. He is becoming quite a youtube sensation. Hunting, fishing etc.

Stewart R's Winnie and Gomer

January 23, 2018

Hi Pete,
Gomer (6 1/2) and Winnie (3 1/2 months) get along great. Winnie is the alpha: super smart, super birdy. Fantastic personality!
My daughter, Hannah is so happy with her new dog.
Winnie already flushed her first pheasant.

Best wishes

Stewart Reubens


Alisa's Remy from Yukon x Valdez

He is such a precious angel puppy. Fabulous disposition. If I didn’t have my coonhound, I’d be back in a minute asking for another labby.

Hi Julie and Pete –

New Year’s day was Remy’s birthday. Remy is from your Yukon and Valdez litter (I think). I just wanted to let you know that he is the best, most sweetest, loving dog. If you can’t tell, I’m totally enamored with him. I emailed you shortly after we adopted Remy and told you how great he was. He still is and I’m looking forward to many more years of happiness with him. We play fetch – I throw a tennis ball in the pool and he retrieves it. He was absolutely born to swim and swims like there is no tomorrow. I have to have 2 tennis balls in play just to keep him going. My husband does sporting clays and we’ve taken Remy out with us twice so far. He goes off leash and just loves sniffing everything. Finally, he’s extremely social and loves people and other dogs. Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to purchase one of your pups.

Happy New Year.

Alisa Wilson

Hi Pete, Colin, and Julie –

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with Remy. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but he really is a fabulous puppy – great personality, loves everyone and thinks humans were put on this earth to pet him, smart, already walking on leash with no problem. I truly appreciate the opportunity to have one of your puppies.

I have 2 dogs now, so it might be a couple/few years before I get a third dog. But when I do, I will definitely contact you. I want a yellow lab next time.

Again, many many thanks.


Ryan's "Brutus" from Joey x Betty Litter

December 24, 2018
Pete & Julie,
Here is a holiday card from Brutus. He is just the best dog ever! So glad I cam to Marble Mountain! Thanks again!
Ryan and Brutus

January 4, 2018

Hi Pete & Julie, Hope your new year is off to a good start! Thanks again for such a great pup! As promised here are some pictures and videos of Brutus I would be proud to have you include on my owners comment! Let me know what your think!

Please add these video links to my Owners comments:

Brutus on Day #19: https://youtu.be/_nWmYp_Pda0
His first time duck hunting: https://youtu.be/cD5TACPyojA
Great day of duck hunting: https://youtu.be/IHhQJjbhX64

December 22, 2017

Hi Pete & Julie,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Morrill family!

Enclosed is a greeting card from "Brutus" of Joey x Betty's litter born October 6th 2016. He was the grey collar pup. I picked him up from you just over 1 year ago. Just wanted to say thank you so much for such a great pup. He is everything I could have asked for. He is very smart, super loyal, sweet, playful, and very handsome. He's now ~55 lbs. and the perfect size, not too big as I wanted a dog a little on the smaller side.

The first several months I would get stopped everywhere I took him and complimented on how cute of a puppy he is. He picked up training very quickly, and knew "Sit" by the time I got him home just by working on it at some rest stops during the 8 hour drive home. By Day # 19 of having him, he knew all the tricks I wanted to teach him up to that point: "Kennel, Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Come, Shake, Roll Over, Bang (play dead)!"Everyone was amazed at how intelligent this little guy is, myself included.

The tips Pete gave me of clapping over his head since day 1 were very helpful to make him comfortable with loud noises and ensure he's not gun shy. I made a clapper out of a couple of 2x4's and a hinge and he gets excited for dinner when the loud bang thingy comes out. He didn't even flinch the first time I took him to the gun range.

He went duck hunting for the first time opening day this year in the Sacramento area, and Brutus did awesome. He got a handful of retrieves in his first day, and has become more and more comfortable and very excited to go duck hunting as the season goes on.

He can play fetch with his ball or frisbee for hours! He loves to make friends whether it's friendly people wanting to pet him or going to the dog park and making friends with all the other dogs.

What a great family dog and he's shaping up to be quite a duck hunting dog too!

I'm so glad I went to Marble Mountain Kennels, and I have highly recommended you guys to people inquiring.

I'll drop you a line through email and send the links to some videos of Brutus over the holidays, which you can add to the "owners comments" section of your website.

Happy Holidays,
Ryan Burke & MMK's "Brutus" Black Powder Magnum Burke

Please add these video links to my Owners comments:

Brutus on Day #19: https://youtu.be/_nWmYp_Pda0
His first time duck hunting: https://youtu.be/cD5TACPyojA
Great day of duck hunting: https://youtu.be/IHhQJjbhX64


Tom & Linda's "Sadie"

January 9, 2018

Hi Pete,

I wanted to give you an update on Sadie (Molly x Coho). I took her out to an afternoon hunt at Gray Lodge on her first duck hunt a few Wednesdays ago just to give her some field experience and see how she reacts to gun shots and other dogs. She did absolutely fantastic. For being 7 months old, she absolutely amazed me. This was her first time in deep water and having to swim. She didn’t freak out, just jumped right in. I did manage to shoot 3 ducks and she retrieved all 3. The third duck was in waist deep water and she made the 30 yard swim out and back. I did have to help guide her, but once she saw the ducks she was on them. I’m planning on another afternoon hunt for her on the 17th. I bought her a pond stand yesterday so she will be out of the water but Bass Pro was out of her size for a neoprene vest. She currently weighs 47 pounds, so we think she is nearing her adult weight.


Anyway, we hope to see you on the 19th if you are in town.


November 3, 2017
Hi Pete,

Attached are 3 photos of Sadie from today. Sadie is from Molly & Coho.

These are the best 3 I could get. She is doing great for only 5 ½ months old. As we get better ones I will send them along.

Regarding next year’s bear hunt, We are good for opening day again. I will make sure we get B Zone deer tags in the draw next year so we have at least one.



October 31, 2017
Hi Pete,

Attached are 3 photos of Sadie from today. Sadie is from Molly & Coho.

These are the best 3 I could get. She is doing great for only 5 ½ months old. As we get better ones I will send them along.

On Oct 28, 2017, at 12:30 PM

Hi Pete,

Hope you have been having a good duck opener. I went up to Oregon for geese early October but it wasn’t that good. I did manage two honkers on Sunday and we shot a few ducks both days. No one got drawn for the opener down here, so the decoys are still dry.

I hope you got the photos from the bear hunt. I had a little trouble getting the files to go through, but then the return notices ended so I hope they were successful. If you haven’t seen them, let me know and I’ll give it a different approach and get them to you.

I did want to also give you an update on Sadie. She has grown to 32 pounds and a bundle of energy. She has been a terror on the retrieving. She absolutely loves it. She is so smart and listens well most of the time J. I have switched to dead ducks for retrieving and she has shown a pretty soft mouth. Yesterday we started on blind retrieves and retrieving out of the water. She excelled in both. She doesn’t want to give up when she knows a bird is down. The water retrieves were in shallow water, as I haven’t found a proper place to get her out swimming yet. I have a few spots to check out this week and see if they work. I also need to find a place to start her on gun shooting that won’t bring the cops out. Being in the city does have its draw backs. I have been yelling “Bang” when I throw the duck, so that’s a start.

My Daughter has asked me to put in an advance notice for her. She would love to come up for her own bear float hunt next year if that is a possibility. Please let me know and we can secure our date.

Thanks again for everything and breeding such a great hunting dog. We absolutely love our little Sadie.

Tom & Linda


Tanner M's Winter'17 Puppy, "Waylon"

Just giving you an update on the pup. He made it safe to his new home and i think he likes getting all the love. Thank you again for helping us find a new member to the Mattingly family! Happy New years!


Rudy, Priscilla & Jasen's "Coal"

December 23, 2017

Hi Julie,
We wanted to share this special moment with you guys. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done!
Merry Christmas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMCUgm_Cc5Q

Rudy and Priscilla G.


Casey T's Yellow Male Lab, "Brody" from "Fisher x Aly"


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

He is so smart, so sweet and I truly believe he is going to be easy to train. He has earned his name. When we got home, we let him do some sniffing in the yard. We got him up onto the porch and he caught the scent of something...and he spun in circles. We shall call him Brody!!!

As we predicted the older and cranky cat swung the first blow and the no-longer feral kitty is warming up to him nicely.

Life is good here at Camp Snoopy!
Thank you again and God bless
~Casey T.
Be a blessing, Children waiting for your help http://cause.worldvision.org/casey

Nina Brennan's "Kai Fox" out of Kauai x Fisher


Kai Fox Brennan has adjusted very well in her new home. She is from Kauai and Fisher’s litter born October 12th. She is learning to “come” and she already knows the command to “sit”. It’s been a while since we’ve had a puppy so besides training Kai we are also having to train ourselves. We love our new pup and thank you, she is enriching our lives. Hope you both have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!


The Brennan's

Brent's Chocolate Lab, "Jack," from our Joey x Osprey Litter (Super Citizen Program)

December 2017

Dear Pete & Julie,

Thank you very much for the time that you spent raising/training Jack. Our whole family can tell that he came from a great home. Jack is already showing what a great dog he is. He is very intelligent and good-tempered. My wife and kids love him (as I do)!

Brent M.

Misa's "Lucy" from Brooks' 2017 Litter

November 19, 2017

Pete and Julie,

Lucy is amazing!!!! She loves to nap in the sun and to snuggle. She can be very calm but occasionally jumps around like a crazy kangaroo. She loves to fetch tennis balls and to torment her stuffed moose. We're working on things like potty training, crate training and continuing other training. She now sits and waits at the front door before coming in--super fast learner.

She is absolutely a thief and has stolen my heart. I love her so much. She was worth the wait. Thanks for taking such good care of her.

Misa and Don


Hannah's Yukon x Valdez Chocolate Lab, "Gomer"

We bought Gomer from you 6 years ago and absolutely love love love him! He's such a great dog, but now we want another one. We are interested a female puppy. We were interested in the litter from Yukon and Valdez. We like the chocolate puppies, but also would be interested in a black lab. Please send any current videos if you have any. Hope we can stay in touch!!!

Here's some pictures of Gomer

Hannah R.


"Gem," Carlin W's Chocolate Female Lab

She had a fantastic day.

We very tired. Had lots of good running with the kids in yard.

Usual little snafus - she started wiggling funny, I knew she had to go out but couldn’t get there in time, she’s skinny enough she can wiggle through front gate (luckily was on leash). 5 more pounds she won’t be able to but extra vigilance next 2 months.

My wife who is not a crazy dog lover loves her. Oldest son and her pal-ed around all day. She did well with the babies. Was very excited with 3 kids. She loves the neighbors horses.

She’s very tired :)

We love our little pal. :)


Gerry's "Remington" out of Griz & Nena

Pete...attached is a picture of Remington last weekend retreiving a grouse...what a magnificent dog...he doesn't have the field trial certificates but his genes need to be passed on. Regards, Gerry

Good Morning Pete....,Just a quick note with a pic of Remington. We picked him up in June '13 (offspring of Griz and Neena). He was retrieving grouse at 5 months, ducks at 6 months and pointing chukar and pheasants at 8 months. Works close, solid on point, soft mouth, and retrieves to your feet...a wonderful hunting dog and great companion. Although I had last pick of the litter, I couldn't have picked a better dog. Thanks so much. Regards, Gerry S.

Stephen F's "Casper"

September 25, 2017
Hi Pete.
Thank you for my dog Casper.
He is perfect.
I was so lucky to find you guys.
He is so happy, eager and smart.
We work about 3 times a day and Casper is learning a lot.
Stephen F.

Jennifer N's Chocolate Lab

Hi. We got our female from you in December, she turns 1 in October. We couldn't be more pleased with her. She is loving and gentle and extremely well behaved.

Mark & Michelle F's Goliath x Rio "Willow"


We wanted to share an update with you regarding our Willow. She is now 10 months old and came from the Rio and Goliath liter. She went on her first hunting trip last weekend and did amazing. She was able to fetch 11 birds and found 2 more that ended up in blind spots that were missed by another older dog. Here is a picture of her during the trip. And another of her in our back yard. She is a collector and likes to gather things in one spot. This is her collection. She definitely has a unique personality and is very smart.

We wanted to thank you. We are very happy with her and think she is happy with us.

Mark and Michelle F.

Adam B's "Guyton"

Thanks for the awesome Dog. Changed my life!
He has the spirit of a champion !

Thank you gentlemen and your team at marble mountain Kennels. Guyton is amazing ! Strong, fast, instinctive, obedient and eager to learn.


Stephen F's "Casper"

Hi Julie and Pete.
Thank you for a really great dog.
Casper is really smart.
August 30, 2017 Casper will be 4 months old.
Stephen F.

Rick and Martha's Joey x Yale Puppy

Hi Pete,
I wanted to send and e-mail to thank you for our beautiful boy. He is absolutely amazing and are so happy to have him as a member of our family. I'm attaching a pic from our photo shoot so that you can see how happy he looks.
thanks again
The S. Family.

Good morning,

Just wanted to let you know that the pup is doing great. He is extremely smart. He was potty trained on day one and learned his name. By day two, he learned the sit command and about his kennel. Also, within two, 3 min training sessions and with the help of my German Shorthair pointer, he is pointing. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Keep up the good work and thank you for the help.


Anthony & Marie's Zod out of Joey x Missy

Nearly two years ago, we got our black male Zod from a Joey x Missy litter. He is wonderful with a great personality. He's grown into a beautiful and athletic dog. (See attached.) We could not be happier and love him very much. We are hoping to add another puppy to our family, a yellow male.


Leon's Banks x Leah Puppy, "Carlos"

Leon comments about his 2 year old Banks x Leah puppy


Pete here’s a note.

I can’t speak highly enough about the folks at Marble Mountain Kennels. My experience getting my pup was seamless. My black lab Carlos exceeded my expectations. I’m not a hunter so I can’t speak to that. But I can say Carlos has a tremendous disposition. He is loyal and affectionate and terrific around kids. He is exceptionally smart and a quick learner. I’ve had dogs my entire life. He is special. Carlos is an amazing member of my family.


ALso I’ve attached a link to a video of Carlos with his trainer last year. I’m serious when I say this was the first day.



The Rivera's Coho x Molly Chocolate Male "Blaze"

We love Blaze! He is going in today to get his shot, we are so happy with him. Growing so fast.. Thanks. (10 weeks old)

Jeff D's Puppy "Kodiak" out of Yukon x Taku

June 5, 2017
Hello Pete,

Just thought I would give you a pic and an update on Kodiak (green collar Taku/Yukon born 10-26-2016)

Kodiak has been an absolute joy and perfect addition to our family. Here is a current pic.

He is a mountain of muscle, speed,and agility. He is so sweet but a good guard dog. He can hear anything and everything around our property, and he lets us know.

He is an extremely strong swimmer and when you add a ball in the pool, Lake, River, that makes it 10 times more fun for him. He loves to get the ball, and he wears me out, and then he wears my adult children out and then he wears anyone else out, before he has to quit. We have to hide the balls to get him to slow down.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him. Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs.

Jeff D.

December 27, 2016

Just wanted to give you an update on "Green Collar". Kodiak (formerly known as Green Collar) has settled in really nice here at his new home. He has been showered by a lot of love and attention.

He has shown that he is very smart. He knows how to sit on command and stays seated until released with an "okay" command. He likes to practice this at feeding times and has it mastered after only a few tries. He is also a wonderful retriever of anything that is launched in the air, he loves to play this game with every toy he has, but his favorite is a ball he found under our bed. He will retrieve it and bring it back on command, and when given the "Drop" command he drops it instantly.We are presently surprised that he has shown signs of "Pointing" as well. He does this mostly with stuffed animal toys. We are amazed on how well he is doing all of this already at less than 9 weeks old.

Kodiak is also a little lover, and very calm when it is time to calm down. This is a trait that for us as a family really enjoy. He is as energetic as any pup, but when it is time to shut it down, he does that very well.

We wanted to say thank you for your patience with all of our phone calls, and all the information that you provided while we were waiting for Kodiak. It really helped us when it came down to picking out the right pup for us. Your Pups at Marble Mountain are as advertised!!!!!!

We will send pics as we get them. Again thank you so much, and thank you Kodiak for picking us.


Rod & Barbara's "Ripley" from Coho x Eagle

Hi Pete,
Rod and I want to thank you for the great addition to our family, celebrating Ripley's first birthday! He is a vivacious youngster who loves to fetch and hunt up the birds, and also a loving companion. We wanted to share some pics with you.


Shawn S's Black Goliath x Rio Lab, "Shasta"

“Shasta” of Hat Creek Highlands from Goliath and Rio - Born 21 Oct 16

Pete & Julie,

Shasta is six months and 43 lbs and has a beautiful dark shiny coat. She is an intelligent spunky little girl that doesn’t let her size slow he down one bit in the field. Her drive to retrieve and please is second to none. Her drive coupled with her clam disposition makes her a great family dog and a joy to raise. Shasta has her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and walks on lead with no problems. She went for first swim this weekend and loved every second of it. We can’t express how happy we are with her and how much joy she brings to us everyday,

Shawn & Sue


Update on Shasta,

Shasta is doing great and learning everyday. She is an amazing spunky little girl, only 40 lbs at six month. Her size doesn’t slow her down one bit. Shasta’s drive to retrieve and please is second to none! She went for her first swim this weekend and loved every second of it. Shasta is an awesome family dog that is so mellow its hard to believe she’s only six months.

She's wonderful and we love her, even with her goofy left ear that rarely flops forward,

Thanks for her :)

Shawn & Sue


Dennis & Kathy's "Molly" from Yukon x Kate

On Apr 20, 2017, at 9:45 AM, DENNIS & KATHY S. wrote:

Just wanted to let you know how Molly is doing. She had her first BDay last month & has grown into a beautiful dog. She's right at 65#'s and is very strong. Loves other people & pets... and loves to work on her hunting skills. Her pointing instincts are so much fun to watch, I can't wait to get her in the field this fall! Molly is pretty sure she's the best looking Lab in town! I hope you and your family are all well. Thx again for all you do!

Dennis S.
Hanford Ca

October 17, 2017
Pete. Hope all is well with you & yours. Molly just turned 6 months old. She's growing into quite an athlete. She just couldn't understand why I didn't say "fetch" when she saw all the ducks in the pond in Pismo Beach. Kathy & I couldn't be happier with our pup. She's a quick learner & a ton of fun to be around. Thx again for doing what it takes to breed labs the right way.

Dennis Sargent

June 16, 2016
Hey Pete. Just a note to let you know how Molly is doing. She's everything we hoped for in a pup. Loves to retrieve & shows an amazing point. She's just started working on water retrieves, & is a natural for sure. Her coat is growing in with a beautiful dark chocolate sheen. She's absolutely gorgeous! We tried all the suggestions on your site to help her get her stomach tightened up. The rice & yogurt helped quite a bit. We tried a new food about a week ago (Taste of the Wild Salmon Flavor). She took right to it, and is doing great now in that department. She's already a wonderful pet, and I have no doubt she is going to be joy to hunt with. Thx again for your help in finding us the right dog.

Dennis & Kathy S.


Shawn F's Banks x MC Chocolate Male

It was great to talk to you at the ISE show this year and good to hear your operations are doing so well. As I said, I look forward to adopting a dog in the next couple of years and will stay in touch.

We are really attached to our Nicki (Sire – Banks, Dam – MC, September, 2012) and would love to see her photo on your website. Use this email as my permission to display if you decide. I am going to submit to CWA photo contest too. She is an awesome pheasant and duck retriever. This photo was taken New Years Day, 2018 at my duck club called Rice N Dice near Robbins, CA. She is the best girl. Thanks for creating Marble Mountain Kennels and making people happy.

Thanks again,

Shawn F.

Thanks to Shawn for sending us this photo of his 4 year-old chocolate male out of Banks and MC!


The Sheley's "Buck from Sugar x Bridger

Hi Pete and Julie,

My husband I wanted to say thank you for our new companion. Buck is a black lab from the Sugar/Bridger Litter and he is absolutely gorgeous, sweet and is smart beyond belief! When we got him at almost 8 weeks old he was already birdy and has proved to be more than eager to learn and is retrieving like a champ at the age of 17 weeks. He fits in perfectly with our family of 3 young boys (ages 8, 6 and 1), our Boston Terrier and 2 cats. Thank you for my husbands hunting partner, we are truly grateful. I have attached 2 recent pictures of Buck and 1 from when he was 10 weeks old.

-The Sheley Family


Ellen D's "Knight Chandos" from Goliath/Rio dob 4/5/2016

More photos of Chandos

I would like to add love to the sentence "Chandos brought me once again all the fun, laughter, adventures and most of all LOVE that comes with owning a Labrador"

Thanks again!

Photos of Chandos

Chandos at 10 months is 65 lbs and 22" from ground to shoulder, he is filling out beautifully. I suspect he has a bit more growing to do.

This is an extremely sweet guy who loves his Mom! We are very bonded. Chandos is very intelligent and a terrific traveler. He has all basic commands down pat including an amazing recall (which I believe is one of the most difficult)

After losing my last Lab a little more than an ago, Chandos brought me once again all the fun, laughter and adventures that come with owning a Labrador.

Thank you Pete and team for offering outstanding dogs!

Ellen Davison and Chandos


Here some pics of Knight Chandos

Puppy from Goliath and Rio born 4/5/2016

Pics are at 5, 8, and 10 mos

He is all I hoped for
Smart, sweet, handsome and mine!!!

Thank you !
Ellen Davison


Dave and Collete's "Dutch" from Yukon x Riley

January 2, 2017
Here are a few pics of Dutch at 8 months old.
He completed his training and is doing Great in the field.
Pic of his first retrieved duck in field.
Colette and I could not be any Happier with him.
Just wanted to share and will keep you updated

Just wanted to share a 4 month old photo of
Prince " Dutch" of Marble Mountain from Yukon and Riley's 4/16/16 litter

He is an Outstanding dog!!
He will be sent Oct 16 to Dale Roberts in Wheatland for training.

Dave & Collete


James E's Dog "Stoney" from a Yukon x Taku Litter

January 21, 2018

Hi Pete,

Here is a quick update on our still-pup, Stoney, from the 2016 Yukon x Taku litter. We have had Stoney for a little over a year and continue to be blown away by how good of a dog he is. He has grown to over 80 pounds of good weight, with every good quality one looks for in a lab; equally comfortable working all day, eating up miles on a mountain trail, or patiently playing with our toddler nephews. We couldn't be happier.

I have attached a number of photos from my adventures with Stoney and a recent duck hunt. Feel free to use all/any you want on your website.

Thank you for your obvious commitment to breeding the highest quality labs possible. It definitely shows.


January 10, 2017



We have named the pup Stoney and could not be happier with him. He has a great temperament and is eager to learn. So far we have sit, down, stand, stay, and fetch pegged and he's doing really well learning to walk on a leash. He is definitely an amazing addition to our family. Thank you.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me.


James E.


George P. from Alabama


....I don't just say this all the time, but your

Total Kennel Operation is "Outstandingly

Professional" and I have been dealing with

Kennels for over fifty (50) years.



Teresa D's "Moxie" from Joey x Betty

Note 1
Merry Christmas Pete and Julie and family.
From D---- Family
All is well and Happy??
Sent from my iPhone

Note 2
Moxie Mae Dugan (Betty 's) pup is so beautiful ,super smart and loving!
She and our other dog get along beautifully they play play and nap!
Happy holiday.

Chuck Moore's Amazing "Grizz" from "Banks x Connie"

Grizz finished the 2016-17 duck season at age 3 years 8 months and a new lifetime total at 2,134. He's due and will get some time off as a house dog! Next month we'll fly out west for some R&R and some new adventures!


After doves, pheasants, and 50+ days of waterfowling, watch our boy work with vigor and power the last week of the 2016-17 season! Now you see the strength and stamina required of a working dog and why I prefer the ability of the larger framed American Labrador. Revised lifetime total coming soon after it's over!

Chuck Moore

He has his own followers! (See attached photos.)

You'd be surprised at the early flight of mallards that come down The Wabash and Ohio. We opened up Thanksgiving morning in Ballard County Kentucky at a club founded in the late 1950's. I mean to get in as a member, somebody's gotta die. Grizz's physical prowess and ability as a three year old is dominant. All eyes turn toward his drive and determination as he works. My proudest moment though was his gentlemanly honor on command to a 50lb female as she hand delivered to her owner. If I touch my gear or shotgun he barks to go and, as you see, travels well via land, sea or air!

At home now, blinds and pits ready...we await the water in thick anticipation of the flight to come..you can almost feel it...

South Dakota opener last weekend was a blast. He's as good as any dog they had in residence. I'm awful proud of him. He now understands we don't shoot the hens. He doesn't like it but he understands :-)
Pointing Games: https://youtu.be/PXoSMhQ8Dyg

Duck season opens in Kentucky on thanksgiving & we'll be there!
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In case anybody asks if your pups really do stalk and point by instinct from selective breeding, take a look at these clips. I don't teach this stuff either. We will definitely be in South Dakota again this October!



Chuck Moore

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Grizz came into his own this season topping 1,600 lifetime retrieves on ducks. Add in a sprinkling of geese and a smash bang pheasant hunt in South Dakota and 2015-16 the all the milestone it could be for this beautiful and strong working dog. Only 2 years 9 months old and he knows he's a starter on the varsity squad. Superior performance, physical form, and demeanor. This dog has his own following with people clamoring for more! Well done Pete.

Tomorrow is the last day...But be sure, we'll be back…

Grizz routinely doubles on smaller ducks but today (we had guests for a charity hunt) he showed out some by bringing back a pair of mallards in a single retrieve! He's recovering in his bed now for tomorrow and absolutely loves to go.


At 2yrs8mos old, Grizz passed 1,000 retrieves in the field this morning with plenty of "GO" to spare.

(We received several new photos and video links from Chuck re: Grizz. See attached photos.)
Video Links:



Two weeks from tomorrow & we fly to South Dakota for the pheasant opener and Grizz is wound up tighter than the E string on a guitar. We think we'll hold him out from the flushing dogs at first to see if he'd rather point them. As you can see, he hunts by sight as well as by scent. He's taken to an impressive crouching point- all strictly by instinct.

Check out this video on YouTube:


We begin in earnest to get ready and will see if he likes pointing or flushing more in October. Dove season tune up approaches. Powder and feathers will be welcome scents. He talks to me with his body language, "Look Daddy!"

Watch your boy stalk and point three times (twice with right and once with left front) instinctively. We didn't teach him that. He will be in Presho South Dakota this October for the pheasant season opener.
(Sorry I can't seem to figure out how to upload the video to YouTube for you to watch. Maybe I'll get it later…?)

I admire field trial dogs and certainly the competition yields the titles that we all use in the genetic research to select a pup from different bloodlines for particular characteristics. (Grizz's pedigree is replete with them.) But, much as contest calling is inconsistent with sound field principles during the hunt, so it is with competition hunt tasks for retrievers. As an end consumer of the efforts of the dog breeding world, a/k/a hunter, I split with the field trial judges long ago for faulting my dog for not swimming up a ditch when it was much faster and less tiring to run beside it. The video below is but another obvious example of the right thing to do under live and repetitive field conditions that would generate a deductive fault in competition. The answer is that we train them the same way to a point but then depart that regimen for one directed toward practical application to ensure hunt success and efficiency. Duck hunting is a rough business; on equipment, man and beast! Wasted effort taxes ability.

This clip from last season demonstrates the difference between a field trial and gundog:

Check out this video on YouTube:http://youtu.be/KE3cfiW969U

Thanks! Y'all bred him ha. Anyway, you see how a dog's numbers run up when he spends time in the field here. This season we nudged over 1,300 and last year it was 1,800 so they have plenty of opportunity. You can also tune in to my facebook page for more pictures and posts. He's a little famous around here already- mainly for his looks but soon he will be by performance as well. I've already had one friend ask his background. Many guests don't remember hunting with me but remember hunting with my dog.

OH, also, we have a mutual friend, Jeremy Mason. I hunted the north slope of Alaska with him in 2010. He was working with a friend/guide of mine, Phil Lincoln, now from Anchorage but formerly from your country as well. I'll freely admit that their big game skills are better than mine and they can climb like goats! BUT, I don't know about Jeremy but Phil has duck hunted with me. Ha, neophites. I'm a bird hunter at heart but go for the big game as well. I love the Rockies and Alaska....just getting a bit old to climb much more. Jeremy saw my post crediting MMK with Grizz's genetics and told me he knew you both well and loved you!

Keep in touch. Next year Grizz will be a man- his chest will barrel out to match his hocks and he will be a mean machine! Oh and because my dogs have a BIG job here I've never taken them to South Dakota. But Grizz's nose is so phenomenal it would be a crime not to take him where the birds are on the ground. So, it looks like next Oct. he will go with us! If so, of course, pictures will follow.

You've got to see how much this pup loves to work! http://youtu.be/KE3cfiW969U

At 21 months old he's topped 600 retrieves in the field from blind, boat and pit. A tenacious retriever with über scenting ability. Great physical form and performance.

Another video link: "Grizz Goes Long" http://youtu.be/ZLd0-NJaLvs

Here's another video link sent to us around 1/20/15: http://youtu.be/WkPt9jpAI7w

Update on Grizz January 16, 2015
Watch him work a cold blind retrieve in the field. This bird was already on the water when he got to the blind.
Video Link: http://youtu.be/0vjjppUodqc (I love how he's wagging his tail even while he's swimming in ice-covered water! What a happy dog--doing what he loves!)

Update on Grizz August 29, 2014
If you want to see where you're boy is at in his progress, this was footage from today showing handling & casting skills. He's doing great & is at home this weekend for R&R. Four more weeks of water handling & that should finish him as gundog. He has a few more blind/pit skills to cap him off. It's a good thing as we will need him on the team this season. Thanks guys he's working out to be all I'd expected and hoped for.
YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKDAIYex5Cs&feature=youtu.be

Update on Grizz June 2014
Latest from the trainers after 77 days: He's high charged & high bred. On a roll busting marks & they really like him a lot. It was obvious he's birdy & knew about hunting (he picked up 220 last dec-jan.) I miss him & it's hard on me but he's got to be all he can be. Expectations are excellent. He may get a weekend furlough in the pool soon- just before handling drills start.

Update from Chuck re: Grizz in January 2014
Grizz at first light this morning. The only command was his name to send him. Other ducks were close so quiet was in order. That's raw birdiness bred into him for I assure you that the water is cold!

Check out these videos on YouTube:

(Chuck also sent us the photo of Grizz swimming with a duck in his mouth. See below. BTW, Grizz is now 8.5 months old.)

Update from Chuck on Grizz in early January 2014
This was this morning. See what he will do. Man this is a feat for a pup at 8 months 6 days. It was 15 degrees at start & we busted ice on the way in. He picked up 16 of 28 this morning. He's learning his job & loving it. We will whip them good for another 23 days. Check out this video on YouTube (Grizz swimming out to fetch duck on lake): http://youtu.be/HwzfHt08oPQ


Dogs are individuals just like people and despite our best efforts at genetic research and selection you never really know if a working dog will "make" or not until he's under the gun...literally. Grizz has been in the machines, pits and blinds with birds on the wing and in hand. He barks to go when he sees me put on bibs and hip boots. That's the level of desire that I seek and am fortunate that this pup has. Though far from a finished dog now, there is absolutely no doubt that a fine gundog and indispensable member of the team he will make. I'm altogether pleased with him and am very particular. He must and does display:

1. Good manners at home and in close quarters of the blinds.
2. Strong desire to hunt, train and retrieve on land and water.
3. Size, strength and stamina for multiple retrieves on a repeat schedule.
4. Birdiness and scenting ability (extreme nose on this dog.)
5. Strong desire to please.
6. Intelligence
7. Great looks!

Accept my gratitude for your work as a quality breeder. I promised you that he would live like a king, know the game and his life's purpose would be fulfilled. That's how a pup finds his way from Northern California to our family in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. We will go again tomorrow...

Chuck M.

P.S. Oh yeah Pete, you asked if he points. Um, many times every day! If he smells, sees, or hears what he wants OR wants me to see, he points. At home if he wants out he goes to the door and stares at it....intently.

Video of Grizz from Chuck December 2013 on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X9aZlhl38Y#t=1

Latest Update from 10/13/13


First let me say I'm very pleased with him. I'm not hammering him with obedience yet because I want what's in the photo first. The size and temperament I knew from the Ebonstar line is prominent much to my delight for, as you can see, he takes mostly after his Mom. He will be an 85lb workhorse. So far he LOVES the field & blinds & came to heel faster than any I've owned. Very birdy. I had to use a check cord with live doves but only because he didn't want to give them up. My expectations for him are very high and he so far is what I hoped he would be. Strong retrieving instinct and well mannered.

I will start him in KY as the water is shallow and land is behind the pits- perfect for a young dog. I won't put him in the rough stuff yet and he will go to a trainer in March but I'd like him to see shooting while its here in TN in Dec-Jan.

As I said, he's worth spending time & money on and I'd recommend your work to all. You can follow his progress on my twitter account at ChuckMooreTN. Right now he's ALL pup but the testosterone is coming.

Hope you all are doing well & God bless!


Older Update: Just FYI, he's 46lbs, thriving & doing well. Fully bonded in our pack. He was introduced to one of his work stations & responded with enthusiasm. He picked up 4 doves & is very birdy. What a nose. Unless something happens here's your future top water-fowler! Perfect temperament & loves to live in the house. A keeper and worth investing time and money in training.

Older Update: Thriving at 20 lbs
Eukanuba Puppy Chow
Strong scenting instinct (nose on the ground 60% of the time)
Exhibits stalking and pointing at smells, sounds & by sight


Video of Chris F's Chocolate Dog Abby

Chris Franklin picks up his dog Abby in Woodland after she has been with us for training. (You will see in the video that this coincided with one of our MMK "Puppy Pick-Up Adoption Days," so you can see a little of what that's like.)

Karen & Xavier C's "Rocco"

I have been paying attention to the fire on Marble Mountain, and hoping that you are all safe and well. I have to confess to being worried for you.
Rocco is growing up beautifully. Independent as you predicted, but sweet, smart and very loving.

Hel8o everyone!
Don't be misled by the subject line, so far he's only been able to eat the internet cable.
Day two and he's learned that we do our business outside and the command for that is "hurry up." He's not perfect but he's getting it.
Whenever he even thinks he might be in trouble he sits down and looks at you with an angel's face. "Don't be mad, I love you."
He hates being crated - I had to tell the neighbors not to worry, he's just a baby and doesn't need rescuing despite his loud cries for help. He is very loud when he's unhappy.
He's very good about not soiling his kennel at night. He sleeps with Juliette in a wire kennel that we made small and they are both very content with the setup.
He's starting to learn to heel. And then he forgets and throws his whole body under your feet. He's been stepped on only twice, which is a miracle.
He's figured out that all good things come from the kitchen.
He's made up a game, that he plays by himself, called "throw the toy, race after it, run back to the mat at full speed and jump headfirst into the pillow. He thinks it's hilarious. I'll send you a video.
He's learned how to go upstairs. Downstairs is more difficult, but he can do it.
Once he puts his mind to something there is no stopping him - he's always watching and learning. You weren't kidding John, when you said he was ridiculously smart.
He's afraid of ducks. Ha! Once he gains a few pounds I'm pretty sure that will change.
He loves strangers more than they love him. This probably won't change as we've learned with our previous black lab boy that people are naturally afraid of big black dogs. Lab people, on the other hand, think he's beautiful. Which, of course, he is.

In just two days he's brought so much happiness into our house, thanks to all of you, especially to John, who civilized our little monster (more or less). ;-)

More news, if you want it, as it happens.

Len and Mary E's Cannella

Pete and Julie-

Hope all is well up north. We got our female almost 2 years ago from you. She is a Chocolate and her name is Cannella (cinnamon in Italian). She is a wonderful dog and we are happy and lucky to have her....

Thank you
Len, Mary and David E. from Palo Alto

M. & Z. Tucker's "Kona" from Fisher x Taku

October 17, 2016
Hi Pete,

Happy to share more about Kona.

Temperment: Very affectionate and friendly. Loves attention. She is great around other dogs, but is just as happy (if not happier) playing fetch with her people. She is eager to please and well-behaved (she did your super citizen program and has kept up with her training). Her energy level is perfect - active outdoors, calm indoors. She will go hiking with us in the morning then cuddle on the couch all afternoon. She loves to run, retrieve and is pretty fast. She also loves to swim and is fearless in the ocean. We aren't hunters, but I noticed her pointing from a young age.

Size: 65 lbs. She was one of the biggest in her litter (I think)

Appearance: Athletic, light brown coat, very good-looking, expressive face.

All in all, she is everything we hoped for and more. Thank you!

Best wishes,

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 7:10 AM, M. Tucker wrote:

Hi Pete,

I hope you and your family are well. Zach and I want to give you a quick update on our pup, Kona (Fisher x Taku), who we got from you in 2015. She is an absolute sweetheart- loving and well-behaved and a great hiking companion. She is everything we hoped for and more. We hope to get another pup (a male, probably) when Kona is 2-3 years old and will certainly be in touch when the time comes. Thank you for all of your help.

Best wishes,

Mary and Zach

A. Smith's "Izzy" out of Joey x Maybell

This is Isabel (IZZY) Smith with her first rooster pheasants! Not quite pointing yet but we are working on it!! Loves the water and retrieves well!! What a great dog!!

IZZY found and retrieved her first pheasants at age 8 months. Her parents are Joey and Maybell. She weighs in at 60 pounds! She hunts at a moderate pace, quarters back and forth on her own and knows how to play the wind. She is a fast learner and loves water! She is very intense during her retrieves and doesn't give up on downed birds, even from canals and ponds! Great with the grandkids and family. I would take another one like her anytime!!!

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On Oct 30, 2016, at 7:39 AM


Beth's "Tonka 3" out of Rooster x Willow

One year ago today I picked up the best puppy ever from Marble Mountain Kennels.
Tonka (Rooster x Willow) is the most amazing friend, partner, fishing buddy, and retriever ever.
It was a fabulous day when he came into my life and well worth the 1200 mile drive! Lots of fun years ahead!
With love and thanks, Beth Olson

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 11:52 AM, Beth Olson wrote:

Good morning Pete,

Tonka 3 is now 5 months old and an amazing puppy. We have been having weekly adventures since he completed his vaccinations and he has been to the Sierras to play in the snow, to Utah to hike Zion Nat’l Park, and weekly beach trips here in Santa Barbara. His sweet disposition and gentle nature is a delight and commented upon by all who he meets. He is smart as a whip and learning so quickly. His innate retrieve desire is fierce and when it comes to fetching, nothing stands between him and his target. He is extremely competitive when retrieving among other dogs, yet not aggressive at all. His first day at the beach he plowed right in and has been a champion swimmer ever since. The trainer I’m working with is so impressed he has asked me for your contact info as he has several clients looking for lab puppies this year and he thinks Tonka is “an amazing puppy” And I agree!!!! Thank you to you and Julie and the Waldron Family as well for giving me such a fabulous dog! Xox Beth Olson

First day at the beach


I just wanted to let you and Julie know that Tonka 3 is settling in nicely and is such a super dog. So smart and so kind hearted. Already sits, comes when called, and “kennels up” I have already referred your kennel to another friend looking for a pup in 2016. Thank you for providing me with a new Best Friend! I truly love him and I know he’s going to be an amazing dog. These probably aren’t “rough & tough hunting dog” pictures but we will have some great times in the Sierras once he’s fully vaccinated and ready to go.

Beth Olson


Michael S's "Gus" from Banks x Ruby

Duck season is underway and Gus seems to enjoy this duck game just like the rest of the birds. Gus's tally right now is 33 ducks, 2 specks, only one escapee

Gus is now 12 months old and 74 pounds. It's official, he hunts and likes to fish.

I was curious about the rest of his litter. Hope they're all doing exceptionally well. Duck season is just Around the corner. He's already doing doubles, triples and blinds. Coming along great. He should be pretty impressive as a two year old.


The Aiello's "Sophie" from Banks x Winter

October 15, 2016

Hi Pete- I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pics of Sophie (Shasta & Banks) who is 1yr today. She is 58lbs and full of energy. She runs, bikes, hikes with a dog group and enjoys walks daily. She has a very high drive and loves stealing all of Lia's stuffies and other toys. She enjoys her nightly training sessions and loves being with her family. She has taken several road trips and travels well. She is beautiful and We all love her to pieces.

-The Aiello Family


C. Cullins' "Otis"



Just wanted to give you a quick update on Otis. He’s been an awesome dog so far. At 6 months he still has his puppy energy, but is normally very calm and loving. We’ve taken him camping in our 5th wheel and he rides in his crate with no problems. Otis is a big love bug and loves to be petted (probably all day if we would do it for him). We took him to a lake for the first time at the beginning of October and he loved it. I think he would have retrieved from the water all day if we would have let him. Of course, he loves to retrieve on land too and we spend a lot of time throwing a tennis ball for him (picture attached of him with said tennis ball). He’s everything we wanted in a family dog and we couldn’t be more pleased with our pick!

C. Cullins

Jaron's "Stella" out of Yukon x Kate

Stella has proven to be a great dog and everything I was expecting when I decided to get a puppy from Marble Mountain. Her drive is incredible and her ability to pick up on training shows her intelligence. Couldn't be happier and would recommend Marble Mountain to all my friends!

Stella" from Kate 15' litter is the absolute best dog I could ask for. I am fired up to see her in action for the first time this duck season! Thanks again for helping us bring another member to our family!

Absolutely you may use the picture. Stella was 4 months old (16.5 weeks) in the picture.
Stella was whelped by Kate in her 15' litter with Yukon. Stella has so far proven to have a great nose and I can't hide anything from her. She is a great family dog and is extremely patient and gentle with our 4 year old son. I am an avid waterfowl hunter and I am very impressed with how quickly she is picking up training. Her intelligence level makes training exciting and fun. Stella also shows a lot of potential for upland game hunting and has a strong natural point. She loves to play outside and points at the birds and insects. Stella is a great addition to the family and looking forward to seeing her hunt in 2016. Thank you Pete for the great puppy and I will recommend your kennel to anyone who is looking for a lab!

Jaron McAlister

Bill's Yukon x Bailey female, Scout

June 2016

I have been meaning to report. Scout is spectacular. First year hunting, as a pup, was as though she had read the book. She is healthy, beautiful, smart, and what a character! Hope all is well in your world.

Shawn's Yellow Lab Female, "Bond"

June 26, 2016

Good morning Pete,

I wanted to write you many times and thank you again for a fine dog.
We received Bond from you after the passing of Bristol Wray 5 years ago. She has proven to be a fantastic photo copy of her mom. We have enjoyed her her in Juneau Alaska and everyone who has spent time with her truly loves and respects her behavior.
We were reluctant to breed her but we gave it a try with a beautiful male last year with no success.
This year we found and wonderful yellow registered male named Oly and right now we have eight beautiful pups at 6 weeks.
We did our shots and dewclaws ourselves with the experience you shared with me. Again, thank you.
They are doing so well and we have found wonderful handlers to share them with.
We didn't do it for money, only to share are great fortune with others.
We were very upset at the loss of Bristol but throughout the years we realized what was sacrificed was worth the reward 9 fold.
Have a great day and know we are great full for meeting you and learning so much.

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Justin's Lab, "Colby" out of Yukon x Kate

June 25, 2016

Hi, guys! Sorry it's taken so long to get this update over to you. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how busy we've been with the new pup! Colby has been tremendous and we're so excited to have him in the family. He has no shortage of love and attention here. He's been really exceptional with his training. We're already having plenty of accident-free days in the house (without puppy pads!) and the puppy biting is long gone. He'll even sit and stay across the room after his food has been placed on the floor until we release him from the stay. We're so happy with his progress after just 6 weeks at home.

You asked for an update photo but we've been taking so many we thought we'd share a few.

Thanks again for everything. We're so thrilled to have Colby with us. Let us know if you want any future updates on his progress, we'd be happy to share!



Diane T's "Callie" from Banks x Ruby

Meet Calliope of Marble Mountain, call name “Callie”. She is the red collar puppy from Ruby and Banks litter. She is such a little sweet heart and has been such a joy this past week. She is eating and sleeping well, took to her crate right away and she loves our cat Hercules. She has short bursts of playfulness then falls back asleep, as puppies do. The kids can’t wait until she has more energy (and all her shots) so they can take her on walks in the hills behind our house. I told them to be careful what they wished for as soon she will have more energy than they will know what to do with! My daughter took her in the pool already and she is a natural swimmer but too small for the steps so we are keeping her away from it right now.

Thank you again, Diane


Sarah & Ray's dog from Kate x Eagle

Hi Pete,
I've kept meaning to send you an update on our Kate x Eagle pup who was born on March 20, 2016. Initially, a vet had us concerned about a heart condition, but we got a second opinion and an ultrasound confirming that he would be ok-especially if nothing presented itself a few months down the road. Well he's 5 months old now and just completed his first obedience class with flying colors and has joined us on several adventures! He is a smart, well behaved and extremely beautiful lab and we are grateful to have him! Sorry for the health scare earlier this year but thank you for offering your support if he was indeed sick.

I've attached a picture from his trip up to Eugene Oregon with our family early in July.

Sarah and Ray

B. G.'s MMK Dogs



...The timing is really good right now so am pretty anxious if there an opportunity to get another Marble Mountain dog…..my 15 yr old MM alum will be in for a SHOCK…..

Frankly, I don’t see any of those breedings that I don’t like….the two dogs (mine and my buddy’s) that have come from you guys are both A+…

Thank you,
B. G.

Jeff's Joey x Missy Lab

May 13, 2016

Are first picks supposed to do things like this? That water was crystal clear about 3 minutes before I took this pic. Pete, this is River. First pick from Joey Missy. Great dog!

Jeff Lauppe

A Boy and his Lab

One of our customers texted us this photo of their son with one of our dogs. We're not exactly sure who it's from, but they said they love their Lab and sent us a thank you text. If I ever get more details, I'll be sure to add it to the comment! Thanks for the text, guys! What a darling photo!

Elise and her MMKennels Lab


We received the most wonderful dog from you guys! We now live in Florida and are in the market for another wonderful little lady to join our growing little lab crew.

Thanks Elise

Robert & Jodie's Banks x Connie Chocolate Lab, "Indy"

Hi Pete-

I just thought I would share with you a picture of the result of Indy's 1st duck hunt. He did fabulously! His ability to sniff out a duck from the tules was impressive. The only thing that threw him off was when it began to hail and smack him in the face while searching for a downed teal. It threw me off as well!

Robert & Jodie Denithorne
& Indy

Robert O's Chocolate Lab

January 2016
Marble Mountain with his Sunday Morning Goose

Weston & Mallori's Chocolate "Porter" from Yukon & Ruby

March 2016
Yay for weekends! — with Mallori Erin Knoblich and Marble Mountain Kennels.
(photo of dog in motorcycle)

Porter loves the snow in Truckee!

Hi Pete!

My husband Weston and I bought a chocolate male from you last April, the parents were Yukon and Ruby. There are no words to describe how much we love this dog. He is the most loving, intelligent, and beautiful dog we have ever encountered. He was pointing and swimming on his own at 7.5 weeks, the day after we brought him home. His demeanor is so calm and focused, people are always shocked at how well behaved he is for being a puppy. Did I mention he is the most handsome dog ever?! He has already starred in 2 commercials!! With all of that said, we are really wanting to get a brother for him this coming up spring. Im not sure if this is already in the works or even possible, is there any chance of having another litter between Yukon and Ruby? You guys do an amazing job and breed the absolute best dogs. We will be life long customers!!

Let me know your thoughts on this when you get a chance. Thank you for your time!



Shawn F's "Nicki"

Nicki duck hunting (See photo)

Veronica E's Chocolate Female Pup

Having so much fun with our girl! She loved her crate from the first day we brought her home and her favorite game is fetch with the tennis ball. Her temperament is amazing. Thank you so much!

Marcy V. F.'s Chocolate Male, "Beau"

Here's our handsome Beau. Loves to hunt!
(See photo.)

Denise R's "Largo"

Largo is thrilled about his new Christmas outfit. #?labsofinstagram #?areyousickofpuppypicsyet on Instagram and Facebook

On instagram and Facebook: This is the same look Kanye gives the paparazzi. #?enoughpicsalready#?newportbeach #?labsofinstagram #?worldoflabs

8 weeks old and pointing like a world class gun dog! The instinct is strong with this little one!! #?pointinglab #?marblemountainkennels #?gundog #?birddog #?on point


Gerald V's "Sweet Liberty Belle"

Sweet Liberty Belle of Marble Mountain, Libby, babysitting her "peeps" at Thanksgiving. (See photo.)

Holli F-B's "Cooper"

Cooper at home on Facebook (See photo.)

Augustin A's "Hank"

Friends and family meet my partner Hank! (See photo.)

Erin C's Chocolate Male Lab

December 2015
Just had to share this pic of our handsome boy ? instagram

Dan R's' "Prima"

November 22, 2015
Duck season-) (See photos.)


Mark & Sharon's Yellow "Yukon x Bailey" Lab, "Iko"

Julie and Pete- Here are a couple of pictures of Iko (Yukon x Bailey) at exactly four years old. Iko is doing great and is a great companion. As I may have mentioned in the past, Iko is a very smart dog and has a great talent to seek and find. His eyesight is also outstanding. I know that you will remember Iko because after we picked him out from the litter we left him with you for basic puppy training. Anyway, we wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and a healthy and prosperous New Years.
Mark & Sharon

Note: Prospective clients have permission to call this couple. Just ask us for their number.

Hi Julie and Pete- It’s been a while since I’ve sent you pictures of Iko (Yukon x Bailey). Iko will be three years old on December 5th. Our boy is doing great! He has an amazing nose and is able to find things like the Chuck-It ball when I have lost sight of it in the bushes or tall grasses. His search pattern guided by his nose is amazing; very logical and methodical. He also has excellent eyesight. Sometimes I hide in bushes in a very large off- leash park (90 acres) in Berkeley and he has an ability to find me. Since we kept him at your ranch for basic training after we picked him out of his litter I thought that I’d just give you an update so you could see how he is doing. These two pictures were taken this week. Best regards to the family.

Mark L. & Sharon K.-L.

Greetings, Pete, Julie & Family.

Iko is now 12 months old and weighs just over 60 pounds. He is very smart and has a bounty of energy. He continues to be very aware of his surroundings and loves to play hide & seek. He is also quite "mouthy" so we keep him well stocked with toys, especially the ones that you can bury a treat inside. He gets daily exercise and tons of kisses and love. We hope that this season finds you and your family well and we wish you warm and happy holidays.

Hi Pete and Julie:

When we picked up Iko in Woodland we promised to stay in touch since you put so much time into his early training. We are please to say that Iko, is doing great! He’s now almost 8 months old and he is an absolute joy. Sharon and I are going to take him to a once a week training class starting Monday to further socialize him and work on his heeling and jumping. As you indicated, Iko is on the smallish side for a lab. He now weighs 50 pounds but we are hoping that he still his some more growing to do. He loves to play, of course, but can get a little rough when he gets worked up. He is still in tact but we will probably have him fixed in September. As you noticed when he was with you, Iko is very aware of his surroundings. He always knows where everyone is and is fantastic at playing hide and seek. In fact, we think he would have exceptional talent for search and rescue. You also noticed that he had early signs of pointing but at this point since we are not into birding we don’t really know what to look for. Iko is very athletic and can catch a ball on a fly or bounce. I’ve attached some pictures for your update. Thanks again for your support in his early days and we will keep you informed of his progress. Warm regards,

Mark Leonard
Sharon K

April 16, 2015
See photos.


Zach & Mary's "Kona" out of Fisher x Taku

October 17, 2016
Hi Pete,

Happy to share more about Kona.

Temperment: Very affectionate and friendly. Loves attention. She is great around other dogs, but is just as happy (if not happier) playing fetch with her people. She is eager to please and well-behaved (she did your super citizen program and has kept up with her training). Her energy level is perfect - active outdoors, calm indoors. She will go hiking with us in the morning then cuddle on the couch all afternoon. She loves to run, retrieve and is pretty fast. She also loves to swim and is fearless in the ocean. We aren't hunters, but I noticed her pointing from a young age.

Size: 65 lbs. She was one of the biggest in her litter (I think)

Appearance: Athletic, light brown coat, very good-looking, expressive face.

All in all, she is everything we hoped for and more. Thank you!

Best wishes,

December 15, 2015
You did a fantastic job with our Kona pup (Fisher x Taku). We love her very much! Thank you!


Stacie H's Banks x Aspen & Banks x Winter Dogs

They are our world and I can't imagine life without them. Going from two to three is a big step so we are still deciding what would be best. We like the idea of getting one from Aspen because we have her brother and Banks is the father of our chocolate lab so that would be neat. But... It is a big decision.

Thank you and have a great holiday!

We have gotten two labs from you guys in the past and are debating a third!

Banks is the father of our chocolate and winter and aspen are sisters to our yellow so we think it would be great to have a black lab from the two of them.

We are deciding on if 3 dogs would be feasible. Aspen's brother looks very similar to her and is very sweet, smart, and eager to please. He is 100% the perfect dog. Our Chocolate is full of energy and Aspen's brother does a great job at tolerating her!

Thank you!
Stacie H.

Ryan & Elise's "Trout" from Banks x Ruby

Hey Pete. Trout went 4 for 4 and got his junior title. Going to run him in senior this season just to get him exposure to it. No expectations to pass this year. He takes to the hunt tests well. Here's something for the website....

We can't believe how amazing this pup is. He went four for four on his first hunt tests and got his juniors title by 16 months. His bird drive is amazing and his nose gets him anything within a 20 foot radius. We couldn't be happier with our choice of Banks and Ruby as his parents. He has a great coat and great look that gets him compliments everywhere.

Hey there Pete!
Just a Trout update. He's got his first date with his Junior Hunt Test in Tallahassee in 3 weeks and the start of duck season in 4 weeks. We joined the Central Florida Hunting Retriever Club so he has a great facility to work at. I'll let you know how it goes. Here's some recent pictures and a quick clip of him being a fearless water dog. He looks so much like his dad these days. Best,

Ryan & Elise
Fun video of Trout retrieving at the beach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LscN14BPog0&feature=youtu.be

March 2015
Hey Pete. Just wanted to let you know trout is doing great. Finished the last week of duck season with me in the blind and flushed his first three pheasants with me the other day. Not bad for 7 months. We are moving back to Florida at the end of the month and are going to start looking into hunt tests there for his junior hunt.

Summer 2014
Hey Pete and Julie.
Just wanted to write you a follow up and say how thankful we are for Trout (aka Blue puppy). He's progressing right along and a beautiful healthy boy. Here's a quick little video of where we are at with him.


He gets no free meals. All food comes from working. So far we have SIT, STAY, COME, PLACE, KENNEL, BACK (RETRIEVE), DOWN, and some light PILE work. Video is shot indoors but he's really steady. Would be the same results if I took him to the park. I'd love some honest feedback of how I'm doing. Am I right on track? Are there things he should have down better?

Sorry for the quality. A couple of things I'm working on...
RELEASE - Solid on this. can get him to stop chewing/biting my hand, toys, the other dog, but he doesn't want to force fetch yet and wiggles too much when I try the leather glove/ear pinch method. (I've tried literally twice for 2-3 minutes and got a bad response both times so I left it alone. Everything I've read said wait until his adult teeth are in before I train force fetch).

Leash work - Outdoors he loves to run on leash. Hates to walk. Just stops or sits down. If we jog he will never stop. If I work with him in the hallways on leash and working with the HEEL command he's great. But just a walk around the block? Nope. 10 steps and then he sits. Tons of coaxing or commanding HEEL with reward to get him moving again.

DOUBLES - At this point if I toss two wings sometimes he tries to pick up both but with his little mouth he can't quite get them. Most times he will retrieve one and I will call back and he goes to get the other one before I reward. How do you train to pick up both in one cast? Is it too early to train this?

.....Anything else I should be working on? Are we on track? Anyone have any kind of benchmarks for me to hit? Still planning to Junior Hunt Test him. Duck season starts in a week so he'll be out in camp a lot. Not going in the blind at all but he'll be around birds etc.

Let us know what you think. Again thanks so much!!!

Ryan & Elise


Gary and Elizabeth's "Gracie" from Banks x Fire

December 10, 2015

Hi Pete and Julie

This is Gary and Elizabeth Wright from Reno. We just wanted to let know how happy we are with Gracie, she was from the Fire/Banks litter in January 2015.
She has become a wonderful pet and hunting companion. She is almost eleven months old and I would have never thought that she would have come so far with her hunting abilities. I thought that I might do some Chukar hunting with her in late December through January and then work her on some planted Pheasants after that. I have worked with her since the day we brought her home, with just the basics and letting her develop her instincts. We live in an area with a lot of wild quail and we have spent many days developing her skills on them.
After getting her used to the gun in October I started buying some pigeons for training and she was coming along well. I then thought I would start slow with her on the wild Chukar and was very surprised how well she did. Since then I have had her out almost twice a week hunting Chukar and she has been doing very well.
Her pointing is still a little spotty, but the wild Chukar can be tough for even the seasoned pointers. She minds very well and will stop on a whistle, and whoa pretty well. That is still a work in progress. The pointing instinct definitely comes out better on the single birds that are holding tight.
At this point I have let her really explore her instincts without much pressure on her. She is very easy to handle, and is really happy to please.
She has also become a great family dog, with all of the typical goofy lab traits. At almost eleven months she is about 62 lbs. Just right.

Hope all is well with you guys.
Gary and Elizabeth


Scott Y's "Banks x Leah" Lab, "Spock"

November 18, 2015


Thought you would like this pic of Mr. Spock at 7 months. 80 lbs and he can lay his head on the dinging table with all four paws on the floor. (Not that we let him get away with that)

He is a good boy, smart and doing well with his field training.


Scott Y.

September 6, 2015
Spock's doing well. At 4 1/2 months he is 55lbs. By my calculations I think he will end up in the 90-100lbs range. He's lean and long like a spring colt. So much so that we call him Gumby. LOL

We got to the bottom of his rash source. Turns out he is allergic to our wool Persian rugs and whatever the carpet cleaner used to clean them. We've had to pick up some of them and try to give him alternate lounging areas. Hopefully his immune system will adapt and he will just grow out of it.

Spock was so dominant with Florence that I had to start his electronic collar training program early. Turns out that it was a good move because he now listens to both of us and will respond immediately to even a whispered command of sit, down, hold. He also is holding and waiting for his food until released. He seems much more settled now that he has found his place in the pack and feels secure there.

We have started the basic retriever trading program and he is taking to it like it is just a refresher course. I really love working with these dogs that have such strong instincts. I still need to connect with Pete to talk about the scent training. I'm still not sure about the best approach there. Hopefully as we settle into a firm routine with Spock I will have more time to address that.

On a fun note, a friend of ours had their grandson over, eight years old, and he invited some of his friends and Spock over for a pool party. Spock wasn't too sure about the pool but after two hours of Swiming with me and the boys he was quite confident and swimming very comfortably. He's not the strongest swimmer but we can work on that. Needless to say, we both slept very well that night.

While Spock has been a challenge he is also one of the most affectionate dogs I've had. He's a real lover and managed to worm his way firmly into both our hearts.

Thanks for such a great dog and companion.

Below is a picture of Spock with his reward dummy after a training session.

June 2015


We should have named this pup Einstein as he is one of the smartest dogs I have had the pleasure of owning. After we left your place, thanks for the picnic dinner by the way, he was a little agitated in the crate but settled quickly and slept the entire two hour plus drive back to Carmel. He was the same the next day on the four hour drive back to Thousand Oaks.

We’ve had him at the house for two days now and he is already house trained. From the time he got here he would go to the patio door whine a little and look at us. He would go out, do his business then come back in to play or sleep. Same thing during the night. A little whine to wake me up, just once during the night, then back in the crate to sleep the rest of the night.

He is already showing a love for retrieving and is pointing at everything. He is fearless and tenacious and a little defiant. I can see with this one that if I let my guard down on the training for a second he will run right over me. LOL

I love it! Well worth the research to find MMK and worth every penny. You did a wonderful job raising those pups and received the 5 platinum star rating from my vet for your facility, socialization and MMK’s structure. Big kudos to you and Pete for your hard work and high standards.

Will send some pictures and video links once we get a little more settled. (Yea, we thought the house and yard was puppy proof. Apparently not for this guy. ;-p )

Thanks to both of you again.

Scott Y.

Another Date:

Thanks Pete. By the way, I have given your name and recommended your kennel to four people in the last two weeks. Primarily because they have met Mr. Spock and have been impressed with how well his is trained.

Spock had his first BBQ today. Didn't jump on one of our guests, didn't beg and didn't touch any of the food left on the coffee tables in the house or in the patio. I am very proud of this dog. He has some good genes.

Scott Y.

Carol Ann's "Hugo" from Fisher & Delta

Note: Prospective clients have permission to call this person. Just ask us for Carol Ann's number.

March 2, 2018
Hi Guys,

I hope you’re doing well!! I just wanted to share some photos of Hugo (born 9/25/15)...
Hugo (right) with my parents’ dog Ruger (left, the bigger one...) hoping for a snack from my sister ??
11/5/17 Hugo (right) with Ruger

April 18, 2016
Hi Pete and Julie!

I hope you are well. :) Hugo (Fisher/Delta's pup, born Sept 2015) is doing great!! He is such a sweet boy, and a joy to be around. He's very playful, but also very calm (especially for a young lab!)... He is the perfect companion. :) We went for a walk to the creek today at MH and I wanted to share a few photos... He's just so cute!

I still miss Remmy terribly (his 6th birthday would have been this coming week), but I'm so thankful for Hugo. You guys have blessed me more than you know... I'm thankful every day.


December 2015
Somebody's ready for Christmas ?? #300blurryphotoslater #hugodecksthehalls — with Marble Mountain Kennels at Wildflower.
Hugo makes a friend ?? #bellebootz #puppyfriendsforever @amybootz @joshbootz — with Marble Mountain Kennels. Instagram
Bathtime shenanigans 10w1d #hugoisgettingbigger — with Marble Mountain Kennels at Wildflower.
#hugolovessnow #whitechristmas #winterwonderland — with Marble Mountain Kennels at Nile Valley.

11-27-15 Puppy's first Christmas tree. ?? #?hugodecksthehalls
11-25-15 Carol Ann Callahan - with Marble Mountain Kennels at Wildflower · Felton, CA · Sleepy baby Hugo. 8w5d #?hugoneedsanap
11-22-15 Curious little pup 8w2d #?hellohugo
11-21-15 First West Cliff sunset 8 w, 1 day
11-19-15 Waiting for mom to take a shower is exhausting. 7w,6d #?hugoneedsanap
12-18-15 Two discoveries today, one for each of us. 1. Pulling all the stuffing out of the bed is fun. 2. Hugo knows his name! 12 weeks old
#hugomakesamess #atleastthismessisfluffy — with Marble Mountain Kennels at Wildflower.
11-17-15 Shopping for Christmas lights is exhausting... 7w4d #?hugoneedsanap @summerstime86
11-16-15 7 weeks, 3 days
11-15-15 Hugo, 7w2d #?thesnuggleisreal #?hellohugo
11-14-15 Brenden the puppy whisperer... Such a good helper with Hugo 8w3d #?favoritepeople @amybootz @joshbootz
11-14-15 Meet Hugo!! 7 weeks, 1 day old. ??

November 14, 2015

Hi Pete (and Julie)!

I hope you had a safe drive home. We made it home and are doing great!! Thank you both for everything. :)

- Carol and Hugo


Tyler & Krisanna I's "Yukon x Ruby" Chocolate Lab, "Gunner"

Note: Prospective clients have permission to call this couple. Just ask us for their number.

December 30, 2015
Hi Pete and Julie!

Merry merry Christmas and happy new year!
We found out that our boy loves the snow, but hates 12 hour car rides lol. He did good though considering the long travel!

We wish you and yours a wonderful 2016....I am working on Tyler to expand our family with another Marble pup...maybe a yellow this time :).

All the best,

Krisanna, Tyler and Gunner boy

December 2015
"Good morning mom, I ate your phone charger." Happy Saturday from our crazy pup, we've now entered into the eat everything, destroy everything stages. At least part of our Christmas tree is still standing…..

Gunner is ready for his first Christmas….
(See photo of Gunner dressed up in Christmas lights by the Christmas tree!)

November 16, 2015
Good morning!

Gunner is from Ruby and Yukon's litter and is 9 months old! We got him on April 10th!

Where do we begin, I always said I wanted a wild, adventurous, and crazy family and boy did we get it! Gunner has been every ounce of joy, adventure, and laughter added to our lives, and let's not forget our number one sock thief, bed hog, supreme ball catcher, and stealer of left overs. While he may seem crazy, he is wildly smart, kind, protective, and spontaneous...everything we were looking for. Where we go, he goes and we wouldn't have it any other way. We love our boy more then we ever imagined.

Wishing you all the best,

Tyler, Krisanna, and our boy Gunner

September 7 ·
Here's a little snippet of a Facebook conversation:
Krisanna I. with Marble Mountain Kennels.

As to be expected, Gunner went crazy for his first time at the beach (Facebook photo)
Marble Mountain Kennels He doesn't look too crazy. Maybe we need some "crazy" photos. smile emoticon

Krisanna I. Oh he's crazy!!! Here's my morning wake up….. (Facebook photo of Gunner in Krisanna's face)
Krisanna I. He's lucky he's cute!

September 8, 2015
Hi Pete!

We hope this email finds you well and you enjoyed the long weekend with your family! We took our boy Gunner for his first (of many) camping trips to the coast this past weekend. We wanted to share with you some of our pictures, he has certainly added to me and Tyler's adventure through life- and he can keep up!

(The following sentences were captions for photos, but I couldn't put them with the pictures, so here they are…) As to be expected, Gunner went crazy for his first time at the beach — with Marble Mountain Kennels. He started out good.....but half way through all he wanted was to sleep on momma. But he loves the beach! We give it another week or two and we won't be able to pick him up anymore. He is such a lover!!! And a daddy's boy. He goes with us wherever we go- not scared of anything and always up for an adventure! Even if that means a gondola ride up in the redwoods! "I think I see a squirrel dad, let me at it!!" We can't get over how handsome our boy is! "This road tripping thing is exhausting" - we love when he sleeps by the way lol! "Cause we're the three best friends that anyone could have"

Thanks for allowing us to share with you our joy of Gunner. We have had so much fun with him adding to our wild crazy family. Hope you enjoy!

Talk with you soon,

Krisanna, Tyler and Gunner

July 4, 2015

Wishing you and yours a Happy 4th of July weekend from our little family! Gunner sure is a pistol, which is fitting for us! He's getting huge!

July 8, 2015
He loves riding in daddy's big red truck & helping mom with the dishes :)
We thought you would enjoy!
-Krisanna, Tyler and Gunner


Ryan S's' "Parker"

Parker at 6 months old after retrieving his first chukar! — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

Michelle M-L's "Enzo" from Banks x Kenai

Michelle M-L with Marble Mountain Kennels.
August 31, 2015
Happy 5th Birthday to my constant companion and third "baby" Enzo!


Jan and Cliff's "Moxie"

June 22, 2016
Hi Pete - I'm so sorry that I haven't yet written a recommendation for your training services, and will try to do so soon. We've been travelling with visiting friends, working to keep our homestead from getting lost in the overgrowth and, of course, training with Moxie every day. So this is just a quick update for your info:

A month or two ago I think we turned the corner with a new level of maturity and willing compliance on her part. Overall, she is responding to all commands very well (almost a conditioned response), and can be trusted to come and give, even when she's caught a special prize..... like the large live gopher snakes she brought to me. This prompted her enrollment in rattlesnake aversion training, which we attended yesterday; it appeared to be very carefully administered, and she did great.

She's motivated on multiple retrieves and learning to focus on our directions. She loves the water, and even when not retrieving will just jump in and swim around. Her first encounter with the ocean sent her into absolute ecstasy, and she remains fearless.

Although she still goes bonkers around any new people or dogs, we're learning to take it step by step until she calms down (which can take a while, but she does better all the time). We've been working intermittently with an excellent trainer in our area, who is also advising us on our behavioral cues. She has really taught us all how to maintain eye contact and focus, even when challenged with distractions. The trainer really appreciates how smart Mox is, and that she does want to please.

All of that to say: I truly appreciated your offer to place her in another situation if things didn't work out for us. But we're a family now, and I believe she will be an excellent home and hunting companion. The training that you and John provided laid the foundation for our success. I don't think we could have reached this point without your intervention. So a huge Thank You from all of us, and I'll write a recommendation for your website someday soon. Jan

Hello Pete and Julie: I just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with our pup, and how well she is adapting to her new home. After considering several names, briefly, we kept coming back to Moxie, because it fits her so well. So she can be Magic Moxie of Marble Mountain (a bit much, huh?), or just Jaws, for short.

She seems to love her surroundings: she is very curious, energetic, adventurous and athletic. Not to mention S-M-A-R-T. From day one she had a natural retrieve (and release), and she already sits on command. Nighttime house training is going very well. Her joie de vivres is contagious. No one is more adorable than when she's calm, and trying to please.

Her alter ego, Jaws, likes to vigorously bite our hands and feet. But we've been working on this, and especially since I started letting out a squeal of pain, she's become more gentle in her mouthing. When she doesn't settle down, I've begun to walk away, and she usually comes to her senses.

Jaws' nose is always to the ground and is very accurate in locating the most enticing scat. And her very favorite outdoor treat is a mushroom (Agaricus xanthodermus, not toxic, but can cause gastrointestinal distress). I thought we had removed all of these from the area, but this morning she dashed into the yard, grabbed something, and bolted past me out of reach. Needless to say, she'd found a stem, and tried to escape with her forbidden fruit. We're continually substituting healthy choices, but she seems to prefer living on the edge.

Attached are some photos and a video of her "bird" retrieve (20150905.MOV, which you'll have to download). Thank you so much for helping us make her a part of our family. Jan and Cliff


Jackie's "Joey x Missy" dog, Moby

Hi Pete
I want to thank you, Moby is the best dog I ever had! We in obedience training classes, he's top dog in class for his age group. Trainers are suggesting that we continue on and obtain our therapy certification. Moby loves people and other dogs he is always getting compliments on his good looks and his gentle demeanor .. We'll keep in touch and thanks again


Banks x Kenai Lab, "Enzo"

Hello, I am a previous customer. I have a Banks/Kenai male lab who is 5 years old. He is adorable and THE BEST DOG that we have ever had. Enzo is so sweet and well tempered and he is a house dog. We are looking for a black female with banks as the dad. We will wait for her. Please advise as to what litter, timeframe, etc.

Kevin and Michelle L---

John La R's Labs

October 26, 2018
I hope you are doing well. I wanted to update you on our MM Labs. Redd and Yellow were wonderful members of our family. They passed in their 13-year during 2017, Redd in January and Yellow in August.

Both Buddy and Riley our 7-year olds are both doing great. Riley is a sweet dog but the dominant one. Buddy is large and lovable. He loves shoes and slippers but never damages them....

Thank you for four wonderful La Rocca family members. What you do is magic.


October 9, 2015

Hi Pete & Julie,

I thought you would enjoy seeing how our (your) pointer labs are doing. Photo taken this afternoon here in Scottsdale.

Riley, 4; Yellow & Redd, 11; Buddy, 4

Redd & Yellow were born on 9/28/2004
They were from the litter of 'Ridge' and 'Goldie'.

Riley was born on 8/17/2011
son of Lance x Cascade
'Goldie' was Riley's grandmother

Buddy was born on 7/22/2011
son of Major x Eagle

Buddy, is the best dog I've ever known. Thank you, Pete!

Kindest regards,

John La R


Jessica's "Odin"

Hey guys!
Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to reach out and say that Mr Odin has reached 66 pounds! I can’t believe it. He’s honestly the best ever and everyone comes up to us to tell us both what a well behaved dog and good looking he is. He’s a gem!

How old was his daddy when he reached full size? He’s a little over 9 months now.

I’ll send you a video in the next email.

Kisses to all those puppies out there!



I have been meaning to reach out for weeks but I wanted to share a few pictures of Odin. He's doing really well. We love him. We are going in for his fourth shot on Monday. I can't believe he's 3 months old! I'll keep sending pics. Thank you for him. He's a real piece of work. ;)



Nicole O's "Yukon x Juneau" Chocolate Labs

June 10, 2015
totally contrived photo of our new pup, Emma from Marble Mountain Kennels, with our older pup, Jasmine

Erika N's Chocolate "Gunner"

June 9, 2015
Our beautiful Gunner puppy we adopted him from Marble Mountain Kennels two years ago this October.

Mark C's "Banks x Taku" Chocolate Lab

June 12, 2015
YouTube Video of Duke playing with cat, Lucy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTcsKnxQaFI

June 2, 2015
My new girl

Felipe R's' "Drake" out of Banks x Leah

December 2015
On Facebook: My boy drake from Marble Mountain Kennels loving his new bed

My boy drake from leah & banks (photos shared on Facebook)

July 23, 2015
Thanks pete for this amazing puppy DRAKE from Marble Mountain Kennels


Carol Ann's "Remmy"

January 23, 2015
I also have a Banks x Chinook pup (born April 2010) - Remington ("Remmy")... I couldn't be happier with him!! He is such a loyal friend and companion... Excellent with kids, people, other dogs. One of my main motivations in adopting from MMK is that I know and trust the family, and (as opposed to a dog from a shelter) I know my pup's genetic background a bit... Not predisposed to diseases, aggression, bad habits, etc. He is a gem! Like any Lab puppy, he had (and still has) plenty of energy, but also the sweetest disposition, and very eager to please / easy to train. We don't hunt, but he loves to chase a tennis ball more than any dog I've ever met. He goes straight to it, only brings back the exact ball I threw, doesn't get distracted by anything else (food, other dogs, people...) and brings it back and drops it right in front of me - every time, without fail. I could see this being very helpful to a hunter. He loves to swim and retrieve sticks from the water as well. All around, I feel like I struck gold with Remmy!

Happy 3rd Birthday Remy! — with Marble Mountain Kennels.


Sean & Cindy' W's Banks x Kenai Chocolate Lab "Memphis"

November 21, 2015
Cindy Ingraham Wozney's Christmas photo - Tis the Season to be Jolly...Merry Christmas!!! Wishing you all Peace & Joy in the New Year!!!?????????? instagram

November 28, 2015
Let the Holidays begin...!!! ??????????? — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

October 31, 2015
Happy Halloween Everyone...!!! ?????????????? — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

August 31 · (Facebook and Instagram post)
Belly Rubs, Kisses & Hugs...Happy Birthday Memphis!!!??????? — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

June 18, 2015
This pup makes me smile...Happy Thursday everyone!!! ??????? — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

June 14, 2015
Flag Day #June14th #flagday ?????? — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

May 24, 2015
As this Memorial Day is upon us, we're reminded of the sacrifices of the men & women who have given so much in order to fight & defend our Great Country!!! God Bless & Thank you all!!! ????? — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

March 23, 2015
Belly rubs & hugs...National Puppy Day!!! ?#?nationalpuppyday?
— with Marble Mountain Kennels.

March 13, 2015
Memphis at Backyard Country Club! #WhataLife
— with Marble Mountain Kennels.

December 25, 2014
(See Christmas photo of Memphis with toy bear) Merry Christmas Everyone...Memphis has his Christmas bear from Auntie Paula...!!! ?? Marble Mountain Kennels he is the BEST dog I've ever had!!! Thx for your awesome dogs!!!

August 31, 2014
Photo added for Memphis' one year birthday

(11/7/12)Update on Memphis:

I just LOVE my Memphis!!! He is the sweetest, kindest & smartest dog I’ve ever had! I never thought that I would be able to replace my other chocolate lab Elvis (Barracuda Blue pup) but I have! This dog worships the ground I walk on and always wants to please me! We travel a lot to NoCal to see my folks and he is the best car/truck traveler! You would never know that he is in the car/truck. He has all the hunting instincts & during dove season I think all the doves got smart and came to our street & Memphis was just going crazy with all of them! He also loves the beach as you can see by a couple of the photos I have provided. He has quite the life as an OC dog!

Again…I can’t thank you enough for breeding some AMAZING labs! If only my husband would let me have another…I would come back to Marble Mountain Kennels EVERYTIME!!!

Thanks again!

Marble Mountain Memphis (8/31/2010 Banks x Kenai): We are really enjoying our new puppy Memphis! When we picked him up at the airport, he was so small but now he is growing like a weed! He is so smart and is curious about everything and already thinks he is a little hunter. He already knows words like No, Sit, Stay, Bird and Find, and he is only 11 weeks. Everyone who meets or sees pictures of Memphis says that he is so beautiful and that his coat is so rich & dark chocolate! All my friends on Facebook cannot wait for the next picture posting. He has a great mannerisms, always wants to please and is just a little lover! As everyone says... this pup hit the jackpot coming to our house! Cannot wait to watch him grow up!

Julie, I can't say it enough... You guys raise smart & beautiful dogs!!!

Update on Memphis (Banks x Kenai 8/31/2010) - Memphis is a great dog! He’s incredibly lovable, very smart and is great with everyone that comes over to the house. As you can see by the pictures, he’s right at home. He is one of the best travel dogs we have ever had. He has been to the beach and snow on several occasions and loves it! He wasn’t afraid of the water at all and charged right into the waves. He is also really birdie! Lots of doves (& other birds) near us and he always stops to watch them…he’s a Natural! Playing ball is one of his favorite things to do in the backyard or when we are up in the Central Foothills where my folks live. I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about a puppy from Marble Mountain. We will definitely come back to for our next pup!


Susie & Dave S's Banks x Connie Chocolate, "Wrigley"

So many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...that words just don't cut it! Hope you all are surrounded by those that love you xoxo

June 13, 2015
Happy 3rd birthday Wrigley!! Thank you Marble Mountain for such an amazing companion — with Dave Schmitt.

March 23, 2015
To all those that we love and to those we have lost...you have brought amazing joy and unconditional love that is irreplaceable!
— with Dave Schmitt and Marble Mountain Kennels.

December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas everyone!!! Wags and Hugs from our family to yours — with Marble Mountain Kennels and Dave Schmitt.

June 2014
Guess who's 2 today!?! Time flies when you are having this much fun!


Rosanne B's Yellow Male Lab "Beau" from Joey x Taku Litter

July 21, 2015
Rosanne Ludrowsky Bishop and Marble Mountain Kennels Beau is one year old today. Sweetest dog ever

See Christmas photos!


Mary Catherine and Jeffery's Yellow "Joey x Taku" Lab Pup, "Ranger"

July 21, 2015
My Ranger pup is 1 year old today! Couldn't have had a better year watching him grow up ????? — with Marble Mountain Kennels

October 1, 2014
— with Marble Mountain Kennels


Dave & Allison Gillaspie's Yellow "Joey x Taku" Pup, "Hazel Faith"

July 21, 2015
Happy 1st Birthday to Hazel Faith! She is the sweetest pup, and we're so glad she's part of the family.

Merry Christmas! (See photo of Hazel with kids on Christmas day)

(See Christmas photo of Hazel by Christmas tree)

(See photo of Hazel as a puppy with kids)

November 17, 2014
Hazel will also be training for dove and pheasant hunting. I'll post pictures of that later in the season.

September 13, 2014
Photo of Hazel (Joey x Taku) had a great first day and night at her new home! — with Marble Mountain Kennels and Dave G.


Sudeshna Sunyal's Light Yellow "Joey x Taku" Lab, "Breeze"

Breeze at 7 and half months. Our most precious gift from Marble Mountain Kennels. Thanks from us!

Thanks a lot for this wonderful blessing. Breeze is indeed a wonderful pup.


Linda Lovin's Black Lab

June 15, 2015
Puppy Power from Marble Mountain Kennels with Sean, Becky , Chris, Alicia, Erin, Suzi, and tired kids and puppy


Trish and Brian Bengali's Black Lab, "Remington," from Yukon x Sugar

June 2015

Just wanted to give you guys an update on Remington- finally got some time to write…. We love him very much. He's a very bold and fearless little guy. He's definitely going to be the Alpha.

Trish and Brian


Jacob Bobek's & Avison Young's "Joey x Winter" Lab, "Draper"

June 2015

Hi Pete -

I hope this message finds you well.

Just a quick note to thank you for delivering Draper to us last Spring.

He’s been the best dog. He’s so smart, energetic, and he has such a sweet demeanor.

He’s doing well down here in So. Cal. - he loves hiking in the mountains, running on the beach, and he’s absolutely amazing in the water.. We took him in the ocean when he was just a pup – and he’s fearless and such a strong swimmer. We just love having him as an addition to the family.

A few photos attached, as you can see, the little guy thinks he’s the prince of Santa Monica.

We thought you’d be happy with a brief update, sorry it took us so long to send it.

Best Regards,



Abby Kennedy-James' 2 Yellow Labs

(Abby has a "Joey x Betty" yellow lab and a "Yukon x Bailey" yellow Lab.)

Pete & Julie,

Thought you might enjoy seeing how happy the pups have made our daughters. They make a great little pack!

Thanks again,



Shawn Brooks' "Banks x MC" Chocolate Lab, "Jase"

March 14, 2015
Jase is settled in, he had a big day. He's a very confident dog, I am very excited about his potential. It was a pleasure meeting both of you, I will keep you posted on his progress.

Richard's "Lucy" out of "Banks x Connie"

On Jan 3, 2016, at 12:11 PM, Carolyn & Richard

Pete happy New Year to you and family. I've sent you info on Lucy. She has turned into one of my best hunting dogs ever and she is only 9 months old. Today at the club I hunted her for 2 1/2 hours never toned or shocked her. I shot six birds over her She does not range even when on a scent. I can call her back. She hunted a cripple and it started to run in front of her in full view. I called her off and she stopped. I have not seen another dog do that. The reason I'm writing this is not to gloat about Lucy but to ask if you know if any of her litter mates are hunters. She was born February 9 th Banks and Connie. If they hunt has anyone written you to tell how they do? We had a choice to pass on this letter but you insisted it was a good match for us. You know your dogs.

Sent from my iPad

Pete I'm going to send a video of Lucy I took this morning. A chance encounter with five wild mallard ducks. Two things. She is very well behaved and can walk off leash and the second most important is a huge compliment to your kennel for producing such strong and solid pointing dogs. Lucy has had no bird training it is all in her lineage. It may not impress you very much because you are aware of it but it just blows me and all of my hunting partners away. Richard

Paul Thompson's "May"

May stopping for a quick photo on our last bird hunt. She has been amazing in every aspect imaginable. Always makes the cold mornings a lot more enjoyable when you have a hunting buddy like her

January 22, 2015
May was the first bird dog I've ever owned an her natural instincts made the training process 10 times easier.


Norma Shihreiber's "Rambo"

January 22, 2015
Endless love
Smartest dog ever!!
Rambo son of major and sugar

Letter from the Catie Hildegrand and her Therapy Dog, "Morgan"

Dear Pete and Julie,

We wanted to thank you both for all of your time and support before, during and after getting our beloved dog, "Morgan" (who is almost 2 years old now). Pete drove her half way down California to deliver her to us, saving us 6 hours of driving. Both of you took lots of time with us on the phone patiently answering our many questions, and matched us up with the perfect dog for our needs. (on the smaller side, a non barker and easy to train). My husband always says that he has never seen such a smart dog. This is my first dog and what a wonderful experience it has been. She was "house" trained in 4 days. Morgan is ready to be tested for her Int'l dog therapy certification. I could go on and on about this wonderful dog !

Thank you for letting us drop by last month (basically unannounced until the last minute) and see your facility and to sit down and visit with you, Morgan in tow. It was fun meeting Morgan's mom Kate, who was busy opening up her kennel latch, and busy getting into the food storage area. (Now we know where the "smarts" come from). It was obvious that you are both animal people and truly value your dog family.

Should we ever decide to get a 2nd dog, we will be contacting you. Thank you for spending the time with us and "Morgan", observing and advising us on training and dog behaviors...... we will always appreciate this.

Mike and Catie Hildebrand
Santa Barbara. California
January 2015


Melanie Barry's Chocolate "Rouxby" from "Banks x Ellie"

Photo sent to us from Melanie
Thanks, Melanie! Rouxby is beautiful!

The Fowler's Black Lab, "Douglas of Marble Mountain" from "Banks x Missy"

January 11, 2015
We bought Doug a year ago at the Sportsmans Expo. Since then, Doug had been everywhere with us, but his favorite place to go is pheasant hunting with us.


Jeff & Andrea Setera's "Buck" from "Banks x Chinook"

December 10, 2015

Hi, I hope all is well with you and your family. It's been a while since we've spoken so I thought I'd send a quick email to update you on Buck. He is doing well both at home and duck hunting. I think he and I have reached a point that we understand eachother and very little needs to be said while hunting. I've had more bad shots on ducks this year than I'd like admit and each time Buck comes back with the bird. They swim, they dive, they try to get away, but it's no use. I can hardly put into words the joy Buck brings in all he does. My family and I feel lucky to have found you and had your help in selecting Buck. I'm sending a couple of recent photos...in one after many attempts Buck caught and dispatched a squirrel. Merry Christmas.

January 23, 2015
Our dog is Buck. BanksxChinook. My husband emails you bragging about his hunting abilities. I am happy to tell you the other half. Everyone who meets Buck, loves Buck. And Buck loves everyone back! One look into his eyes and people can tell he is a very smart yet super sweet pup. They also comment on how beautiful he is and his super soft fur. He is my best buddy around the house. He is so patient with my two crazy boys. He's our living breathing teddy bear. I cannot imagine our lives without him.
Andrea Setera

January 4, 2015
Happy New Year, I hope you and your family had a nice holiday season. I've attached a picture of Buck from yesterday morning. We hunted at my duck club in the south grasslands outside Los Banos. It was cold...27 at first light. We had a good hunt with a good mix of ducks. I have taken to putting a short length of chain to keep him in the dog box until I release him to retrieve a duck. I know he is now watching the ducks and marking where they fall. Single and doubles are easy peasy. His drive to hunt is very strong and he is a great hunting partner.
Take care,

November 2014
Buck is a beautiful dog. We have people commenting about him regularly. I have a friend in my duck club interested in chocolate lab. I told him about your kennel.

November 2014
I hope all is well with you and your family. Buck is doing just fine. I have a boat now and he and I are learning about hunting over water.

November 2014
Buck and i hunted in Colusa this weekend. Lots of geese and ducks...most flying a mile high. We had a good time though.

(See Photos.)


Carl Asmus' "Gunner" from "Banks x Missy"

January 23, 2015
Gunner is a healthy, stout dog without any health problems so far. He is one of those dogs that the on button is always ON, is equally food and toy driven which makes training much easier. Great disposition and incredibly intelligent. Well worth the money. Great hunting partner, saved me from getting my leg torn off by a surprised sow during dove season.
Carl Asmus

Earlier in January 2015
We have a yellow male, Gunner of Marble Mountain, we brought home from from the Expo last year. Pete offers great labs. Gunner was fetching doves opening day at 10 months old.
Carl Asmus

The Aldermans and their Black Lab, "Jager" from "Josiah x Kate"

November 13, 2014
Jäger's first duck hunt! (See photos.)

Holiday Cards from the Aldermans of Butte Creek Taxidermy 2014


Pam K's Yellow "Joey x Winter" Pup, "Harvey"

November 7, 2016
Hi Julie,

Just wanted to send you a pic of Harvey in his Halloween costume. He was born in March 2014, from the Joey and Winter litter. He is quite an athlete, has competed in agility (he needs to title in 2 more events to get a champion in his division--but we've taken a little break from that) and dock diving. He loves to work and train!! We are having so much fun w/ him!

Hope all is well with y'all!
Pam, Kurt & Harvey, too ??

March 23, 2015
Hi Julie,

Just wanted to share Harvey's birthday pics w/ you. He turned 1 on the 16th--from JoeyxWinter litter. He was at daycare on his birthday & they took pics and shared w/ me. As you can see, he is a happy boy and loves playing w/ his friends! We are thrilled we found y'all and were able to get such a good puppy from you!

Hope all is well w/ you & your family!
Pam Kriter

December 2014
Holiday Card:
This is Harvey-a pup from Joey x Winter born March 2014. As you can see, he is all boy and all Lab! We love him to pieces :)
Happy Holidays!
Kurt & Pam -- & Harvey too!

June 2014

Hi Julie-

Thought you might like to see how Harvey (Joey x Winter) is doing since we brought him home. Hard to believe he's about 3 mos old already!

After a bath today

Lesson 2 in duck hunting training last night

He is growing bigger every day!! Hope all is well with y'all!

Pam K.

July 2014
Hi Julie-

Just had to share this pic w/ you--turn my head for 2 min and this is what happens!! ????????. He's all boy and all Lab isn't he?!

Kind regards,
Pam Kriter


Holiday Card from Chris & Lisa McDermott 2014 "Banks x Ruby" Lab

Our dog Zoe from Ruby's litter this year has made us so happy! You guys have a wonderful adoption process and we are so grateful. Thank you so much! "Orange" female from Ruby
Merry Christmas,
Chris & Lisa McD'

Holiday Card from the McElroy's 2014 - "Joey x Taku" litter

December 2014
Charlie is the perfect dog. He is so nice and puts up with anything. Perfect for my kids. Pretty mellow also, as long as he gets a walk every day!

Happy Holidays
The McElroy's

Charlie is from the Taku & Joey litter.

Holiday Card from Jerry & Margie 2014

Merry Christmas in memory of Copper

Pam & Kurt's "Harvey" out of Major x Valdez

Hi Julie,

Just wanted to send you a pic of Harvey in his Halloween costume. He was born in March 2014, from the Joey and Winter litter. He is quite an athlete, has competed in agility (he needs to title in 2 more events to get a champion in his division--but we've taken a little break from that) and dock diving. He loves to work and train!! We are having so much fun w/ him!

Hope all is well with y'all!
Pam, Kurt & Harvey, too ??

Christmas Card from 2014

Rick and Melanie's "Banks x Ellie" Lab

November 27, 2014
Our Marble Marble Mountain Kennels Rouxby! She is a champ of all champs with her ducks.

November 7, 2014
I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how incredible our pup is from the most recent Banks and Ellie litter.......Her name is Ruby and she is probably the smartest dog, with an uncanny natural instinct to hunt. I have taken her out into the field with me just to get her out and get a feel for things.....Yesterday, November 6, she was with me in the duck blind. I shot a mallard that was crippled and was still kickn' in the slough we hunt on. Ruby swam out went to get the bird, the duck dove, she dunked looking for it, it popped back up she grabbed it and swam back. AMAZING AT 11 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted it on youtube-Ruby-11 weeks/crippled mallard

Anyway, a great deal of credit goes to you and her parents...amazing dogs. Thank You!!! I look forward to many seasons in the blind with Ruby.


Chrissy Mahoney's Chocolate Lab, "Nash" from Banks x Ruby

November 22, 2015
I'm so proud of my Nash guy doing so good on his first official waterfowl hunt. We trained him a lot when he was a lil pup but not so much lately with the new baby besides drills when we throw him the ball or his dummy. He listens so well to commands and really surprised us today! Thanks Marble Mountain Kennels for such an amazing exceptional natural hunter, he loves his job!

Chrissy Mahoney with Marble Mountain Kennels.
October 26 at 8:52am · (Facebook)
My other crazy child. It took forever to get this pic

March 5, 2015
Nashy is so happy at our new house! Spider webbed face and all
— with Marble Mountain Kennels.

November 9, 2014
This guy had his first gun training day today with the .22s. It ain't even a thang to him.

October 14, 2014
"What you lookin at foo" Nash loves going on car rides, he goes right to the passenger side door and sits and loads right up! He can't quite jump in the truck yet though!
— with Marble Mountain Kennels.


Cally T's Chocolate Lab, "Reed"


Hi Pete! This is Cally. We bought a puppy from the CWA auction in Paradise last year and we picked our puppy up on Memorial day this last year. His name is Reed and he has been such a great addition to our family. I just wanted to share a picture with you of Reed with his sister and kiddos. :)

Merry Christmas Pete and Family

Cally T.


Bob D's Lab "Sucia"



I thought you would enjoy seeing the two attached photos and short video of Sucia. I cannot thank you enough for Sucia! She is an amazing, smart, beautiful dog and a real blessing to our family. She gets to run on the beach every day and is a great indoor family dog. We feel so fortunate and cannot imagine her not being in our lives.

I hope you and your family are well and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

All the best.



Another Kelsey B's Lab, "Cooper"

Note from November 2014: "Best Lab ever!"

So, this is Cooper our 2 and a half year old baby! My family (Debbie, Austin and Kelsey) have so many amazing memories with our favorite member of the family! We love our smart and beautiful boy! Always a lover and only when the toys are out he's a fighter. We love love love our baby boy Cooper! (See photos.)


Bob O's "Bear" out of Banks

Update from Bob on Bear in November 2014: He will be three at the end of January. (See photos.)

He was born January 26th 2012. Litter had 11, 5 and 7 were blond. Bear was 6th. This is his first Rooster. Does he look like any dog you know? His is a good with Pheasants (see attached Photos) and Fantastic with Duck and Geese. And remember He is Rattlesnake trained. Thought you might like to see a couple of pics. Hope all is well. Bob O.


Tricia & Steve Alderman's Black Lab, "Jäger" from "Josiah x Kate"

Holiday Cards from the Aldermans of Butte Creek Taxidermy 2014

November 13, 2014
Jäger's first duck hunt! (See photos.)


Richard and Edith J's "Vnari De Marble Mountain"

August 27, 2014

Vnari De Marble Mountain : Porter x Penny

Vnari has a lot of drive and loves the water. It has been two years since we picked her up and she is great.

She is an excellent hunter. She entered 6 junior hunt test and achieved AKC Junior Hunter status by her 14th month. She has also run a 20 team, 30 minute competition and came in 4th for her first try at type of event. We were very pleased.

To think it all started with the web cam. This little girl stole my heart then and has been a joy ever since.

Richard and Edith Jones

Russ B's "Neena B"

Hi Pete,
...I am working her on ducks and upland birds in Maryland. She is doing very well with a good nose, smart and hard working. She is also a sweet family dog.

Thanks for breeding a great dog. Hope to see you next year.
Best regards,

PS she is now 50 lbs at nine months

George and Terry's Major x Kenai Dog, "Belle"

New Update 8-4-14
This is Belle (Krazy Kenai and Major). She is the most intelligent and loving dog we have owned (out of 10 dogs). We absolutely love her! George and I sure hope you and your dogs are safe from the fire in your area.

George and Terry K.
Mt. Shasta

New Update from 2-15-13
Hi Pete and Julie,

This is our Belle. Her mother is Krazy Kenai and her father is Major. We adopted her on May 30, 2011. She is one of the best dogs we have ever had, and we have had many.

She can't resist jumping into any body of water deep enough for swimming, and is a natural at fetching her water toy.

She is gentle with our youngest grandchildren and is a loyal family dog.

Her intelligence is almost scary. We have to spell "lake" and "walk" in front of her, and now she recognizes the words when spelled.

She is very social with other dogs, and she adores our son's miniature Australian shepherd, Ozzy. She and our not-so-nice cat, Leo, were best friends until Leo made one too many unprovoked attacks on her, and now she is not fond of cats, which Julie said was characteristic of Major the day we adopted Belle.

She is definitely an alpha female and can be stubborn, but she is also very sensitive and affectionate. Belle weighs 75 pounds and is gorgeous. People stop me when I am walking her to say she is a beautiful dog.

Thank you for being breeding quality dogs. We love Belle and have been so pleased with her.

2012 Update:
Belle is still wonderful. She has started hiking with us and loves the water, naturally. Her fetching skill is amazing. She is the easiest puppy we have ever had and is very sociable. Her best friends include our cat, Leo, two daschunds, and our daughter's chihuahua. It will be interesting when she meets a large dog. She and the cat play every morning for about an hour in the yard, and Belle now swats at the other dogs. Belle is a great addition to our family.

Belle is 4 months old now and is still an amazing puppy. She was easily housebroken, loves to play fetch, is a natural swimmer, is great with basic commands, and has a very sweet and spunky disposition. She looks so much like pictures of her mother, Kenai. Our family loves her!

2011 Update:
Belle has been a member of our family for 2 weeks, and you can be proud of your dogs. She is amazingly intelligent, gorgeous, and just the right combination of sweet and spunky. She has her crate in our kitchen/family room and went right to it the day we brought her home. She has not once cried at night, and she was almost housebroken from day 1. She comes immediately when we whistle and say "come," she sits and lies down on command, and she is doing well on walking with the leash. She has a lot of interaction with our large circle of family and friends, and everyone loves her! What you will find incredible is that she and our 15 pound male cat are buddies. The cat loved Drake, our 95 pound chocolate lab/Rottweiler who passed away in April. Leo (the cat) thinks Drake came back in miniature. I find them grooming each other--unbelievable. I will send pictures. Thank you for being responsible dog breeders, and we will definitely promote your business--Belle is your best advertisement.


Matt's Yellow Female Pup from Penny's Litter

Hi Pete,
The puppy is doing great so far! We are absolutely in love with her.


Gretchen Kenny's "Belle"

August 27, 2015
I'm a day late, but in honor of National Love Your Dog Day (or whatever it's called!) Here are my two for babies, Belle and Ed! Life wouldn't be the same without these two. We love them to pieces! Thanks to Marble Mountain Kennels and Micon Labradors for creating these two great dogs!

January 24, 2015
This is for Marble Mountain Kennels, photos of our dog Belle aka MMK Belle of the Ball... And ironically she loves Balls!

January 23, 2015
Our dog is a smart and fast hunter. She's also an awesome family pet. She is beautiful and smart and gets along super with every dog she's around. She does have some extra energy but we have property and she gets to be out and roaming a lot. But overall a wonderful dog with an awesome personality.

June 30, 2012
Belle won the dog race today at the barrel race! Her first "compeition" win smile emoticon She won the jacket! And it's just her style...pink camo. (Not sure when she will ever use it, but it's fun to win things! — with Marble Mountain Kennels.

(Thanks for the photos, Gretchen!)


Rick D's Banks x MC Yellow Male "Max"

March 2014
This is a pup from the "MC" and "Banks" from ... MMKennels) litter last summer. He is one handsome guy, "Max" is ... smart, friendly and well behaved. Look at that face and beautiful eyes!

Susie and Dave's "Wrigley"

June 2013
Happy 1 year birthday to our 74lb puppy dog! Thank you to Marble Kennels for such a great companion!


May 2014 Letter from Bob W. re: "Glencoe's Classic Dark Chocolate Roux"

Dear Pete,

I just wanted to let you know that the puppy I bought from you in December 2008 from a "Banks" x "Kenai" litter is one awesome dog. This past weekend he and I finished his Hunting Retriever Championshp title with HRC at the Southern Colorado HRC spring hunt. We also need only one more pass to finish his AKC Master Hunter Title.

Roux is one awesome dog. He has over 1000 retrieves in the dove fields during the last three seasons and has brought back every bird he has been sent for. Quail hunting has been poor of late, but he has also had a number of wild covey finds and points almost as stylishly as an English Pointer and every bit a solid. He even has worked with my old English Pointer, Kate as a brace and they were just awesome to watch working quail cover here in Southern Arizona.

Two years ago I went to watch a friend run his young English Setter in an American Field foot trial. They were short one dog to fill out the final brace. After several trainers and handlers refused because they didn't want to walk I offered to run Roux as a bye-dog to fill out the last brace. He had three wild bird finds and one other point and when the other dog finally found a bird I gave him a "whoa" command and I thought the judge was going to fall off his horse when Roux stacked up and pointed the other dog looking like a solid liver English Pointer right up to holding his tail in the modern 12 O'Clock style.

Pete, I have trained with a number of excellent dogs and watched many great dogs run in hunt tests since I brought Roux home from being in training will Bill Autrey. I would not trade him for any other dog. In the field and on the training grounds he is focused and all business and enthusiasm. In the house he is calm, relaxed and usually lies down in his crate or climbs, all 85 pounds of him, in my lap.

Thank you so much for breeding such awesome dogs.


Jacki B's (Cindy Wozney's mom's) Puppy "Root Beer"

May 2014, AKC Name: Rooty Redbarn Rootbeer of Marble Mountain

Look at all the photos she sends to us (often through her daughter Cindy). Thanks to both of you!


Steele Netterville's Chocolate Lab "Faith"

Summer 2014

Faith's eight precious pups turn 6 weeks old tomorrow.

Wow. I can hardly believe it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will load all of them up (along with Faith) and we will head to the vet for their 6 week check up.
This is the time that they will each receive their 6 week old shots, along with their heart worm medicines.

This also marks the time that we will begin letting each of them go to their forever families.

First to go will be fun little Charley on the 16th...followed by sweet little Gracie on the 21st... And so on..and so on...

To say that this "unplanned surprise" by Faith has turned into one of the highlights of our lives, is saying the very least.

Each puppy has brought so much joy ...so much fun, so much laughter and entertainment beyond anything we could have ever imagined!

And having you guys along for the ride has only made it that much more fun and memorable. And I thank you for that. XoXo!

My goodness, I had no idea that the lessons learned from these eight tiny loves would be so grand..(but I'll save that post for another day). wink emoticon

*****This is my very my favorite picture of Faith with her babies. Kimberly captured this one and it is one that I will have framed and hung in my office.
And every time I look at it, I will smile and my heart will probably skip a beat. wink emoticon

Summer 2014
Forever will be "The summer of puppy joy".

God is Good
All the time.
And in every way. wink emoticon
— with Marble Mountain Kennels.

March 10, 2014 (See photo of Faith halfway on/off sofa)
*****Funny, funny Faith*****

Faith was juuuuust about to make herself comfortable on the couch because she knows I don't mind it.

But then she noticed Kevin in there.... and .....suddenly.....she remembered that he doesn't allow it....sooooooo......she looked at him and was like...."Ladadada-just-hangin-out-but-totally-not-on-the-couch-do-da-do-da-do-look-at-my-feet-on-the-floor-soooo-anyway....how's it going, Daddy".

Made me laugh!
— with Marble Mountain Kennels.

June 13, 2012
Steele's best girl, "Faith".

He's turned her into a total "tomboy". Hee...

*She's such a cutie!
— with Steele Netterville and Marble Mountain Kennels.
(See photo of Faith with the camo' hat on)

Finally! Faith arrives!!

Her flight arrived tonight! This video is of us surprising Steele with her. The kids knew we were going to the Lawrence's party with the Parikh's but they didn't know we were skipping out early to grab our new furry baby girl at the airport. The kids worked on a Christmas puzzle with Mom and Aunt Kirdy, so they thought the surprise was on me.....but it wasn't. Take a peek at this sweet moment when a boy meets his new best friend for the first time. He named her Faith because he said, "When he lost all "hope" he still had "Faith". ...aww....*sniff sniff.... *Thank you for being part of this fun journey with us.



Rave Reviews about Chocolate Lab "Millie"

April 2, 2014

Hi Pete,

Hope you are doing well.

I periodically check your website and just noticed that Banks and Connie had another litter. Our Millie turns 2 this June, so I thought the timing was right to shoot you a quick note with an update on how she is doing.

I don't think words can properly describe just how amazing this dog is, but I'll try. She is incredibly intelligent, loyal, friendly to everyone and every thing, rarely barks, and is really a great looking dog (see attached pics -- crazy how much she looks like her parents). Everyone she comes into contact with immediately falls in love with her (our dog walkers absolutely RAVE about her).

As you might recall, we live in San Francisco in a high rise condo. Not exactly ideal conditions for a young lab. While she definitely loves getting out and showing off her blazing speed (people will literally stop in their tracks to watch her play fetch), she has adapted tremendously to city living. We can let her roam our condo alone for fairly long stretches without any need for concern about what trouble she might get into.

We are so thankful to have her in our lives and are definitely grateful to you guys for breeding such a wonderful dog.

Hopefully one day we can get back up to see you guys and let Millie romp around with some of her extended family.

Ben & Sarah M.


J. S.'s Black Female Lab "Chloe"

Pete and Julie, (2/9/14)

I wanted to touch base and let you know how things have gone since my son and I picked up three pups from you (one for us) last April. Little Miss Chloe of Marble Mountain Stompe has been an absolute joy from the day we got her and celebrated her one year birthday last Friday . She has gone to work on occasion with both Mary and I, has been to doggie day care and stayed with family and friends at times. In each case, everyone has been delighted with her and commented how smart she is and such a wonderful personality. I would have been reasonably happy with just these results, but as you may recall, I was also looking for a reliable hunting partner in the field. Chloe's natural instincts and drive in the field combined with her great intelligence have made training relatively easy and resulted in an outstanding duck dog even before her first birthday. On may of our hunts I take her in my two man kayak requiring a paddle of a mile or two to get to the hunting grounds. She is calm and steady (most of the time) and jumps in and out on command. She has retrieved many birds that I never would have found; dealt with bay mud; broken through ice covered Tule ponds to make retrieves and made retrieves of up to three birds at a time. Her first retrieve of the year she had to swim across a small slough and run back about 30 yards to find a drake sprig buried in pickle weed. She found the bird easily using her keen sense of smell, swam across the slough and delivered the duck to hand. At that point I knew we were in for a fun filled duck season. 26 days of hunting and 88 ducks later we wrapped up our season. Including retrieves of ducks my partners shot I would say Chloe retrieved over 100 birds.

I have included a few photos for your enjoyment. When I get around to it I will send a video of Chloe's favorite evening entertainment, chasing a laser dot around the living room.

Thanks again for providing and outstanding dog. Feel free to use all or part of this email and photos in any advertising or promotional material.

J. S.


J. P.'s Yellow Lab "Emma"

Hey Pete, (1-30-14)

Just wanted to give you a season ending report on my little stud Emma. The photo attached is from last Saturday's season ending quail hunt. We had a very productive morning shooting 17 quail which Emma had a hand (or paw) in. She pointed and retrieved 7. I have to tell you that this year has been one of the most enjoyable seasons that I can remember. She is such a joy to be around and all the dogs that I hunt with absolutely love her. She is the ringleader in fun prior to the hunts beginning.

One thing I wanted to ask you is the availability of quail land in your neck of the woods. I hunt with 3 other guys who like myself take quail hunting to another level. As much as we love to hunt, quail is our passion. We are fully equipped and knowledgeable on chasing these little rocket ships. We have a quail lease up in Coloma and also pay landowners throughout the Northern valley and foothills to hunt their land specifically for quail. My question to you is do you have any landowners up in your area that have a sizable quail population that would allow us to hunt for a fee? We are always looking to expand our territory and would be grateful for any contacts that you may be able to put me together with.

Until next year,

J. P.

Letter from a Client Meeting our Dogs and Looking over our Facilities in February 2014

Hi Pete and Julie,

It was so wonderful for us to be able to see the dogs and your facilities for the dogs on Feb. 1. And great to meet you, too, Pete--thank you for making us feel so welcome. Hoping to meet you, Julie, in a few months. We loved getting to see the puppies and I was just so sad that they were all spoken for! But that makes getting a puppy this spring that much sweeter. :) I loved getting to see Valdez, Major, Connie & Banks--to see their sizes, color and personalities. And getting to see an offspring of Connie & Banks was a special surprise, too! We know that even from the same parents, a puppy could be much different from the one we met. . .but so nice to see the size and color, just to get an idea.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we will end up with a puppy from one of these litters!! And looking forward (hopefully) to seeing you both in May!

Thanks again,
P. K.

Black Major x Kate Puppy

A customer sent us this photo of their Major x Kate puppy relaxing on the beach near Dana Point, California.

A Letter from Dave C. of Interior Alaska Guides & Outfitters, LLC


Hello Pete & Julie,

Just a short note about Barley, who we got from you 2 yrs ago (MMK Delta Bird Boy Barley).

He's turning out to be probably the best dog I have ever owned (our of 6 retrievers) in every respect. He's a great family dog, a great companion - he goes w/ me everywhere - and a very fine hunter.

As a young pup he was a little headstrong, but once I got force fetching into his head things seemed to click for him after that. He has not been difficult to train.

In 2 seasons he has retrieved 364 ducks, gees, and cranes total. He loves the water and he loves birds. It's particularly fun to watch him wrestle with a 15 lb. goose cripple in the water when he only weighs 66 lbs.

This fall (December, actually) he made the most spectacular retrieve I've ever seen in 50 yrs of waterfowling. I wounded 2 geese that fell in a mud flat slough. He retrieved one while the other one swam down the slough and out of sight.

After the first retrieve we walked down the slough +- 250 yds but I could not see the bird. I was about to give up when I noticed an eagle swooping down way out on the saltwater mud flats. At least 600 yds away.

The eagle was trying to get the other goose, who had crawled out of the slough onto the flats and was heading out towards open water.

There was no way I was going to get that bird by going any farther because the tide was coming in. Barley could not see the bird, and I barely could.

I sent him on a line and he went 300 yds or so and then looked back. From there on using hand signals only I only had to make 2 corrections and he got that bird at the tideline. It was very impressive.

I'm thinking of taking him to Montana to go pheasant hunting next yr. w/ some friends. He's manifested the pointing instinct a few times on twenty birds and a porcupine once, but other than that, he's had virtually no experience on upland birds.

What would you suggest as a primer for him? By the way, he does hunt very close when he's hunting pothole birds in the marshes with me.

There's no doubt that you raise quality dogs. Thank you.

Dave C.

J's Hunting Dog, Emma

Happy holidays Pete,

Just a quick update on Emma. She is becoming quite the upland hunter. The day before Thanksgiving I went with a couple of friends of mine to hunt wild birds at a wetland area that hasn't been pushed yet this year. Emma pointed for the first time. In the attached photo (Emma is on the right) she pointed and retrieved three of the five birds. Can't wait to get her out to hunt ducks, hopefully they will arrive here in the valley soon.

Thanks again Pete for providing me with a very special partner.

J. P.

Black Porter x Missy Female

A couple sent us this photo of their beautiful black Porter x Missy female born in early 2013.

R. D.'s "Lola"

...She [Lola] is at 20 lbs. now very muscular and growing like a weed. [Our older dog] is holding a good weight 120lbs yes he is a big boy and she [Lola] loves her big brother see attached photo of her trying to pull him around. Thanks for the info and our pup is amazing she is a very smart dog and has no fear and is the sweetest girl ever.
R. D.

Suae-chen's Banks x Winter Puppy

After a few harmless growls and baring of teeth from the dominant older dog, it looks like Suae-chen's new puppy has a new best friend!

Banks x Kinley Chocolate Male, "Gunner"

Barry and I just thought you might like to know how "Blue" now named Gunner is doing. Well, we're very happy to say he slept almost the whole way from your house to ours in Shasta Lake by Redding last Saturday. He is now house broken and no accidents inside he whines when he wants out. He loves to play fetch and he will bring it back to us most of the time. He also will sit most of the time on command. He's also pointing. We all love him so much!!! He helped us in the yard this weekend when Barry was making a pile of limbs Gunner was dragging others over to the pile behind Barry. He is very smart!! He has gotten so big in just one week. We're so glad we have a huge backyard for him to run and play in. I have included some pictures. We are still feeding him one cup of food two times a day. When should we change that? Thank you again so much!!
We will keep in touch!
B & R P


"Emma," Jeff's Yellow Porter x Rio Lab

Hey Pete,

I just wanted to send you an update on Emma (Rio's litter), I picked her up from you in late May (2013). She is absolutely the smartest puppy I have ever had which is saying a lot if you knew her predecessors. She has several dove and chucker under her belt already and currently is training on pheasants at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve. She works to a whistle (haven't had to use a check cord yet), is eager to please, and just a joy to be with. I hunt with a few outstanding dog trainers and it makes me so proud to hear them tell me how impressed they are with her ability at such a young age. She's not big but has an absolute tenacious attitude and will to hunt. Her only drawback is that her mouth isn't big enough yet to get around a pheasant so she just drags it back to me by it's neck or wing. My family absolutely loves her, she is great around people and has an infectious personality that keeps us smiling.

Don't be surprised if you get a few referrals from me, I've had several inquiries as to where I had picked her up from. You have great dogs Pete, and I will be sure to look you up when I'm ready for a new pup

Here's a couple of pics for you,

Jeff P


Carol Ann's chocolate Lab is a beach dog!

Carol Ann's not a hunter, but her chocolate Lab spends a lot of time on the beach with her in California!

Collin tells us about his dog "Trig"

Hey just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful pup. I got trig when he was 6 weeks from you guys he is now 3. He has turned out to be a non stop hunter and a wonderful house dog. Great around family and young ones. Thank you again will never go anywhere else to get a dog.

-Collin B.


Jazz of Marble Mountain

Here's a pic of jazz lounging in her new,favorite spot. We love her to pieces. Thanks!

M & C in Santa Barbara with their new Puppy "Morgan"

Pete and Julie,

We have had our puppy for 9 days now. ( she is 10/11 weeks old) Our golden puppy, Morgan, is from Kate and Major born 2/4/13. This puppy came "pre-trained". She was house broken in 5 days, fetches, sits and walks on a leash without pulling. This dog is so smart, you only have to show her once, and she gets it. All the puppy training books that I read - not useful for this puppy. She's so mellow and cuddly. She has stolen our hearts. We can't wait to take her to the beach ( we live 2 blocks away from the water). We could have 5 puppies at once if they were all like her. Morgan is going to be an advanced therapy dog here in Santa Barbara.

Pete was so fantastic to deal with, we couldn't be more pleased. She was worth waiting for. Thanks. For all your help Pete, answering all of questions and supplying us with lots of pictures and videos. Thank you.

M & C from Santa Barbara


Janae's update on her Lab, "Willow"

Hi Julie. This is our little girl now! Willow is such a good dog for our family. Gets along with everyone and has finally found her bark when strangers come around ;-)

Joe D. is proud of his chocolate Lab, Max

I bought one of you puppy’s from last year litter I just wanted to send you a picture of max and to say thank you for a great experience. Thank you again. Joseph D.


Eric tells us about his 8 week old Banks x Connie pup

I thought you might enjoy the attached pictures of "Zinnie" at 8 weeks. She has been a fantastic puppy. She is very intelligent and has already started to pickup many basic commands. She is also retrieving a ball. Most of all, Zinnie has shown a very pleasant temperament and has been getting along quite well with our two young kids. The second picture is of Zinnie with my daughter Emily.

Merry Christmas,


Paul writes this about his 9 months old Banks x Chinook chocolate pup, May

I picked up my pup May from you guys in March 2011. This was her first hunting weekend and she did amazing. She has so much desire to please and loves getting birds. She has been the best dog I have ever had by far. Everybody that meets her tells me she is not only one of the best looking labs they have seen, but also how smart she is. Thanks for the great dog!


Larry and Maureen write this about their pup, Haze

Marble Mountain's Chocolate Haze (11/15/2009 MPR RattlinRidge's Bronco Bill MH x Krazy Kenai of Marble Mountain)

Pete, this little chocolate bundle came to us with ears too big for his head and a long, long, skinny tail. Both of which we never thought he would grow into, were we ever wrong. The little chocolate bundle is now a big chocolate dynamo. Haze has courage, heart, drive, desire, intelligence, and wants to please. Plus he's a big, loveable goofball. Because of Haze's great breeding we wanted him to have the opportunity to achieve his full potential. Haze began training to compete in Field Trials at the age of seven months. He ran in several Derbies this past spring always making it to the third series before being eliminated. Haze has been training hard preparing to continue his Derby career this fall. Then it's onto Qualifying.

Thanks for breeding such a wonderful chocolate dog.


Tori & Rick write this about their 7 month old Banks x Chinook pup, Kane

We thought we would give you an update on our pup "King Kane of Marble Mountain" or Kane as we call him. We purchased him from you in March 2011 at the Sportsman show up in Anderson. He is from your litter born January 15th, the dam is Chinook of Marble Mountain and the sire is Fairbanks of Marble Mountain. He caught our eye initially because he was the only yellow lab in the litter of chocolate labs, and his eyes were so piercing. As soon as I picked him up, we knew it was all over with and we had to take him home. He is the most intelligent dog we have ever had by far, a little hard headed (a male lab for sure), but he will listen and he learns. He, at 7 months, is already showing the signs of a great hunter, he crouches down and watches intently for the toy "drop", and can find it even if it lands in the ivy where it is hidden. He will play fetch all day if we had the energy. He absolutely loves our swimming pool; ever since summer began we have been swimming with him every day for about 2 - 3 hours. I have included some photos ranging from the 1st day we brought him home up to just a few days ago, and as you can see, he loves his pool time, if I leave my float out he will climb on it and float around; needless to say he is very much loved and very much spoiled, but he is a great dog!!


Kerry & Gordon write this about their 1 year old Banks x Kenai pup

Pete - a little feedback as our chocolate female, Cody (8/31/2010 Banks x Kenai) turned 1 yr old today. She's been a great addition to our family, especially since our two old labs (one a chocolate with sire = Barracuda Blue) passed late last year & left us with an all-too-quiet home without kids or dogs! Cody, despite being a city dog, is out working everyday in the park across the street from our home in SF. She's a great swimmer- has been in SF Bay since age 4 months (jumped in on her own after seeing the older dogs do it) & is absolutely a natural and extremely competitive water dog. Her disposition is unbeatable- very sociable with people and other dogs, but has a nice deep bark when someone knocks at the door in the evening. We couldn't be happier with her. The added bonus is that our daughters love to come home to see their new "sister". Thank you so much for Cody!

Kinley's Brother Wins a Derby Trophy!

Maureen Hacker is the proud owner of "Haze," a Willie x Kenai son. He has just recently won a Derby trophy! Congratulations! One of our breeding dams, Kinley, is Haze's sister.


Jeff comments on his pup Rev

Pete, I should have made an attempt long before now to let you know how that little pup we picked out is doing. He has a strong desire to hunt and hunt well!!!, he has taken well to his status as a field champion type dog on our pond, other hunters are always making comments about his skills and his athletic look. His ability to figure out how to chase and find cripples either on land or water is a pleasure to watch, he uses that wind and his nose as a sort of GPS device. My original training included lots of night lessons, he was a fast learner and wanted more and more. Rev is also a great family pet and is a big part of our family. After having a dog that was a great hunter and another that was a great family dog – it’s really something to have that combo dog!! Thought I would send along a couple of recent photos, hope you and your family are doing well, thanks again.

Danelle gives us a good update on 15 month old Remmie (brother to MMK’s Cascade)

I've been meaning to write and give you an update on Remmie (Remmingtons Sureshot of Marble Mountain) but just never seemed to find a minute to sit down. We purchased Remmie from you at the CalExpo Sportsman show last year Jan 2010. He is from the Nitro/Bristol litter born 12/9/09. Now that our hunting season is officially over since our pheasant club closes today, I thought I'd make the time to thank you for the worlds greatest hunting dog, pointing lab and family member!!

Remmie has been a gem from the start and a wonderful addition to our family. He's a great companion, loving and always inquisitive and eager to please. His first hunting experience at 9 months old was opening of dove season Sept 1st and he fetched his first real bird! He was so proud of himself, I have pictures to prove.

Next it was on to duck hunting at 11 months. Remmie took to duck hunting quickly and is credited with 15 ducks by seasons end. On to pheasants -- unusual for CA it was actually a decent opening for wild pheasant here. Remmie followed our older dog around for a day and caught on fast. In three wild pheasant trips Remmie put up a couple birds and ended the day with 1 wild pheasant all his own, pointed and retrieved.

We made 5 trips to our pheasant club, Comanche Hills, and that's where he really came into his own. The first trip he had a little too much competition with the older dog but was really showing promise. Just before leaving, my husband Tom decided to take Remmie for one last circle alone before leaving and left the older dog with me at the truck. Within 20 yards of the truck Remmie went on point out in the open. Tom thought he was scenting a previous bird that we had scared up near there earlier and wasn't ready when a bird broke from a patch of grass not big enough to hide a mouse. It was a bird! Tom took a hasty shot and ass ended it but the bird got up and flew away before Tom remembered to release Remmie, who's been taught not to break when the gun goes off, to go get it. They tracked the bird down the hill around the creek but never came up with it again. We ended with three that day, Remmie fetched 2 but his solo bird was not to be that day.

The next trip Tom again took both dogs and contended with the competition issue again but still came home with three more birds. The next trip Tom decided to try Remmie solo. He came home with the biggest grin on his face! Remmie had put up 7 birds and come home with 4. Just to be certain it wasn't a fluke Tom took Remmie out once again about three weeks ago and Remmie put 12 birds in the air, holding a point on at least 9 of them! They only came home with 5 (Tom only had 8 shells with him for the day). The guys at the club house are astounded at Remmie's pointing, flushing and fetching abilities especially at only 1 year old! We tell everyone where we got him so you may be hearing from some of them.

The club closes today so we made one last outing on Friday so my daughter and I could witness this phenomenon and we were NOT disappointed. We took Remmie out solo once again and he was definitely ON his game! He put up 10 birds, scenting and holding point on 7 or 8 the other two broke just as Remmie was planting his feet. We came home with 8. So at seasons end its Remmie with....1 dove, 15 ducks, 1 wild pheasant, and over 30 club pheasants that are all his! And he probably held a point on over 80%. He's a natural and is going to go through some major withdrawals waiting for September 1st to be able to start it all over again.

Thank you again for the world’s greatest family dog and all around hunting dog!

Rocky the Hunting Dog

Sorry I am not much of a picture taker, Rocky is doing great, he will be 11 this summer, vibrant, healthy, still rambunctious. He and I exercise every morning in an open space we live next to with a creek, willows and running room. In the spring when the birds are hatching and learning to fly, he always finds a few and brings them to me wet, but never harmed, what a mouth he has. I take them into the willows and release them. One of my friends here in Colorado Springs, Mike Palmer, bought a dog from you after seeing Rocky, his son told me their dog is just great also. Thanks for checking have a great week end.

9 years ago I bought Rocky from you, he was 1 yr old. I have hauled him to Canada duck and goose hunting, all over three states hunting pheasant and quail. He is getting older now, like I am, but he could not have been a better dog/companion. Ornery and self-willed but a delight to own. Many wanted to breed to him but I had him neutered, they stated they had never hunted behind a better Lab, some were hunting dog trainers, just wanted you to know, you can be proud of what you breed.

Cody G. writes about his Lab "Rocky"

My family has had their own kennels for many years. I wanted to compliment you guys on your blood lines and genetics in these dogs. My puppy Rocky is great with the family and has some of the best hunting instinct. He was pointing at 3 months old and just yesterday we jumped 8 wild pheasants while training. He is a hunting, retrieving, and pointing machine. If you're looking for a dog. Marble Mountain Kennels is the way to go.

Steve L. writes about his 18 month-old Ally, a Banks x Lucy Lab

I thought I would share this with you. Ally was on her first batch of Ducks yesterday. She has had probably 5 trips of upland for pheasants and only some brief wing training around the house and never been out for ducks. Well at 7:00 am the first duck hit the water, splash she bound out and naturally retrieved the bird back to the blind. I was as happy as could be, almost to tears, just like my son hitting his first home run. She continued to bring back seven more for the crew of three. Then she flushed 4 hen pheasants and one rooster with a retrieve back with rooster. Banks x Lucy produced a great family pet and hunting companion.

Kevin C. from High Sierra Labs, who bought a Juneau x Cuda female writes:

Brooke, the chocolate female I got from you is doing well. I have taken her hunting on planted birds about a half dozen times. She is a natural and good pointer. She loves to retrieve as well. I haven't weighed her, but she is medium size and probably around 65 to 70 pounds. She will be a great hunter.

Jerry, who bought a Juneau x Cuda pup writes:

Since her first birthday is fast approaching, I thought you might be interested in hearing about Lucy. She had the opportunity to hunt pheasants in the Palouse, ducks on the Umatilla and ducks on the Columbia. She did very well her first season. She did a 100 yard plus blind retrieve on water in a jump-shooting situation. I sent her on a line and she swam the line until she saw the duck. I was very pleased. She is an extremely athletic dog. She can outrun and outswim other labs that are in their prime. She would rather retrieve than eat. When I start to get ready to hunt, she is a "shadow" excitedly waiting to go along. Lucy is probably the smartest dog I have been around. (Too smart for her own good sometimes) Here is an example of her intelligence. She knows she will get into trouble if she puts her feet on the kitchen counters. She wants to check out what's on the counters...so...she goes into the dining room and pushes a chair (they have wheels) into the kitchen. She gets on the chair so she can check out the counters. Sometimes it's scary trying to keep a step ahead of her.

Aaron T., an owner of a Slick Nick x Fiona puppy writes:

Hi Pete. I have a black male (Hank) from the May 2000 litter out of Fio and Nick. I just wanted to send you an update to let you know how well things are going. He went on his 3rd hunt this past weekend and is doing fantastic. We shot 20 mallards and 4 pintails and he picked everything up with style. Here's an email from my hunting/training partner.....

”I have to give credit where credit is due. Hank was awesome. I thought about having one of my pups out there several times throughout the day and I think they would do okay, but no where near what he did. He never came off the platform, even with you 10 feet away in the blind and nothing between him and 25 mallards lighting in the dekes. He ran a couple blinds, handled well, chased down some classic cripples, picked up 24 birds total, and was unbelievably low maintenance. Darn man, pat yourself on the back twice for me. Pat him on the head too. Great work for a three or four year old dog, much less a year and a half old pup on his third hunt. All the hard work with him is really paying off.

Amy H. and her Kenai x Cuda puppy

My husband John and I have a male chocolate lab from Marble Mountain, Kenai X Cuda, in July 1999. His name is Tali, from Talisker. He is an absolute joy, with the best disposition, beautiful and with unreal retrieving desire. I see on your website that Kenai is accomplished with ducks and geese -- Tali takes after her on that. I have never seen a dog who is a better swimming retriever. He also looks quite a bit like Dutch, who I suppose is a brother to Tali. Good gene pool! I will try to send a picture of Tali to you so you can see what a gorgeous and alert dog he has become.

Narvel B. and his a Cuda x Juneau puppy of 2 years old

Pete, I thought I would drop you a note concerning Kiss the Juneau and Cuda pup that was born 2-28-2000. She will be 2 years old in 4 days. Kiss is currently with an AKC hunt test trainer in Hempstead, Tx; James Davis, owner of Limestone Kennels. Last spring James ran Kiss in six hunt test, She passed 5 consecutive Senior hunter test without having to handle on a single mark in all 5 test. After getting her senior title she ran and passed her first masters on November 3-4 2001. She was 21 months old when she passed her first AKC Master Hunter test. James ran 10 master level dogs in that test 3 of the 10 dogs needed only 1 pass to receive their title

Kiss and the trainer's dog Limestone's Roll the Dice were the only two to pass the test that he ran. If you get Retriever Field Trial News look on page 60 of the Jan 2002 issue She is the first dog listed in Master A of the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club results. Kiss is a very stylish retriever. I believe you referred to Kiss as the royal collar pup. According to your puppy evaluation at 8 weeks she was the best retriever in the litter of 10. I have been told by professional trainers that Kiss may be a once in a lifetime dog. I have had many professional trainers comment on what a nice dog she is. She is an explosive retriever that is controllable.

We expect Kiss to complete her Master Hunter Title this spring. After that I hope to start her training for field trials. I hope to have her running in qualifying stakes before the year is over. She is one terrific little dog she weighs 68 pounds. I have started a web site Duck-Dogs.com there are some pictures of her on the web site. I will try to keep you posted on her progress.

David G. writes this of his 15 month old Juneau x Ryder puppy

Pete - hope things are going well!

Wanted to send a few pictures - have been meaning to do this for some time. My puppy is registered as Blue Rider's Barrakuda Bear - goes by Kuda.

Had him out hunting 15-18 times this year. He is impressive. We still have work to do but I am very pleased at both of our progress. Over the past six months he has trained at least once if not twice daily - I am doing it all my self (some help from Lardy's tapes). Have all the latest technology - remote launchers (3), had held launcher......... and a freezer full of frozen ducks.

He has not finished the double T as of yet. He is very ready, as we have finished 3 handed casting. He Marks unbelievably well - does triples in heavy cover. I cannot stress enough his "machine" like enthusiasm and spirit!!! I call him the machine and everyone who sees him train is totally taken back. He gets after it in a big way!

He is a beautiful animal, is in tip-top shape, and is as lovable as they come - great disposition and personality. He is 15 months now and ways in at 78 pounds. He is sleek and carries himself like no other lab I have seen.

Anyhow - wanted to get you up to speed. This is a great animal!!!

Randy H. and his Cuda x Juneau pup

Pete, I thought I would drop you a note to thank you again on "Tugg." He's doing great and is at 34 pounds now. I assume you are the one who taught him sit, as he knew it from day one. He is now doing down, come, stay, stand, look, back, right and left over with ease as well as retrieving consistently from 100 feet to hand. Not gun shy and just an extremely lovable little guy. This is the smartest and easiest to train pup I have ever seen. Thanks again.

Susan G. and her Ryder x Juneau puppy

I purchased a choc female from your litter of Ryder and Juneau of December 17, 2000. We named her Cuda's Halo and she has turned into a wonderful duck dog for my 16 year old son and a smart and wonderful pet, also. Although Halo had no formal training, she became an excellent duck dog. She is so smart and extremely quick to learn. By the way, she is a natural pointer, also. She is polite, with excellent manners. We couldn't ask for a better dog.

Her hips are rated OFA Good. She just had her first litter of puppies bred to Running With The Devil. She has 9 puppies, choc and black.

Dave G. comments on his 29 month old Ryder x Juneau male.

Wanted to give you an update on Kuda and his training. Kuda is in Iowa with a professional trainer; he has been there for two months and things are going well. The trainer's name is Mark Jansma; Coon River Kennels out of Sac City, IA.

Mark's comment on Kuda says he is the hardest charging lab he has ever trained.

Anyhow, I know you are interested in how your dogs are doing. This one is a gem and he is doing a lot of what he loves - fetching, training, and hunting!!

I will let you know how our Canada trip goes.

Kevin M. and his 10 month old Rip x Juneau puppy

I have one of your Rip x Juneau pups. She is now about 10 months old and is now showing her pointing instinct. She is already a retrieving machine and has lots of desire to use her nose, and the last several trainings she has locked up on pheasants. Now that this has started to click I will be working on making her a pointer.

Jim R's Rip x Juneau pup

Just wanted to bring you up to date since I wrote you last. I have had Duece out in the field and lakes here with other lab pups his age and I cannot believe the difference. Yesterday we were out fishing at a lake here with Duece. My son took the pup with him to the other side of a cove directly across from me. I watched him throwing a bumper in the water for Duece to retrieve. Both were having a great time in play. I yelled for my son to not tire the pup out. Duece looked up and saw me on the other side of the cove and immediately started to swim to me. I was a little worried because it was easily 80 yards and the water was deep were he was swimming. Duece swam directly to me without stopping, got out of the water shook one time like this is nothing, and was ready to play some more.

Pete, I just wanted you to know that this pup is solid. Duece also points a wing that we toss on the end of a fishing pole. You did a great job with this breeding and I thank you.

Hope we keep in touch.

Note: Jim bought his second Marble Mountain puppy in February of 2003.

Jerry V. and his Cuda x Juneau pup

I am giving you an update on No Lucy Goosie (Lucy). She is out of a Cuda x Juneau litter. She is three years old this season. She has developed into a very good waterfowl dog and an outstanding upland dog.

She has a great nose and her athletic abilities are amazing. She has incredible endurance and never slows down in the field. She is very intelligent and has figured out where birds are likely to hold, and no cover will stop her from finding the birds. My hunting friends all want to hunt with Lucy because of her abilities.

She is a very affectionate dog and fun to be around. She travels with us most of the time and is very well mannered. She can be left in her kennel in a hotel room and never fusses. The only exception is a hunting trip. She knows what is going on and doesn't want to miss the action.

We have certainly enjoyed owning one of your fine dogs.

Mike P. and his 8 month old pup Stryder, a Brooks x Ryder pup.

Hello Pete,

Just a note to give you some feedback on the pup I bought from you in June. (Ryder x Brooks) We named him "Stryder" and I just got back from a Kansas pheasant hunt. He is only 8 months old and he was exceptional!!! He worked the milo fields like a champ and busted through the rough cover like a veteran. I was hunting my two 1.5 year old females and he put them to shame. From my experience, I would say that this is a good breeding.


David H. writes about his one year old chocolate male out of Ridge x Brooks litter

Pete, we are very pleased with our Chocolate Lab we bought from you Nov 04. He did great hunting this year, pointed birds and is performing beyond our expectations. We would love to acquire another puppy from you.

Terry N. writes about his two one year old puppies

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the pups we got from you about a year ago. Cody and Banner went on their first pheasant hunting trip last week. They weren't quite sure what that big bird was that I shot. But after they sniffed it a couple of times, they got the idea. I have to tell you, I have had several dogs over the years and those are the two smartest ones I have ever owned. Both are great pets and Cody, the light one, is an imp. He and my wife are something else to watch. Like my boys, he knows just how to push her buttons.

Cody B. writes about his 8-week old Stanley x Brooks puppy

Hey Pete this is Cody Buick. Just letting you know the puppy's doing great so far. I've never seen dogs this intelligent at such a young age. Just in the last week she knows her name (Siskiyou), come, potty trained and she fetches very well.

Victor G. writes about his 3-month old Stanley x Brooks puppy

Happy holidays I hope you and your family the best this holiday season. The pup is doing well and growing fast. We are so happy with our new addition to our family.

P.S. As you can see from the picture we're trying not to spoil him to much.

Roger writes this about his 9 month old Hacker x Goldie puppy

We just wanted to pass on a few pictures of our boy, Kalu. He is an integral part of our family. He is a real beaut and the upfront training that ya'll did has been great. He is amazing and always "hangs" on our every word & command. He absolutely loves playing with bumpers in the backyard. He is a retrieving machine.

Jeff writes this about his one year old pup:

Wiley is doing great, he has had some obedience work and is a great looking dog, with a super sweet disposition. I am interested in possibly getting him some training and would like to get him going as soon as possible.

I had him out at Hastings Island before the season closed, and he has no fear of cover, water, or the gun. He even found a hen. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or him! Any way, thanks for the terrific pup.

Cathy writes this about 4 month old Chance x Chena pup and her husband:

We couldn't be happier with our pup. She is a Chance X Chena pup that we picked up at Christmas. I wanted to show you how Steve has just started working on with her. You can see she loves the duck and is not afraid to jump in after it. Steve works on training every day, with retrieving, heal, wing on a rod, and walks. He has shot around her and she is not the least bit gun shy. She is all around great.

Jennifer shares her thoughts on her two MMK puppies. (Ryder x Copper & Hacker x Goldie pup)

Hi- Pete! Well, it's been just about one year since my two puppies came to NJ. I have a chocolate male named Nigel from Copper x Ryder, and a yellow female named Remy from Goldie x Hacker. Nigel is a large, muscular lab, about 90-95 pounds and Remy is definitely small, at about 60-65 pounds. They are fabulous dogs! Remy is definitely more athletic, more driven to retrieve and track, and more prone to barking to get our attention! Nigel is INCREDIBLY affectionate, very cuddly, and strikingly good-looking. They have just started formal training with us and a professional trainer and are we are amazed with their intelligence and disposition.

You picked perfectly for our family, as they are 'soft' dogs that do not require much in terms of correction to really get the point. They are great with our kids, and really a pleasure. The trainer, who trains bomb and narcotics dogs, as well as dogs for TV work, said that Remy is a "machine"- she focuses and learns instantaneously, with a very strong desire to please.

I want to congratulate you on two great breedings and thank you for choosing two fabulous dogs for our family. Since our last yellow lab was a descendant of Super Chief, this is really saying a lot!

John's Ryder x Copper Dog

11 months old
I highly recommend that you purchase from the Copper X Ryder litter. This chocolate lab pedigree, especially Ryder's, speaks for itself. In addition, Pete Morrill is a fine person and I would trust him completely when selecting from the litter.

I am the proud owner of Gunner. Although I live in Arizona and do not hunt, I do provide Gunner an environment for him to demonstrate his abilities. I walk him every morning in the desert so that he can track quail and dove. He is an excellent flusher and, on occasion, has shown a propensity to point. His pointing would probably be more pronounced if I spent more time training in that regard.

I also take Gunner to a dog park that has a man made pond for dogs to swim. When he was a pup, I was initially concerned that he was afraid of the water because of his reluctance to get into the swimming pool at our house. However, when I took him to the dog park, the first time I threw a tennis ball into the pond, he waded right in and retrieved it as though he had be doing so for years! He is a tremendous water dog.

As for livability with the family, Gunner is full of personality, playful and loves to be around "his people". He is also very friendly around neighbors, especially children. He socializes very well with other dogs.

I took Gunner through obedience training and he did very well in that environment. Gunner does everything that I expect to get out of him; any shortcoming in his trainability would be my responsibility. I am confident if you or Pete had trained him for hunting or field trials, Gunner would have responded well.

Gunner turns a year old next week. At eleven months, he weighed 76 pounds.

I hope this information helps, and I would not hesitate to buy from this litter. In fact, as a result of your email, my family has been nudging me to make another purchase!

Michael's Ryder x Copper Dog

11 months old
He is great with a family. He is incredibly lovable. He always wants to be next to me or touching someone. He is very smart and has been a joy to train. He has never been afraid of anything. The first time we took him to the beach he charged right into the ocean after our older dog. He has great retrieving instincts and is very athletic. He can jump over or through anything. We are currently starting him in agility training. He is of medium to large build, but is solid muscle so is heavier then he appears. (currently 11 months old and 80 lbs). He is full of energy at the beach or on a hike, but will quickly relax and calm down once in the house. He also has a natural pointing tendency. We live next to the beach, with plenty of sea birds. On walks he points out birds in the canal, in the bushes, and in the air all the time.

I would highly recommend a pup from this combination.

Greg updates us on his Ryder x Copper Dog

11 months old
Our Mollie is also from Ryder x Copper. She's been a real joy for our family, and a hunting fool. I've had 4 labs before her and she's the best of the bunch. I have a 23 year old son that hunts all the time here in central California, and before she was 9 months old she retrieved close to 100 ducks, 25 plus pheasant, Ross, snow, and Canada geese. Her temperament, instinct, and desire, are results of great breeding.

5 months old
My son Brian and I are having a ball hunting the pup we got from you. She was the second pick, female, from the Ryder X Copper II breeding.
She is a natural at pheasant.......hard working and very birdy with a great nose. We took her to a pheasant club @ 5 mo. old, shot a couple of chukar over her, then put her in the field and let her do her thing. Attached is one picture of her with a few of the birds she flushed and retrieved (5 mo. old). Brian is working her on ducks often, and at her young age she's doing spectacular. She has already retrieved 30 some ducks, a couple of decoys, and some spent shells.

Lisa comments about her 1 year old male "Ranger" from the Ryder x Copper breeding

We got a male pup from the Ryder x Copper litter and his name is Ranger. Although we do not hunt with him (we got him primarily as a family dog), I can speak about the other qualities you asked about.

Trainability: he has proven to be a very quick learner and people have commented on how good he has responded from early on. We have trained him to sit, stay, heel, come, avoid certain rooms in our house, and go to the back, left and right depending on what we ask of him.

Water: we are fortunate to live on a manmade lake and he has never been afraid to jump-in from early on (I think my husband had him swimming when he was 2.5 months old). Now he LOVES the water and we cannot keep him out (so we had to build a fence to prevent him from always coming up wet and muddy to our back door).

Liveability and personality: he is an extremely friendly dog who doesn't know a single enemy. He is sweet and gentle with our 21 month old daughter and has been from the very beginning. They love each other so much. He is also great with the neighbors and their pets. He even does well with my two cats (who don't care much for him at all). Like the others, he loves to be around "his people" and is very much a family dog. I will say his only downfall is that, when excited, he will jump a lot but that is our fault and we are working hard to break that habit now.

Other notes of interest: he never barks - even when the neighbor's dogs bark constantly at everything. He also is a very athletic dog - my husband runs (long distances), mountain bikes, kayaks, etc. with him for at least an hour or two a day and for many, many hours on the weekends. He is a strong, athletic dog who loves to exercise and can always keep up. He weighs approx. 75 lbs at 1 year.

I highly recommend this litter. We have had a great experience.

MMK Choco Rocco Nia Gou (aka "Rocco")

This is MMK Choco Rocco Nia Gou (Rocco). He is out of the Banks/Chinook litter 1/15/2011. He is 90 lbs. and moves like he weighs 50 lbs. His size and athleticism comes in very useful while goose hunting on the river. He earned his JR Title last year and his SR Title this year. We plan to attend an APLA hunt test this fall to test his pointing ability. We will attempt to get his MH Title next year. He is my first gun dog and I have done all of his training myself. Therefore, he is obviously very forgiving of my mistakes and will not quit. He has huge drive and is a very serious hunter. He definitely has the "work hard, play hard" attitude. He is an amazing companion and friend. He is a pleasure in the house and great with our baby boy. There are not very many places we go that we do not get a compliment on how beautiful Rocco is. We are extremely pleased with our dog and would like to thank you for the opportunity to own a dog of such great quality with very desirable characteristics.

Justin & Angela Miller
Gooding, ID


Marcy F's Chocolate Major x Ellie Lab, "Beau"

January 2015
Julie &Pete-it was great seeing you again yesterday at The Expo. We love our Beau! He is fantastic in the field. He is from Major & Ellie's litter.
--Marcy F.

The P's "Royal Ruby"

Ruby's litter of pups! 11 pups!!! Day 1. — with Marble Mountain Kennels (I'm sorry I can't get the video to link here....)


Deborah W's "Miss Nelli"

Miss Nelli — with Marble Mountain Kennels.