Trained Dog Owner Comments

Damon E's Started Dog, "Duke," a Yellow Lab Male out of Joey x Maybell

December 8, 2017
Aloha Pete, John and Marble Mountain Family,

I hope you all are doing well.
Duke, of Sam's Creek Josiah and Maybell of Bearpoint, is doing fantastic. He will be 2 next month. He is enjoying the weather and activities here, loves the trail walks and especially the beach. He's an absolute retrieving machine, he will not quit. On the flip side, he has an incredible ON/OFF switch. In the house a lovable companion with a great personality.
Our upland bird season started a few weeks ago and he knows exactly what to do! Stays within gun range and checks my position constantly. Obeys commands with out much repeating, albeit he will refuse to give up the retrieve most of the time but we're working on that. His points aren't the classical point and it took me awhile to recognize it but yesterday he locked up on point on a chukar that took my breath away. It was so precise that I forgot all about the bird and actually said I wish I had my camera rather than shotgun in my hand.
Thank you all for everything from the puppy profiling, care, training and support you have given. Duke is awesome and a wonderful member of my family.
I wish you all the very best and a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year.

Much Aloha,
Damon and Duke


John M's Yellow Male Lab, "Cooper"

Hunted Clear Creek Club today. By chance met up with Mountain Dan of the Pursuit Channel. He witnessed Cooper's pointing ability and was totally blown away, asking how long will he hold his point? I told him buy me a beer and when we're done I'll flush the bird. He wants to schedule a photo shoot and asked about Marble Mountain Kennels. I told him to go on line and visit your web site. If it comes to be Cooper may be on National TV.

The puppy is just great!!! (Goliath x Chetco black male adopted in the fall of 2018) Cooper hunted hard and pointed and retrieved ten birds today, one tired boy tonight. No doubt in my mind Cooper is a cut above. take Care JM

A classic pointing lab on point. Cooper held this point for an extended amount of time
allowing my friend to arrive and take this picture. Got to love it. Duck hunted this week
with my guy who is becoming a marking accomplishment anyone would be proud of.
My friend absolutely couldn't believe his eyes thinking a pointing lab was just dog
that waited a bit before flushing. Hope I'm not boring you. JM

*Note: Testimonials from MMK dog owners never bore us!

Cooper up to his old tricks,Plus a new one,stole a bird from anothers guys pickup

Cooper is in fact a super individual and pleasure to be around both in the home and field or blind. I dearly want a pup from
him at some point. I know Pete considered keeping him as a breeder. If Pete wanted to breed him that would be great or I could
Reserve a female pup that would not conflict with Coopers background. Let me know what you guys would be the best way to go.
Hope all is well at Marble Mountain Kennels and family. Take care John Mac

On Facebook:
Cooper of Marble Mountain Kennels. Great hunting day!
Solid point on 6 birds one hundred yard plus and five scooping retrieves.Cooper is the real Deal! See Pete for the best out there.
Brad at Clear Creek Sports Club told me he didn't believe until Pete did a demo for him with a nine month old pup!! Thanks Pete!


Cooper made 6 solid points for me today.One hundred plus yard retrieve on a wounded bird and five
scooped retrieves. He is the real deal on pheasants and Ducks as well When getting into the scent cone he
slows and listens to me on easy and works his way into a total lock up. Whoe is Whoe with him and allows
me time for a picture.

While checking my birds in at the club house I ran into a friend with his grand kids just heading out to hunt. I was his trainer
as police K-9 with Shasta County. I have not seen him in a long while and the place was full of hunters he and I started talking
about Cooper as a akc certified pointing lab,everyone paid attention. Someone said yes labs sometime point but don't hold it long.
I simply stated look at my pictures on todays hunt. I took a picture on every point prior to putting my phone away to flush an shoot.
Brad was listening not getting his hunters moving ,Brad told everyone there Mable Mountains Kennels's are what they say they are with pointing Labs. Pete brought a 9 mo lab here and showed me the real deal. John's dog is what Pete delivers.

At my age I will never get another Cooper, You have provided the real hunter with a dual purpose quality dog .
Cooper is lab on ducks like no thinking of pheasants,He just does it. What ever his breeding is I don't see it in your new pups?
But bring it back!! Happy New Year!!
--John Mac


My hunting companions were blown away when told this was Cooper's first duck hunt. Cooper was dead on marking
when he was able to see his bird go down,regardless of range. His blind manners made him a pleasure to hunt with.
He knows "DEAD BIRD" and and goes into the hunt on birds he did'nt see go down.It took him a bit to start looking
for something floating but soon figured that part out. Once focused he's a rocket with a heat seeking missile.
I haven't worked him on blinds and need to do so,The old throw the rock and say Dead bird certainly works but Cooper
is certainly capable of much more. Need to look into a good book to start him. Cooper made 21 retrieves and even
had to deal with a diving sprig that for about five minutes kicked his ass. With a little help he prevailed an grabbed it under water.
It was very comical to see him smell the water each time the duck would dive as he approached.

I will post a picture on face book and a testimonial for Marble Mtn when my friend sends it. Hope all is well?

Take care.


Cooper is doing great and people who have observed him work have asked me about his breeding.It's just for my info. Cooper is great advertisement for Marble Mtn Kennels. I belong to Clear Creek Sportsmans Club in Corning. Brad has talked about Pete and his dogs and members have taken time to watch Cooper. I've experienced some disbelieve that Cooper was not a fully started dog when he came to me. Brad at Clear Creek is a Marble Mtn Fan.I hope next fall is better for the Shasta Valley hunt and I can hook up with Pete for a hunt.
Take Care John Mac

Cooper's parents: Sire = 4XGMPR Jackson’s Smooth Stout Points South “Porter” MH (y)* Dam = Rio Grande of Marble Mountain (y)* (* means pointer)

Thanks For Posting my Main Man. He is truely an older mans dream.He wanders out back of my place and
goes hunting on his own if I turn my back for a minute. I don't think a better compliment for our relationship, is the calling to come back is at a full run.What a happy dog and me too!
Keep up your and Pete's hard work. Have a great New Year.


Cooper has become a truley cut above performer in the field. His drive increases as his experience expands. His sense of smell is amazing at long distances and his manner for going to the bird is easily seen so verbal commands are obeyed . My son home from the military for Christmas got to hunt with myself and Cooper and was able to walk up on a Rooster in the open with Cooper on point and was amazed at his restraint with very little reinforcement. Cooper has not had the duck hunting I had hoped, but performed as expected in his water retrieves. We love our boy! I hope to put together quality pictures you can use for future customers to see the product of your hard work. Once again Merry Christmas from Cooper and John

I have to tell you how intent he is when working when no dog work is taking place. When working on the horse paddocks, especially if we haven't done some retrieving lately, I put tools in my back pouch and they fall out. I can't find one and after looking for awhile I suddenly realize my partner is sitting next to me with it in his mouth. He also has figured out that when feeding the horses in the morning my coffee cup is fare game. Full doesn’t matter. I send him for a retrieve to no avail. The next morning he brings to me the cup tail wagging. Just thought you might enjoy what The Cooper boy is all about.
--John McN.

Pete sorry for not staying intouch, Cooper has exceeded my expectations by a very wide margin. No gunfire problems, so put that to rest. Cooper was at first a little shy of my loud voice. Having 12 dogs and a history of hard working dogs it came with the territory. He has brought back a bonding that I didn't see coming—like my service dogs in law enforcement. My daughter says we are joined at the hip. Cooper is the most athletic dog I have ever worked with. My service dogs had to jump an eight foot fence. Cooper could easily go 10 feet. Realizing the non necessity for keeping a dog healthy that will not be explored. I called you concerned about my cat. Soon after they met, she put her nose to him , he gave her a lick and they sleep together on a regular basis.

About Cooper I try not to work him without the collar, I have not had to bump even on the signal mode. He is subdued with the collar on but works very well, always happy to have it removed. My property is much like yours and he goes with me about my chores and can head to the creek and, with my little dogs, enjoys a hunt for who knows what. His response to my call is very rewarding [and when he comes] it’s 100 plus miles an hour. Always fearful of snakes I don't let them go to long.

I’ve always had both a lab and a pointer in the family and kept my house dogs to the little guys. Cooper has yet to see a kennel. He made himself at home [and] became very trustworthy early on.

I feel he is worthy of your choice as breeding potential. I would love to see his breeding go forward. No money just good dogs.

I want to hunt doves Sept first and realize Cooper has not had any live bird experience, any suggestions? I also want to come put him on live birds for hunting with you as suggested on the pointing end please let me know! My club opens in Oct. for Pheasant. I would very much like to hunt with you and Cooper at Shasta Valley, so don't forget me.

Pete thank you and Julie for a great experience for an Old Man loving the working dog! Any help promoting your expertise, just let me know.

Take Care John McN.


Ryan S's regarding his Beloved Lab, Copper

June 2015


Just thought I would let you know, we lost Copper on Friday. He went peacefully, he had a long life and was an incredible dog achieving two MH titles in Canada. He was family and is missed greatly.

This has been a hard week as I was also faced with losing my black lab Tiger Mountains George W Bush "Dubya" ( he was 6 months younger than Copper). Dubya was also a MH dog and also passed peacefully.

I know this is crazy that both dogs went so close was as if they just both knew it was time.....Copper stopped eating or drinking about four days prior to Friday and Dubya's body just started shutting down.

In both cases their minds were just outliving their bodies, Copper left us on Friday and Dubya on Monday. Both dogs competed, hunted and lived together as part of our whole family. It has been a sad and tough week but both boys have gone to a better place and anxiously wait for us to join them.

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to experience and own such an amazing dog, Copper will be sorely missed as he was an instrumental part of our family and not only part of our memories but was the creator of some amazing moments.

I wanted to share this with you, when the time is right, I would like to talk with you about a new addition to the family, a new journey and making more memories...

Hope you and your family is well.

Ryan S.

Frank C. on his Black Male Goliath x Sugar Lab, "Banks"

--From an Interview in December 2014
So, Banks is eight months old. He went through two months of waterfowl training and I’m very impressed with the results. Not only does it reinforce the obedience element of it, but also the retrieving element of waterfowl hunting—the single and double retrieves. I think my previous dog took almost four to five months to learn what Banks has learned in two months, so I’m very impressed and very anxious to get him out in the field and have some fun with him. Banks did go through the “Super Citizen” program. I think it was a thirty-day program. We brought him home and the entire family was impressed—the kids and my wife (which is most important, probably). He had sit, stay and kennel commands down. From day one when I picked him up he was in good shape.


Gregg B. on his Yellow Female Josiah x Winter Lab, "Haley"

--From an Interview in December 2014
I’ve got a yellow female Lab and she’s the most pleasant Lab and very smart—and she’s got a nose like a vacuum cleaner. She doesn’t miss anything. She listens to everything you say. As far as Julie and Pete go, I have the utmost respect for them and their training is excellent. It makes a dog want to do it; not force them to do it. So, if you want to put your dog in good hands, they’re the best—and I’ve trained horses and everything but dogs and being mean to the animal doesn’t get it done and they take excellent care [of their animals]. I wouldn’t have my dog go with anybody else. So, if you want an excellent dog that’s going to point and hold on birds or just be attentive for your kids and family, this is the only way I’d go. They’ve got a 100% thumbs up.


Bill G's Yellow Lab

November 27, 2014
Trained by Marble Mountain Kennels, and a hunting machine! Great hunt in North Dakota!

Terje's G's Ryder x Brooks Lab, "Shasta"

I got a call from LeRoy of Top Dog Kennels asking about Shasta. So I thought I'd share with you that she is doing great and had a good hunting season. She relentlessly looks for the birds, is pretty steady on point and retrieves the ones we actually hit. All in all she loves to go hunting.

She has a lot of energy and speed, so I work her out every morning and evening. She is also very affectionate; the kids in the neighborhood love to come over and visit and play with her. This probably spoils her more than anything else but its great for the kids.

Ryan S. and his Otter x Kenya Lab, "Copper"

Latest Letter
Pete, I just thought I would give you an update on Copper. As of this past weekend, Copper achieved his SH title, but what is more outstanding is that he ran his last senior leg on Saturday, than ran as a transition dog on Sunday for his first master leg, and got it. Copper has not missed a leg yet, in any event. He ran both Junior, and Senior clean. I’m thinking we will have his MH, by the beginning of summer if this keeps up, and well on our way to his GMH by the end of the year.

Earlier Letter
We have had a great season so far; both ducks and geese have been extremely abundant. Copper struggled initially with the geese, as the birds were averaging 8-10 lbs (mostly Greater Canadians), but as of late he's got it figured out. Our best hunt to date was yesterday, Monday, November 17. We limited out on mallards (16 - 2 gunners - my dad and I), and took in 12 Canadas. Copper completed all but two retrieves, both of which were ducks that fell within feet of our blinds. His style, work ethic, and drive in the field is top notch, a real treat to watch him work. I have enclosed some pictures of Monday’s hunt. By the way, we had Copper out on pheasants a couple weeks ago, and he is showing a very solid point. I am hoping to get a CP certification on him in the spring in Washington or Montana (these are the closest travel points).

Dwayne B's 18-month-old Otter x Kenya pup "Rocky"

Just an update: I took Rocky out to the hunting club today and left him with the dog trainer at my hunt club, Mark Pace. We worked him and Mark's comments to me were as follows: “I have worked a lot of labs and watched a lot of labs, and in my opinion this is by far the best I have seen.” He liked how he worked and his enthusiasm. Thought you would appreciate the compliment.

Les P's "Major x Kenai" Chocolate Lab, "Calleigh"

January 26, 2015
Pete, Here's a picture of the old girl! She's still hunting hard at 8 years old.

January 23, 2015
Pete - It's all about the started dogs. Those of us that are weekend warriors have neither the time or expertise to get a lab hunt ready. You did a great job with Calliegh. I think she was your first started dog?
--Les P.