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Great Labs for Home & Field

Marble Mountain Kennels breeds for six specific traits:

1. Superior Intelligence

4. Natural Pointing Instinct

2. Terrific Personalities

5. Superb Looks

3. Outstanding Hunting Desire

6. Proven Pedigrees

$400 Off Sweetheart Sale!

WELCOME! Bring a new canine companion into your home and save! All available pups (not held in the name of MMKennels) ready to adopt between now and February 23, 2019 are $400 off the normal price. We currently have BLACKS, FOX REDS, YELLOWS and CHOCOLATES of both genders available, but they will go fast, so don't hesitate or "paws" on this great opportunity! Check out our "Litters" page to learn more about all of our currently available puppies.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Pete assembled a big photography and video team on 2/12/19 and we got every puppy in every litter photographed and filmed. We split our group into an outdoor team of 4 people to handle older puppies and an indoor team of 4 people to handle the younger puppies. With all the extra help, the entire effort took only two hours, even with about 6 inches of snow on the ground and continuous light snowfall. The goal was to get the photo session completed before the next snowstorm, which dumped another 6 inches on us. You can go to our "Litters" page to view all photos and click on links to YouTube videos. Enjoy!

<---- Enjoy a box of chocolates this Valentine's Day!

Our Prices

Our base prices are listed below, according to current demand for colors and genders. If and when first and second picks of a litter become available, we charge $100 more for 2nd pick and $200 more for 1st pick:

  • Black and yellow males are $1500.
  • Chocolate and red males are $1700.
  • Black and yellow females are $1800.
  • Chocolate and red females are $2000.

Reservations, Deliveries, Social Media & a FAQ:

  • To Reserve a Puppy: If you're thinking about adopting a puppy and you'd like our help in recommending a litter that would best fit your needs, please complete our "Puppy Preference Form" (PPF), which is a questionnaire telling us what you're looking for in a dog. If you know you want to reserve a puppy in a specific litter right away, please complete our "Reservation Form" and send that to us with a photo of your $300 deposit check. You can locate both the PPF and the Reservation Form on our "Reservations, Guarantee, and Policies" page. Send either form to us at: info@mmkennels.com and we'll get back to you shortly with either a litter recommendation or our reservation confirmation letter. Remember that, when you reserve a puppy from us, you are reserving your picking order for a puppy in a specific litter and not necessarily a specific puppy (unless it's the only one of that color and gender in the litter). Most people will not know which puppy you are choosing until the designated puppy adoption day.
  • Shipments & Deliveries: Because we are located 4.5 hours north of Sacramento, many people prefer to have us transport puppies further south. By request, and for an additional fee of $150, we are often able to transport puppies to Westwood Park in Davis, California. We also ship puppies via airplane all over the continental United States, Alaska and Canada. (We no longer ship puppies to Hawaii, due to their difficult restrictions.)
  • Social Media: We invite you to follow us on Instagram and YouTube!
  • What supplies do we need for our new puppy? So many people ask us this question, we wrote a blog giving our advice. You can read our blog here. Find the answers to many more frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and, hopefully, your questions will be answered there.

MMK Programs & Services:

BASIC OBEDIENCE & ADVANCED GUN DOG TRAINING: Find out more about training on our "training" page. You can also view clips of training videos on our "videos" page. (If you scroll down to the bottom of the videos page you can also view links to past litters of puppies for your viewing pleasure.)

STUD SERVICE: Please view our Stud Dog Breeding Sires page and contact us to discuss stud fees, canine dispositions, etc. The cost is $1,000.

STARTED DOGS: We don't have any started dogs currently available, but we have a couple in training. To find out more, please contact Pete (owner of MMK) at pete@mmkennels.com. Just FYI, most people get started dogs from us from one of two ways: 1) They purchase a puppy from us and bring him/her back to us to train or 2) They bring us their own personal dog for us to train.

SCENT DETECTION: Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), our current trainers are training so many dogs right now that we have temporarily suspended our canine scent detection training program until we can hire a new trainer.