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Great Labs for Home & Field

Marble Mountain Kennels breeds for six specific traits:

  1. Superior Intelligence
  2. Terrific Personalities
  3. Outstanding Hunting Desire
  4. Natural Pointing Instinct
  5. Superb Looks
  6. Proven Pedigrees

MMKennels News 5/21/15

  • We've uploaded more videos of puppies! You can view them on our YouTube Channel.
  • Watch videos of puppies in training on our VIDEOS page. See our trainer, Rachel, with Liberty, Missie and Sarge.
  • See recent photos of individual puppies and pups in training on our "Pictures" page (a few taken 5/12 & 13/15).
  • See our "LITTERS" page for more information on puppies available for adoption either now or in the future.
  • If you have questions, check with our "Frequently Asked Questions" page to see if we might have already addressed at least some of them.

Puppies Available for Adoption as of 5/21/15:


  • 1 male from Juneau's litter - See our "Pictures" page to see puppies with microchip #8320 and #5998. Another client has first pick of these 2 males, but after he chooses his puppy, the other will be available for adoption.
  • 1 female in Taku's litter - See our "Pictures" page to see puppies with microchip #4971, #5113 and #4648. Other clients have reserved 2 of these 3 females, but after they choose their puppies, the 3rd female will be available for adoption.
  • 1 male from Sugar's litter - See our "Pictures" page to see puppies with microchip #5314 and #5002. One client has reserved 1 of these males, but after she makes her selection, the 2nd male will be available for adoption.
  • 1 male in Trinity's litter
  • 3 males in Eagle's litter


  • 1 male from Taku's litter (ready May 23) - See our "Pictures" page to see the puppy with microchip #1571. He was the only yellow male in the litter, so you know exactly which puppy is available for adoption.
  • 1 male in Leah's litter (ready June 13)
  • 2 males in Sherry's litter (ready June 27) (See photos on our "Pictures" page taken 5-13-15.)
  • 1 female in Sherry's litter (ready June 27) (See photos on our "Pictures" page taken 5-13-15.)


"Super Citizen" Basic Puppy Training!

This arm of our business has really been growing! We like to recommend our 6-week "Super Citizen" training for young pups so that you don't have the hassle of crate training or housebreaking your puppy right from 8 weeks of age to about 14 weeks of age. We crate train pups and teach basic manners, such as "sit," "sit/stay," "here," "kennel" (which means into or onto any designated surface, such as a crate, pillow, blanket, etc.), "off" (for not jumping up), and "down" for lie down. Find out more about our "Super Citizen" training and view videos of puppy training on our "TRAINING" page.

How do I pick out and reserve a puppy?

  • How our puppy picking process works is our #1 most frequently asked question. Here's a direct link to the detailed answer on our FAQ Page.

  • Do you already know you want to reserve a puppy in a future litter? Cut to the chase by clicking over to our Printable Puppy Reservation & Policy Form.

Puppy Pricing: We list our prices on every litter page, but in general they are $1400 for females and $1300 for males. MMK always reserves first pick ($200 more) and second pick ($100 more) of each litter (male and female). Once all puppies are reserved of a gender, MMK often makes its puppies available to clients.

Banks with Birds

  • STUD SERVICE: We offer stud services for Banks (chocolate), Goliath (black), Josiah (yellow), Fisher (chocolate), and Yukon (chocolate). Please view our Stud Dog Breeding Sires page and call Pete at 530-598-1527 to discuss stud fees, canine dispositions, etc.
  • GUN DOG TRAINING: Whether or not you have adopted a dog from our kennel, we can train your dog and offer varying levels of gun dog training. Please see our "Training Page" or talk with Pete for more information. We're getting a lot more calls for training since the International Sportsman's Expo and we're able to take more dogs into our training program at this time. Please call Pete at 530-598-1527.
  • STARTED DOGS: We regret that we currently have no started dogs available as of January 2015. We are so back-logged on training client dogs that we might recommend that, in order for you to get a started dog from us, you should either 1) purchase a puppy from us and bring him/her back to us to train or 2) bring us your own personal dog for us to train. Regarding any possible future started dogs, keep checking back with us or email Pete at pete@mmkennels.com. See our Started Dogs Page to see if we might possibly have a started dog for sale.
  • DETECTION: We currently have only 1 detection dog available. Her name is "Nicki" and she is a high-spirited, high-energy, high food drive, rescued "pound dog" that has been trained to detect bed bugs. Of course, she could also be trained by us to sniff out a different odor of your choice or she could be sold as a "green" dog for you to train. See our Marble Mountain Detection Dogs website for more information.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ Page.