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Great Labs for Home & Field

Marble Mountain Kennels breeds for six specific traits:

1. Superior Intelligence

4. Natural Pointing Instinct

2. Terrific Personalities

5. Superb Looks

3. Outstanding Hunting Desire

6. Proven Pedigrees

MMKennels News Update 9/19/17:

Thank you for visiting our website! Feel free to browse our "Frequently Asked Questions" page to see if we have already answered some of your questions.

We have puppies available!

  • CHOCOLATE: 1 chocolate male in our Whitney litter (available September 9) (See VIDEO.)
  • CHOCOLATES: 4 chocolate females in our Brooks litter (available September 9) - pictured in bucket photo below (See VIDEO.)
  • MORE CHOCOLATES: 2-4 chocolate females & 1-2 chocolate males in our Delta litter (available September 30)
  • BLACKS, YELLOWS & CHOCOLATES: See our "Litters" page for more details.
  • We have a record number of puppies-in-training right now and only two trainers on staff at the moment. Julie has been training 6 puppies a day, so she is unable to answer phones before noon. Please email her at info@mmkennels.com or leave her a voicemail message at 530-598-0943 if you have general questions or any questions about chocolate litters specifically.
  • Pete is usually busy each day with kennel-related activities until about 1:00pm. If you have questions about stud fees and breeding, or if you want to know more about black, red or yellow litters, please email him at pete@mmkennels.com or call him at 530-598-1527.
  • See our "Litters" page for more detailed information on our puppy adoption process.

Our Prices:

Our prices are as follows, based on current demand for colors and genders:

  • Black and yellow males are $1400.
  • Chocolate and red males are $1600.
  • Black and yellow females are $1600.
  • Chocolate and red females are $1800.

Blogs, Photos & Videos:

  • I posted new photos of Brandi, Remi and Pepper (puppies-in-training) on our "Pictures" page.
  • People ask us all the time how busy we are and what we do here at our kennel. Here's a video that gives you a snapshot of what we do on any given day here at our "ranch." Any Given Day at MMK... Enjoy!
  • Here's a video of Julie training a more independent, rebellious puppy to make eye contact and encourage obedience: VIDEO.
  • Read our September blog on our "Super Citizen" training for young puppies.
  • Go to our Litters page and click on each individual litter to scroll down and find links to puppy videos on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and, hopefully, your questions will be answered there.

MMK Programs:

BASIC OBEDIENCE & ADVANCED GUN DOG TRAINING: Find out more about training on our "training" page. You can also view clips of training videos on our "videos" page. (If you scroll down to the bottom of the videos page you can also view links to past litters of puppies for your viewing pleasure.)

STUD SERVICE: Please view our Stud Dog Breeding Sires page and contact us to discuss stud fees, canine dispositions, etc. The cost is $1,000.

STARTED DOGS: We don't have any started dogs currently available, but we have a couple in training. To find out more, please call Pete (owner of MMK) at 530-598-1527. Just FYI, most people get started dogs from us from one of two ways: 1) They purchase a puppy from us and bring him/her back to us to train or 2) They bring us their own personal dog for us to train.

SCENT DETECTION: Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), our current trainers are training so many dogs right now that we have temporarily suspended our canine scent detection training program until we can hire a new trainer.