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Great Labs for Home & Field

Marble Mountain Kennels breeds for six specific traits

1. Superior Intelligence

4. Natural Pointing Instinct

2. Terrific Personalities

5. Superb Looks

3. Outstanding Hunting Desire

6. Proven Pedigrees

Thank you for visiting our website! Feel free to browse our "Frequently Asked Questions" page to see if we have already answered some of your questions.

More MMKennels News Update 10/20/16

We updated videos of all our current litters today! See links to YouTube video clips on each individual litter page. Enjoy!

Puppies Currently Available:

(See links to photos and videos on each individual litter page.)
  • We have 1 yellow male puppy available for adoption in our Joey x Osprey litter for $1200. He will be ready to take home on November 5th. Here are links to YouTube videos taken of him on 10/20/16: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.
  • We have 2 yellow males available in our Joey x Betty litter for $1200 that will be ready to adopt on November 26th.
  • We have 1 yellow male and 3 yellow females available in our Joey x Vail litter for $1200-$1500, depending on picking order. They'll be ready to adopt on either December 3rd or 10th. (Ask Pete about those dates.)
  • We have 1 black male, 2 yellow females, and 1 yellow male available in our Missy x Fisher litter. They are ready for adoption on either December 3rd or 10th.
  • Give us a call if any of these puppies look like they might fit your needs. You can call Pete at 530-598-1527 or Julie at 530-598-0943. Thank you!
Osprey's Pups (photo taken at 5 days old)
  • Are Black Labs Smarter than Yellow Labs? Are chocolate Labs smarter than red Labs? Read our October blog titled "Which Lab Color is the Smartest?" on our "Marble Mountain Kennels Blog" page to learn more.
  • A New Kennel: We had our new kennel delivered and set up this last week, so we're super excited!
  • Important Pet Health Caution: We have been informed that rosemary extract is used in a lot of pet foods as a preservative. Rosemary extract is allegedly a neurotoxin that can cause seizures, neurological problems and anemia in pets. This extract is commonly used in pet foods labeled "all natural." There is no scientific research or definitive evidence linking rosemary extract to seizures and other health problems, but we shared that a client's 2 dogs were having seizures and when she stopped feeding them food with rosemary extract their seizures stopped (and that was almost 2 years ago). Since we posted this notice earlier in 2016, we have gotten about a dozen reports from both clients and non-clients regarding their pets' recovery from seizures after removing rosemary extract from their diets! For more information, you can read this article at "The Dog Press" and other information available online.

Our Adoption Process

1. Fill out our Puppy Preference Form (as a Word document, which we prefer) or Puppy Preference Form (as a PDF document, if your are unable to use the Word format)
2. Scan or take a photo of your completed puppy preference form if you printed it. If you are just making an inquiry, send the form via email to pete@mmkennels.com. If you are ready to reserve your puppy today, please take a photo of your $300 check and send that to Pete's email address, as well.
3. To finalize a sale, please send the hard copies of your check and puppy preference form to us at Marble Mountain Kennels, P.O. Box 159, Greenview CA 96037.
NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future litter if desired. (Deposits can be refunded, however, if the puppy you reserved in litter after litter does not materialize.)

Our Prices

Our prices are as follows, based on current demand for colors and genders:

  • Black and yellow males are $1200.
  • Chocolate and red males are $1400.
  • Black and yellow females are $1400.
  • Chocolate and red females are $1600.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get first or second pick of a litter? We get this question all the time, so please visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and scroll down to the section "How does MMK determine the picking order?" for more information.
  • Our Guarantee & Policy: If your puppy does not materialize in your litter choices, you have the option of trying again on future litters or having your deposit refunded to you. If you have already adopted your puppy, deposits and payments are non-refundable, unless there is a serious health or behavior problem with your dog. In such cases, we must be informed within a specific time period. Please see our Guarantee, Reservations & Policy page for more information.

Marble Mountain Kennels Programs

BASIC OBEDIENCE TRAINING: Our "Super Citizen" puppy training program is growing in popularity. We like to recommend this 6-week "boot camp" for young pups so that you don't have the hassle of crate training or housebreaking your puppy from 8 weeks of age to 14 weeks of age. We crate train pups and teach basic manners, such as "sit," "sit/stay," "here," "kennel" (which means into or onto any designated surface, such as a crate, pillow, blanket, etc.), "off" (for not jumping up), and "down" for lie down. Find out more about training on our "TRAINING" page and view clips of training videos on our "VIDEOS" page. (If you scroll down to the bottom of the Videos page you can also view links to past litters of puppies for your viewing pleasure.)

GUN DOG TRAINING: Whether or not you have adopted a dog from our kennel, we can train your dog and offer varying levels of gun dog training. Please see our "Training Page" or talk with Pete for more information.

STUD SERVICE: We offer stud services for Banks (chocolate), Goliath (black), Josiah (yellow), Fisher (chocolate), and Yukon (chocolate). Please view our Stud Dog Breeding Sires page and call Pete at 530-598-1527 to discuss stud fees, canine dispositions, etc.

Banks with Birds

STARTED DOGS: We regret that we currently have no started dogs available as of January 2015. We are so back-logged on training client dogs that we might recommend that, in order for you to get a started dog from us, you should either 1) purchase a puppy from us and bring him/her back to us to train or 2) bring us your own personal dog for us to train. Regarding any possible future started dogs, keep checking back with us or email Pete at pete@mmkennels.com.

SCENT DETECTION: Unfortunately, we have temporarily suspended our canine scent detection training program until we can hire a new trainer. We're too busy training other dogs right now.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ Page.