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Great Labs for Home & Field


Marble Mountain Kennels breeds for six specific traits:

  1. Superior Intelligence
  2. Terrific Personalities
  3. Outstanding Hunting Desire
  4. Natural Pointing Instinct
  5. Superb Looks
  6. Proven Pedigrees

Puppy News Update 10/22/14

We're about to have more puppies! We thought Winter was going to have puppies, but it was false labor. She's not due yet, anyhow. Betty, however, is in serious, true labor today (10/20/14)! We'll let you know when her pups are born so you know how many have been sold and how many are still available for adoption. Please check out our "Litters" page for information on upcoming litters, pedigrees, and personalities of the parents, so you get an idea of what the puppies will be like.

"Super Citizen" Basic Puppy Training!

This aspect of our business has really been growing. If you want more information about how we can train your puppy right from 8 weeks of age to whatever level you want, please visit our Training webpage for more detailed information and call or email us to discuss the details of what you want for your puppy. One key aspect of our training is that almost our entire family takes turns training puppies on different days and for at least 2-3 times per day. We do this so they easily adapt to taking commands from multiple handlers, including kids (or at least teenagers). This means that, by the time you pick up your puppy, s/he should be ready to take commands from you readily, without hesitation. It has worked with numerous puppies and owners. Below are some videos of three current puppies-in-training in October 2014: Hank (male yellow-white), Buster (male black), and Beau (male yellow). (Julie apologizes for the hand-held camera work. It's a little unstable.) What you'll see is that the training and commands are not difficult in themselves. Consistency is key. Dogs need training throughout the day every day until they form habits. They're a lot like people... There are some things they accidentally forget if they aren't reminded; there are some things they forget because they're a little rebellious or stubborn and don't want to remember.

  • Hank, Buster and Beau Playing
  • Beau learning extended down, here and sit command sequence with "Okay" release (Beau is corrected at the end because he broke the "sit" command.)
  • Beau learning extended sit, down, here and sit command sequence using a mat (which we call "kennel" still for training purposes) indoors
  • Buster learning extended down, here and sit command sequence
  • Buster learning extended sit, here and sit command sequence
  • Hank learning extended sit, here, sit, "okay" release command sequence
  • Hank learning extended sit, down, here, sit, "okay" release command sequence
  • Beau learning sit, heel command sequence through a doorway
  • Beau learning to sit and lie down on mat (which we call "kennel" in this video) and then come to "here" command
  • Beau's crate training (Heart-wrenching, but a necessary part of training a puppy!)
  • Beau being released after a crate training session (usually 2 hours at a stretch at this point)
  • Beau - loud noise test
  • Buster behaving almost perfectly until the end of the video
  • Buster obeying perfectly

How do I pick out and reserve a puppy?

  • That's the question of how our puppy picking process works is our #1 most frequently asked question. Here's a direct link to the detailed answered on our FAQ Page.
  • Do you already know you want to reserve a puppy in a future litter? Cut to the chase by clicking over to our Printable Puppy Reservation & Policy Form.

Puppy Pricing: We list our prices on every litter page, but in general they are $1300 for females and $1200 for males, unless you want first pick of the litter.

Trained Dog Pricing: Our older, trained dogs have been selling faster than expected, so if you want an older dog, let us know before we're sold out. If you want an older, obedience-trained companion dog or started hunting dog, please contact Pete at 530-598-1527. The pricing varies according to how much training we've put into each dog. To view our older dogs (green/untrained, obedience-trained, or started hunting), please view our Started & Other Adult Dogs for Sale page.

Banks with Birds

In Kidder Creek Sign Photo: Pete and I are the ones standing beside each other in light-colored shirts. (Pete was director of Mt. Hermon's Kidder Creek Camp for 19 years. He resigned in December 2013.)

  • Our Puppies Support Charities: We have found over the years that when we donate a puppy to a charity auction, the pups are a big hit and there are smiles all around as puppy buyers and charities reap tremendous rewards. Our next charitable event is the Bay Area "Children's Health Guild" Masquerade Ball on May 31st, where two of our pups will be available for auction. To view some of the charities that have benefited from MMKennels donations, click on our About Our Kennel page and scroll down to the bottom. We thank you, our clients, for supporting our business and giving us the opportunity to help others in such a fun way!

  • STUD SERVICE: Marble Mountain Kennels recently procured two new stud dogs to add to our three. We now own and are currently offering stud services for Banks (chocolate), Major (chocolate), Goliath (black), Josiah (yellow) and Lake (chocolate). Please view our Stud Dog Breeding Sires page and call Pete at 530-598-1527 to discuss stud fees, canine dispositions, etc.

  • GUN DOG TRAINING: Whether or not you have adopted a dog from our kennel, we can train your dog and offer varying levels of gun dog training. Please see our "Training Page" or talk with Pete for more information. We're getting a lot more calls for training since the International Sportsman's Expo and we're able to take more dogs into our training program at this time. Please call Pete at 530-598-1527.
  • STARTED DOGS: We currently have yellow male Labs available as started dogs. Each one is at a different level of training, so their prices vary. We also have other adult dogs available. Call or email Pete: 530-598-1527 or pete@mmkennels.com. See our Started Dogs Page for more information.
  • DETECTION: We have "green" and trained detection dogs available for viewing on our Marble Mountain Detection Dogs website. Two dogs (2 rescues) have been trained to detect bed bugs.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ Page.